What Are The Effects Of Uninvolved Parenting On Kids?


When it comes to parenting, everybody has a different method. Uninvolved parenting is a style of parenting that is characterized by few expectations and not much responsiveness. The uninvolved parenting style is also known as neglectful parenting.

The uninvolved parenting definition is that is it a type of parenting that has little demand and little response when it comes to the children. Children are left to themselves, often feel unloved, and may become emotionally stunted. Since there is no support from the parents, the needs of the child are not being met.

Parents who use this style of parenting usually have various reasons that they act this way towards their children. Some parents may even reject their children altogether.

Characteristics of Neglectful Parenting

Neglectful Parenting

There are a couple of characteristics of neglectful parents that are easy to pick out. These characteristics are not always present, but all of them have consequences that the children will have to live with. These consequences will be talked about later, but here are the characteristics of uninvolved parents:

  • Emotionally Distant

    • Parents will be distant and unavailable to their children. They will not be there to support them during hard times and comfort them. There is not much love and nurturing going on at all.
  • Supervise Very Little or Not at All

    • If the parents are even around, they will not have anything to do with what their child is doing.
  • Few or No Expectations for Children’s Behavior

    • There are probably very few, if any, rules that the kids have to follow. There is also no standard of behavior set, causing the children to act out and do whatever they would like.
  • Intentional Avoidance of Children

    • Parents may avoid their children in order to get away from having to care for them.
  • Too Overwhelmed With Their Own Problems

    • Parents may have busy jobs or lifestyles that have no room for children. These lifestyles are often unhealthy ones, and the child may follow in their footsteps.
  • Do Not Attend Parent Teacher Conferences or School Events

Uninvolved Parenting ExamplesNeglectful Parenting

  • When a child comes home from school, he is hungry and needs a snack. The parent will know this, but not offer a healthy meal or snack. The parent may expect the child to get something for himself.
  • The child has been at a friend’s place for a long time. The parent will not want to know where the child was or how long he was gone.
  • A child can be exhibiting symptoms of an illness that might go entirely unnoticed by the parent. If it is noticed, nothing is done about it.
  • Stealing something from a store will not warrant much reaction from the parent, who apparently could not care less about the child.

Uninvolved Parenting Effects

Neglectful Parenting

The consequences of this type of parenting fall on the child. The lack of parenting and love will hinder development and cause other kinds of problems, like bad behavior or drug abuse. Children may even succumb to illness because of a neglectful parent.

  • Have to Learn How to Provide for Themselves

    • This robs children of their childhood, forcing them to be responsible for themselves and grow up too quickly. Older siblings tend to care for the younger ones but can become socially aloof and extremely introverted.
  • Emotionally Withdrawn

    • Without the ability to express themselves, children will withdraw and become emotionally absent.
  • Delinquency

    • Children that are not taught how to follow rules can wreak havoc on their lives. They might not be able to stick to school guidelines or even societal ones when they are older.
  • Fear, Stress, Anxiety

    • This is due to lack of the support of the family. It is easy to become overwhelmed by life, and this deficit will have serious effects on their self confidence.
  • Brain Function

    • Neglect can have a grave impact on the development of the child’s brain. Neglect has been linked to illnesses such as panic disorder, PTSD, ADHD and even some dissociative disorders. It can also lead to memory impairment and depression.
  • Personality

    • The lack of parental presence will cause the child to suffer from lack of personality development.
  • Risk of Substance Abuse

    • Many neglectful parents have substance problems of their own, and the children may take this as an example to get through life. They can also turn to substances to escape from the loneliness of such a life.
  • Fear Becoming Dependent on Other People

    • Since children of uninvolved parents have to depend on themselves for everything, trusting others becomes difficult and distressing.

Reasoning for Neglectful ParentingNeglectful Parenting

Many parents who use this style of parenting are too involved with their own lives to bother caring for their child. However, that is not the only reason that parents treat their kids this way. Many other circumstances can result in this type of parenting.

  • Parent’s Childhood

    • If the parent was raised in this way, it is likely that he or she will continue the cycle. The parent will not feel any need to connect with his or her child. This cycle can be hard to come out of, and it takes effort to do so.
  • Lifestyle

    • Parents that are busy with their own lives may believe that their child will be okay by himself. They may also have substance abuse problems that cause them not to care about anything else.
  • Personality

    • Some people just think that they are more important than anything or anyone else. They have the strong urge to stand out and be seen. This forces them to only look inwardly and not at anything else.
  • Understanding

    • A lack of understanding about parenting can also contribute to neglectful parenting. A lack of communication or a misunderstanding of the child’s needs can cause parents to become neglectful.
  • Intent

    • It is possible that the parents have good intentions behind why they are neglectful of their children. They may want their child to toughen up and learn how to be independent on his own. They do not realize that this will be pushing their child to an unfair extreme.

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Toxic Parenting

Neglectful ParentingThere is an extreme style of neglectful parenting that is much less involved and can be downright awful. Abuse and manipulation are common, and the child will have damage to his overall development and cognitive growth. This is an extreme style of parenting, and there is no bond between the parents and children. The bond is not developed at an early age, either. This parenting is more involved, but not in a good way.

Overall, uninvolved parenting is not the best style of parenting to use for a child. It can be detrimental to the growth of the child. Parenting can be hard, but it does not have to fall on your children. They do not deserve such treatment, and it is possible to make a change.

With neglect and possible abuse prevalent, it is important to ensure that children are properly cared for. When they go out into the real world, they should be prepared and ready to take it on, not fearful and distrusting of everything. They should have a well rounded view of the world, and being raised this way will not help to accomplish that.


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