Types of Mirrors: What Type of Mirror Is a Makeup Mirror?


Not all mirrors are created equal, that’s for sure! And when it comes to buying one, specifically for when you apply makeup, it is very important that you consider a few factors. You need to know the exact space where you will put your mirror; lighting is exceptionally important when you consider what makeup mirror you need. How much you are willing to invest in your new makeup mirror will also determine the type of mirror you end up with.

You do get different types of mirrors, so you might decide you want a wall mounted one. You would probably look at one such as the SimpleHuman Wall-Mounted one, offering you ideal types of features that you would expect to find in a makeup mirror, for when you apply your makeup. If you are a person who is forever on the go and you are looking for the ideal compact mirror, then you won’t be disappointed a mirror such as the Terresa or HotLife – you will find these idea. Whatever your situation you will want to choose a mirror that consists of high quality materials so that it doesn’t break just by dropping it to the floor for instance. You will also want a mirror that you can apply the bulbs or batteries easily enough and which offers sufficient lighting.

Different Styles of Mirrors for Different Needs


The wall mounted mirror, if this is your choice, needs to extend as far to the edge of your countertop as possible, because if it doesn’t. You will find yourself needing to press hard against the countertop to reach. Or you will need to extend your neck in all directions to get your face as close to the mirror as possible, and to view your face from different angles.  Also, think about hard wiring type mirrors or plugin type mirrors; you will want the right one to suit your personal needs. When you have hard wiring however, it’s not attractive to see the wires hanging down. An electrician will be able to help you to make it look more attractive, but then it can start to get pricey.

What about Mirror Magnification?

Mirror Magnification

This is also something important to consider. This is where quality also counts. There are some mirrors where optical quality glass is used in the design. It might all sound very fancy, but they are mirrors that have been designed similarly to what an opticians’ lens is like. The glass would have gone through a process to increase its magnification qualities, giving you sharp, clear and distortion free images. This you will find in good quality mirrors and if you want quality like this, it will come at a price.  If you do happen to have the budget to pay for a mirror like this, it will be worth your while – flawless makeup results. So whether your mirror is made from optical quality glass, or whether you buy a mirror with lights or have a tabletop type mirror, your beauty routine can reach new heights!

Lighting is also Top Priority

Once your location and type of mounting for your mirror is sorted, then lighting is a next big priority. Natural daylight is always the best kind of light, but not all have this luxury when needing to make sure hair and makeup look superb. A lot of bathrooms too, don’t have windows that offer a lot of light in any case. Sometimes your makeup or your daily work routine starts in the wee hours of the morning when the sun is not even shining yet. You don’t have to stress too much about this, because many hair stylists recommend more than one light source for getting the best makeup results in any case. That’s probably why the lighted mirrors were created. If you do not get adequate natural lighting to apply your makeup, then a lighted mirror is certainly an excellent idea. But having said that, there are also different considerations and options to think of as well when it comes to lighting. What kind of lighting?  A lot of new designs use LED lighting and you also get fluorescent and incandescent lighting. This will also depend on your personal taste. People say that incandescent bulbs are too mellow and warm to use for makeup mirrors. But when all is said and done, natural lighting is the best and if you can’t have that, the ‘white’ kind of lighting offered by LEDs and the fluorescent lighting is your next best choice. This means that when you want to go to a formal do at night, or a party where you need to be dressed up to the tees, or a theme party, you will need the ideal mirror to apply the makeup to 100% satisfaction. That is where the genius of lighted makeup mirrors comes in.

So, Which Mirror Is Used for Makeup?

make-up mirrors, with lighting

When it comes to types of make-up mirrors, you can choose from the old Hollywood type versions with those huge glamorous bulbs, or you can opt for something less dramatic. You will find a real plethora of makeup mirrors with lighting that will have you looking like a Hollywood star yourself – but then you had help from a professional didn’t you? A professional makeup mirror, made and designed by professionals for the very purpose of applying makeup – and to get the job done like a pro. There are many manufacturing companies that have been producing mirrors, perfecting them to suit people’s needs, and make-up mirrors, with lighting, have been designed for that very purpose. That is why so many businesses in the film business and clothing industry, etc. rely heavily on the trustworthiness of the manufacturers in supplying only the best mirrors when it comes to the makeup world, for top results.


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