10 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards for Any Relationship Situation


When Saint Valentine was incarcerated for secretly marrying young couples, it is said that he wrote his jailor’s daughter a love note. This is a girl that he had in secret, fallen in love with. He signed off the letter with the words, “From Your Valentine.” These became the very first Valentine’s greetings. In the 15th century, the Duke of Orleans when imprisoned, wrote to his wife, “I am already sick of love, my very gentle Valentine.” These writings are the earliest surviving documented Valentine’s greetings.

Well, these writings were just on paper. The 18th century saw the first handmade Valentine’s cards. Lovers carefully decorated hard paper with symbols of love including Cupid, love knots, heart shapes, love puzzles and well-crafted lines of poetry to woo their lover. They would then secretly slip the card under the lover’s door.

The 19th century made things a lot easier with the industrialization milestones. It became effortless to design and print cards in large quantities. Presently, you have the option of crafting own-designed cards or simply buying premade cards already with a very romantic message.

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However, you do not have to always go with the obvious traditions. This Valentine’s why don’t you convey your love through a handmade card with a twisted sense of humor?

Here are some examples to get you started. Each of the cards is witty, lighthearted and thoughtful. The cards will show your cheesy side and also, how much you care.

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  1. If your relationship is stable or you’re married and you are allowed to make this kind of fun on Valentine’s, why not send this?

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

2. From your little bug

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

3. If you just started going out and things look promising, how about this?

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

4. If there is some chemistry and you have not yet asked her out, 14th February is the day!

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

5. A little fun with the alcohol. If there is something else that you really into like football, you can change the image to suit you.

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

6. Another fun way to ask your Valentine out.

Valentine's Day Cards

7. If the two of you are sensual

Valentine's Day Cards

8. A promise to keep the love. Consider accompanying this card with a promise ring.

interesting Valentine's Day Cards

9. Express the strong bond with this

Funny Valentine's Day Cards

10. For the married couples- only if you do it.

Valentine's Day Cards

The above cards are gorgeous, and yet so simple to make if you would like the option of a handcrafted card. The best thing is that you can get creative with the shapes, colors, images, and the words to use. In this section, we show you some DIY suggestions to show that little extra love.

1. A Heart Pop-up Card

You will need a pencil, stencils, a pair of scissors, glue stick and of course two different sheets of colored paper. Begin by folding one sheet in half. Draw half of a small heart on the edge of the fold, then another large heart surrounding the smaller one and cut out leaving about an inch at the bottom and upper part of the heart shapes (do not cut out the whole hearts’ outline from the paper).

Next, unfold the paper and apply glue on the backside.Then stick the other colored paper to create the inner and outer parts of the card. Open the cards and adjust appropriately, for the hearts to pop out.

Here is another variation.

2. The Heart Envelope

Begin with a beautiful valentine-themed paper, cut it into a heart. Fold the edges to meet at the center, and vertically fold in the thirds. Turn the envelope so that the flap is at the top, enclose your card and seal with a sticker or glue. You can then follow the tradition of secretly sliding it under your lover’s door or deliver it in your other creative ways.

3. The Love on The Outside of The Envelope

The label of the envelope is as important as the message inside. So, do not waste your efforts by having a dull exterior. Consider sealing with a kiss, use different color markers for each letter, instead of their name use a pet name, use adhesive stickers or simply leave the front blank for them to keep guessing. Finish the job off by tying colorful ribbons.

Tips to make the best Valentine’s Day Cards

  • If you are not good at drawing or your handwriting is not that good, use stencil letters or print out words then glue them to your working paper and color.
  • Use the king or queen cards from a deck of playing cards for the front part. For instance, if the card is meant for your girl, use a brightly colored queen card on the front of your board, and at the bottom, include a phrase like, ‘for my queen.’
  • Cunningly include candy in the card. For instance, make a heart shape with small pieces of candy or use a candy stick on the back part. Let them sensationally eat the candy as they contemplate the meaning of the card.
  • If you do not want to use the traditional Valentine’s symbols, use images of your partner’s passions. If your boyfriend loves or plays rugby, consider using a rugby ball picture somewhere on the card.
  • Use light pencil marks to guide your design ideas then erase with a hi-polymer eraser to remove the marks, without leaving some residue.
  • Make round corners rather than the usual sharp corners to add some uniqueness
  • Be creative each year. What you sent out last year will most likely not be that appealing to your Valentine this year.
  • If handmaking is not a thing for you, consider using computer generated templates. You do not have to be a graphic designer to do it, and also, it just requires you to have simple software like Microsoft Publisher and Word.
  • Always know your partner. They have likes and dislikes, so focus on their likes, not yours. Most importantly, understand the stage and nature of your relationship. Some messages are best suited for the married, the engaged and others, for those just starting out.

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