12 Most Impressive Selections for 2018 Valentines Day Flowers


By sending flowers, you will be honoring the tried and tested tradition and symbol of Valentine’s Day. Flowers are the classical way of saying ‘I Love You’ and they will always win you points. Red roses are the most commonly used, though you can also choose something else that indeed matches your feelings. Our hand-picked selection list has a stunning collection that can be handcrafted to make a bold statement- from the hot red roses to the subtle tulips.

Impressive Selections for Valentines Day

1. Roses

Valentines Day Flowers


Roses are to valentine’s like kisses are to love. Their abundant beauty and meaning say much more than romance. The classical bouquet features twelve stems, but you can always order more if you want a magnificent look.

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Include a flower vase for it to be more appealing and convenient to the recipient. You can go with the traditional red or get a multicolored bouquet. Remember to add some scent by mixing with another type, to lure both the smell and sight senses.

You may also choose a single stem rose. To some people, it communicates sophistication.

2. Lilies

Valentines Day Flowers


Lilies are cherished for their fragrance, regal beauty, sturdy stem and exquisite color. The stargazer lily bouquet is the most sought after. It has a deep pink stripe down the center of each petal, white color at the edges and a lovely scent. This type speaks of a definite impression of loyalty, seduction, and aspiration.

3. Tulips

 Valentines Day Flowers


Tulips are widely popular, and they traditionally mean “perfect love.” The velvety texture and dark center of tulips is said to represent a lover’s heart, flushed by the wave of passion. Just like roses, tulips too come in different colors, each with its meaning. Red tulips are strongly associated with romance while purple ones are a representation of royalty.

4. Daisies

best Valentines Day Flowers


Daisies have risen to their position as a favorite for Valentine’s because of their large flower heads, beauty, and symbol of beauty and cheerfulness. They are not only delightfully cheerful and straightforward but also represent the innocence and genuineness of love.

5. Carnations

best Valentines Day Flowers

Carnations generally express love, fascination, and distinction. They are an excellent choice when the relationship is young. They will speak of admiration, affection and deep respect on your behalf.

Carnations have a history that dates back to more than 2000 years. No wonder they are rich in symbolism and mythology. Pink carnations are said to have first appeared on earth from Virgin Mary’s tears. They are thus a representation of undying and unconditional love like that of a mother.

6. Hydrangeas 

choose the Valentines Day Flowers


Hydrangeas are vibrant soft billowy blooms that represent a patient kind of love. They convey a deep commitment, and we highly recommend them if you just proposed or your wedding or anniversary is around the corner. On Valentine’s Day, they will remind your love that your commitment to them still stands. Also, if you are celebrating your fourth anniversary this 14th February, you have more reason to settle on a hydrangeas bouquet. They are traditionally given in the fourth year of marriage to represent how the union has blossomed.

7. Sunflowers

the best Valentines Day Flowers


Sunflowers for Valentine’s Day? Yes, sunflowers for Valentine’s. No flower brightens one’s day like the sunflower. The yellow petals symbolize the sun, and a bouquet conveys warmth, adoration and lasting love. Adding brightly colored roses gives it more pomp, color and, a message that can only be understood by the heart.

8. Orchids

 Valentines Day Flowers


The delicate, exotic and gorgeous orchid plant gives a flower that is associated with elegance, subtle beauty and strength of love. They carry a lot of emotional weight that honors the ambition and the splendor of your loved one.

A great thing about orchids is that they are long-lasting blooms. They can last for up to three months after purchase. One can even add resin to preserve their timeless beauty.

9. Alstroemeria

beautiful Valentines Day Flowers


Also known as the Lily of the Incas, the alstroemeria flower features soft eye-catching petals. A bouquet of alstroemeria flowers looks more voluminous and extravagant, thanks to its multiple blooms per stem. It is a fitting selection to convey a message of comfort, deep-rooted love and a promise of an eternity of love.

10. Ranunculus

best flowers on that day


The claw-like tuber of ranunculus gives three dozens of rosette-shaped flowers, giving it a voluminous tempting look when arranged. These tender bloomers have rose-like blossoms and a rich profusion of densely packed color. They are long-lasting, relatively affordable and have a genuine beauty of nature. You can set then indoors for that romantic dinner.

11. Black Baccara Hybrid Tea Rose

impression Valentines Day Flowers

The black Baccara Tea Rose is a deviation from the usual red rose. This one is dark, wine-red and magical- the deep color gives it a luxurious and gorgeous look, especially in the middle of the dinner table during a romantic Valentine’s dinner. It will give its pride of price for more than two weeks.

We highly recommend it for married couples.

12. The Red Lion Amaryllis

impressive Valentines Day Flowers


Just like its name suggests, the red lion amaryllis is an excellent pick if you do not want to deviate away from the standard red of Valentine’s Day. It is an elegant flower that is super romantic and luxurious, especially with its green leaves and stem intact.

It represents a touch of deep love. A legend has it that amaryllis began as a timid nymph that fell in love with a shepherd (but her affection was not required). Amaryllis then sought help from the Oracle, and she was advised to dress in white then appear at the shepherd’s door for 30 nights, and each night to pierce her heart with a golden arrow.

Finally, the shepherd opened the door and before him, was a stunning crimson flower that had sprung from Amaryllis’ blood. The flower thus symbolizes determination and radiant beauty.

Finally, it does not have to be always bouquets. You may take an exceptional route that will have an enduring impression. Instead of stem flowers, send or show up with a live plant in a pot. It will be a gift that will linger around for months if not years.


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