5 Must-Have Products to Relieve for Vaginal Blisters & 6 Causes


Do you have a vaginal blister? If so, this may be a cause for concern, or it may be mild and nothing to worry about.

What Is a Vaginal Blister?

A vaginal blister is a blister that appears at the vaginal entrance or on the outer lips. Some women will have this blister on their pubic area, and this is just like a blister a person can get from a burn.

You’ll need to identify the blister first before taking appropriate action.

Find Relief for Vaginal Blisters PLUS 6 Causes

What a Vaginal Blister Looks LikeYoung woman is checking inside of her underpants with magnifying glass

Vaginal blisters pictures will help you determine how these blisters will look. Some blisters are clear, and they look like fluid-filled sacs. But there are also blisters which occur in clusters. The close clustering looks like:

  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • White sacs of water or fluid

Some women believe that these blisters look like acne. Blisters on the groin are often mistaken for a canker sore on the vagina. The blisters both represent an infection trying to leave the body.

Where Blisters Occur

Vaginal blisters can occur over the entire groin area. You can have a blister on the “lips” of the vagina, or they can occur right near the entrance of the vagina. You may experience blisters or sores anywhere in the groin area.

The genitals can have blisters.

Some women even experience a blister on the clitoris, so they can present anywhere on the female genitals.

It’s more important to know why you have blisters so that you can properly treat the issue.

What Causes Vaginal Blisters?Sexual health red rubber stamp over a white background

You’ve had a few blisters present, and it seems to be an issue that’s not going to go away. There’s a chance that you may have a serious STD, and preparing yourself with the knowledge to identify a blister and the reason for it is a good idea.

The issue is that blisters often look the same.

Proper diagnosis is recommended so that you can get treatment promptly.

Sexually transmitted diseases can cause genital blisters, a blood blister on the vagina and even genital sores. There are a few STDS / STIs which may cause blistering.

Each ”cause” can result in differing vaginal blister symptoms, so we’ll also be discussing which symptoms to expect with each cause.

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If you’ve been with a new partner or with a partner that is promiscuous, you may have contracted:

1. Genital HerpesHerpes characters with pills, vials, and stethoscope

Herpes results in small blisters forming on the vagina. Small vaginal blisters will present, and these blisters will burst and cause sores. Open sores are painful, and a variety of symptoms may be accompanied with genital herpes, too:

  • Itching, burning or tingling of the vagina or anus
  • Swollen glands
  • Fever and flu-like symptoms
  • Increase in vaginal discharge
  • Difficulty urinating or pain
  • Pressure below the stomach

Genital herpes is spread to people with weak immune symptoms easily. Even small cracks or cuts in the skin can cause a person to get herpes.

Genital herpes can cause blisters to present in the mouth, inside the vagina, on the anus, in the urinary tract, on the thighs or any area where the virus has entered. Women that suffer from this disease will find that there’s no cure for genital herpes.

Treatment will alleviate the symptoms of the infection.

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2. Genital WartsHPV characters and injection

Genital warts can be caused by the human papilloma virus, or HPV. These warts appear as small, painless lumps that can be mistaken for blisters. This is an infection, so a woman will need to seek proper treatment to stop the warts from recurring.

This is the most common sexually transmitted infection.

Warts can appear on your:

  • Lips
  • Mouth
  • Tongue
  • Throat
  • Thighs
  • Groin
  • In or around the anus
  • In or around the vagina

Symptoms can occur without the presence of warts. A woman may notice:

You’ll have several outbreaks during your life, as genital warts can be treated but not cured.

3. SyphilisSyringe is filled with injection

Syphilis is an infection, and the disease progresses over time. An interesting fact about this disease is that it can be cured, but a person needs to get treatment during the first or second phase of the disease to see results.

If you fail to seek proper treatment, the infection becomes incurable. A small sore will appear on your:

  • Sexual organs
  • Rectum
  • Mouth

This is a single sore, and most people assume the sore is a popped blister. The initial presence of the sore often goes unnoticed.

Syphilis is a tricky infection because symptoms may not present for years. If allowed to persist, the infection will damage your organs, and potentially your brain, too. The famous mobster Al Capone had undiagnosed syphilis, and it progressed so far that he had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old when he died.

Other symptoms of the infection include:

  • Skin rashes
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Aching joints
  • Hair loss

And in the tertiary phase, the disease may result in:

  • Heart disease
  • Deafness
  • Blindness
  • Memory loss

Treatment from a medical professional is required to stop this infection.

4. Bartholin Gland CystDoctor examining the model of gland

A cyst may be the cause of your blister. This is often not a vaginal blood blister, but instead a blister that fills with fluids meant to lubricate the vagina. The vagina contains two glands that are responsible for producing the fluid that lubricates the vagina.

These glands play a vital role in intercourse.

But, the glands can become blocked. A blockage is what will cause the cyst to form.

Fluids inside of the gland will begin to build up due to the blockage, and as a result, a Bartholin cyst may form. This cyst is a painless bump, but it resembles a blister and is often confused for one.

An abscess may form.

Most women will not need to seek treatment, as the blockage subsides on its own. In rare cases, surgery is required to drain the cyst.

5. Rough Intercourse

Couples can be frisky in bed. An overzealous session can lead to irritation and possibly a blister. This is a good thing if you know that you and your partner have been faithful to one another. If there is a concern that he may not have been faithful, you’ll want to get tested for an STD.

There’s always a chance that blisters or sores are STD-related.

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6. Clothing IssuesA girl is scratching her crotch

The wrong clothing will rub against the thighs and potentially the vagina. Tight jeans (without panties) can cause rubbing and the eventual blister. If the crotch of the panties is not breathable, it can allow sweat and heat buildup to occur.

Bacterial and fungal infections can occur, too.

Vaginal blisters can occur due to the high level of bacteria in the region. Pools and hot tubs that haven’t been properly kept up can lead to blisters. Oftentimes, these pools will have a high level of chemicals in the water that cause blisters and potential burns to form.

Reddening of the skin and burning sensations are often caused by clothing issues.

The simple solution is to wear properly-fitting clothing.

Vaginal Blister Diagnosis Options

If you’re suffering from a vaginal blood blister on the labia, groin or other vaginal area, you’ll want to seek a medical diagnosis. Blisters, even a clear blister, can be a sign of disease or infection.

Proper diagnosis and treatment must follow for best results.

Women that choose to wait and see if the blister will clear on its own, are putting themselves at risk.

If you’re suffering from other symptoms, as listed above, a trip to the gynecologist will provide you with a proper diagnosis.

Vaginal Blister Treatment Options

Always seek medical treatment before choosing over-the-counter options. If you have sores or blisters, you’ll want to consider the following over-the-counter treatment options:

5 Over-the-Counter Treatments for Vagina BlistersVarious of over-the-counter pills

1. Serex

If you have herpes, you know just how uncomfortable the sores can be. The herpes simplex virus can cause:

  • Skin irritations
  • Sensitive sores
  • Small blisters
  • Burning pain

Proper treatment is advised as well as a diagnosis. This is a virus that needs to be monitored and treated closely. Serex is made in the United States, and it contains leading ingredients, including:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Lysine
  • Cotton-seed oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Zinc

You’ll also be happy to know that a 100% guarantee is provided. This cream will help alleviate the symptoms and help suppress the red blisters or sores you’re dealing with.

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2. Canesten Cream

Canesten cream is a great addition to every medicine cabinet, and the cream can be applied as an antifungal medicine to treat a variety of infections. Yeast and fungi-related infections are easily treated with this cream, and it works by interfering with the cell membranes.

Fungi cannot produce ergosterol, and this leads to blisters caused by bacteria to dissipate.

Skin infections of all types can be treated with Canesten cream, and this also includes skin rashes.

Thrush can be treated using this cream.

If you suspect that your vaginal blister is caused by bacteria or fungus, apply the cream and let it work its magic – it’s that simple.

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3. Herp-B-Gone

You have a sore on your vaginal lip, and you don’t know what to do. If you want to supress cold sores, herpes or shingles, grab Herp-B-Gone and apply it. This product is formulated by a medical doctor, and it’s a topical soothing balm to eradicates a person’s symptoms.

Made from pure essential oils, this balm will:

  • Suppress herpes
  • Destroy herpes

The ingredients are non-toxic, so you never have to worry about negative side effects when applying it to your lady parts. When you notice an outbreak, you need to take action and apply this balm two to three times per day for best results.

This is said to be the “best treatment so far” for herpes outbreaks.

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4. Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages, Advanced Healing BlisterAid band plaster strip medical patch set

Band-Aid is known for their adhesive bandages, but they also offer numerous products for blisters. These advanced bandages are designed for blisters, and they’re best used on areas of the skin that aren’t riddled with hair.

So, if you’re freshly waxed or shaved, or the area doesn’t have much hair, this product will work well.

Just remember that the vagina is sensitive, so you don’t want to apply it directly on the opening or labia.

Comfortable, these adhesives:

  1. Protect the blister
  2. Keep germs and bacteria at bay
  3. Alleviate pain

They’re also ultra-flexible and thin, so they can be applied in difficult-to-reach areas. Ten adhesives are provided, and there is a non-hurt adhesive so that the pad won’t pull on the blister when removed.

And all pads are water resistant, so you never have to worry about them falling off in the shower.

These Band-Aids stay on for days to protect the area. You only need to replace them when they start falling off, which happens after a few days to a week in most cases.

Click here to purchase Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions.

5. Lemon Balm Anti-Viral Salve

If you have vaginal soreness during your period, apply some salve and you may prevent an infection of future pain. This salve comes in a small, one-ounce balm, but don’t let this fool you – it offers a lot of applications.

The best part is that this balm is the go-to choice for:

  1. Cold sores
  2. Herpes
  3. Shingles
  4. Chicken Pox
  5. Rashes
  6. Sores
  7. Bug bites

So, it’s a product every home should have stashed away.

It’s the ingredients that make this product potent:

  • Pure shea butter
  • Tea tree oil
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon balm

When applied to the target area, the natural ingredients will begin to work their magic. Healing time is reduced, blister spreading ceases, and relief from pain will begin. The burning and itching sensation will also be soothed.

The “magic” is in the antibacterial and antiviral properties of the ingredients.

Since the product is made with natural ingredients, you can apply as frequently as you wish, and the manufacturer recommends frequent application to speed up healing.

If your blisters are caused by a painful STD or STI, this product can help, too. Peppermint and lemon not only smell good, but they also soothe the skin.

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Vaginal blisters don’t have to ruin your day. If you have a sexually transmitted disease or infection, the products above can work to amplify the healing provided through doctor-recommended treatment.Break the wall and see brightness

If blisters are caused by rough sex, friction or clothing, these products can replace a visit to the doctor.

Always seek medical help if the blister becomes infected, or subsequent blisters form and do not go away in a few days. You may have an underlying disease or infection that will worsen without proper medical treatment.

The good news is that treatment is available, so you won’t have to suffer from pain, burning or blisters for long.


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