How to Use A Quickvue Pregnancy Test

A quickvue pregnancy test on the white.

Pregnancy Test: Choose the one you want!

A quickvue pregnancy test on the white.

You are worried if you are pregnant and would like to take a pregnancy test. Taking a pregnancy test has much to do with your own confidence and personal feelings. Many women are confused even from the beginning of which pregnancy test should they choose. For a better decision it always helps if you know about all sorts of pregnancy tests that are possible at home. Knowing them helps in choosing what is best for you and your comfort.

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Two boxes of quickvue pregnancy tests on the white.

Quickvue is one such pregnancy test that lets you enjoy the homely comfort and gives you the result right away whether it is good news or a bad news (both ways). We are about to have a brief discussion on what is Quickvue and how to take the quickvue test to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Now what’s Quickvue pregnancy test?

Quickvue pregnancy test is a rather simple test for pregnancy that involves testing of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) for whether or not it’s level rises up in your body. The limit is 25 mIU   /ml. It is important to know how the test works for your better confidence about the test result.  The test makes use of your urine for the testing of hCG. This test will be 99 % trustable when taken after a number of days you have missed your periods. The reason is that when your partner’s sperm fertilizes your egg, it will start traveling to your uterus where it will spend over 4 weeks. Your fertilized egg travels to the fallopian tube and before it gets into your uterus. It then implants itself to the walls of the uterus. Once it happens, your body starts releasing hCG to your blood which in turn will reach your urine through the kidney. This is how hCG is found in a pregnant woman’s urine.

The quickvue pregnancy test with the result.

Once the test has been taken, you can be pretty sure that the test result is 99% true. Even when your egg is fertilized, your body is not sure whether you are pregnant or not, and this is the reason why taking the test right after you have missed your periods will give no right results. You will have to wait for at least 72 hours before you take the test.

The Quickvue pregnancy test is comparatively simple and involves no complications. This makes it preferable for most of the women out there. The procedure that you need to follow is absolutely simple.  You are provided with a small bottle that lets you collect your urine on it. And then you are asked to squeeze three drops from it the testing device. It will detect the amount of hCG in your blood and will give you the result for whether you are pregnant or not. If to quote the fact, most of the Quickvue pregnancy test results were absolutely right. Choosing this test will be same time comfortable and trustable.


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