2 Months Pregnant: Everything You Need to Know about Mom & Baby


Weeks five through eight comprise the second month of your pregnancy and will signal the beginning of a range of symptoms that can be surprising, uncomfortable, and at times, downright debilitating.

The second month is still an early time in your pregnancy, and your body will not yet have undergone any striking changes in terms of overall aesthetics. Meanwhile, inside your body, innumerable complex changes are occurring on a daily basis as your little embryo begins its rapid growth.

Around the five-week mark, your breasts will more than likely feel heavy, sore, and extremely tender, with fatigue, a constant urge to urinate, and the appearance of morning sickness symptoms rounding out the assemblage of what you will likely be dealing with this month.

Morning sickness is a curious phenomenon that strikes around the two-month mark for many women. A great number of women don’t experience morning sickness until significantly later in their terms. Regardless of when morning sickness symptoms enter your life, try to take them in stride and remember that the condition is temporary and all part of the normal pregnancy process.

With women having vastly different experiences with their respective pregnancies, there’s no way to predict whether or not a woman will experience the full range of pregnancy symptoms or perhaps just a few of them.

Read on below to learn more crucial information about the second month of pregnancy, as well as tips, tricks, and many cool facts!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: Two Months Pregnant Symptoms

Week Five Week Six Week Seven Week Eight
Tender, sore, and swollen breasts

Fatigue and malaise

Frequent urination

Morning sickness

Odd food cravings

Dizzy spells

Exceedingly high HCG (hormone) levels



Milestone: Halfway through your first trimester!

Visible signs of pregnancy – swollen belly; weight gain

Intense fatigue

Mood swings


Painful, tender, and sore breasts


Unusual food cravings

Dizzy spells


Severe fatigue and feelings of malaise

Increased blood supply results in buildup of fluid in the bladder causing a near-constant urge to urinate

Increasing visible signs of pregnancy



Increased thirst


Inflamed and bleeding gums


Experiencing foul smells and various odors that others aren’t able to smell

Many everyday items begin to take on a “foul” odor


Intense dreams and reduced sleep quality

Wildly shifting hormones

Varicose veins



Your Baby’s Health and Status: Two Months Pregnant Baby

Week Five Week Six Week Seven Week Eight
Measuring about nine millimeters, the baby is now about the size of your pinky nail.

Although it is still relatively early in your pregnancy term, baby is rapidly undergoing an aggregation of incredible physical changes and now has

primitively-formed hands, feet, and an infinitesimally teeny-tiny little brain.

The embryo is now growing expeditiously and will soon start developing a spine, heart, and evolving brain.

Baby is hastily developing into a distinct, recognizable being.

By week six, baby has a clearly formed head, along with the beginning formations of little nostrils, eyes and increasingly pronounced facial features

Baby begins growing with remarkable momentum, as it has undergone the transformational embryonic phase to now becoming a “real” tiny person.

At this point, the baby will have stubby little legs, an itty-bitty tail (that will eventually disappear) and a fully functioning heart that beats at a lightning-fast speed.


Now the size of a raspberry, baby has diminutive fingers and toes that are delicately webbed.

A multitude of important events occur during week eight such as baby’s little tail beginning to disappear, their little eyes become pigmented, and they continue to develop as they take on a profoundly increased human appearance.


During this time your baby will receive critical nourishment from the membranous yolk sac attached to the embryo.


Tips and Crucial Information at Four Months Pregnant

two month pregnant

  • To ease much of the discomfort associated with enlarged, heavy, tender, and painful breasts, invest in new bras that have plenty of built-in support. Sports bras and maternity bras are great options to support and accommodate your continuously growing breasts.
  • When purchasing maternity bras, select options that are one to two sizes larger than your normal size to comfortably accommodate your rapidly growing breasts. Your breasts will grow significantly in the middle and later terms of your pregnancy; instead of buying new bras again later in your term, make a smart, well-informed purchase decision early on.
  • Take a pointedly observant look at your environment. Are your surroundings safe? Your new status as a pregnant woman means that you must steer clear of sources of radiation, harsh household cleaners, aerosol sprays, toxic fumes, mercury, lead, and more
  • While we may not see where our water is piped from, it’s common knowledge that many homes have old, rusty pipes that pump out our home’s water supply. Invest in a high-quality water filtration system to ensure that your water is clean and contaminant-free
  • During this time in your pregnancy term, you may find that the near-constant urge to urinate is not only annoying but also worrisome. Don’t stress about it – it’s a common pregnancy symptom that results from expanding kidneys as you continue along your pregnant state
  • If nausea and morning sickness symptoms seem to be taking over your life at this point, try nibbling on ginger. Raw ginger might prove to be too unpalatable, but candied ginger works well to ease morning sickness-type symptoms. Ginger capsules are also readily available in the vitamin aisle of any drug store and are a convenient way to mitigate morning sickness symptoms on-the-go.
  • Many women find themselves with an astonishingly increased appetite and begin to binge out on junk food. To help control the urge to overeat on unhealthy foods, prepare healthy snacks in pre-portioned bags that you can take with you while you go about your day. Little bags of almonds, sunflower seeds, sliced fresh vegetables and fruit, and even yogurt are great options to keep you satiated.
  • Your prepared mini meals also serve to regulate your blood sugar levels. And limit the degree of nausea, fatigue and overall malaise you might be feeling as your pregnancy progresses
  • Current recommendations for pregnant women are to consumer roughly three hundred additional calories per day to sustain baby’ continuous healthy growth. Exceeding three hundred calories per day is unnecessary and will only contribute to weight gain.
  • Inevitably, you will gain weight – it’s a natural part of pregnancy and to be expected. As the weight gain becomes more readily apparent, consider investing in maternity clothing that is loose fitting, comfortable, and designed to accommodate your growing baby bump

To-Do List and Reminders at Two Months Pregnant

two month pregnant

Your primary goals for month two of pregnancy should be:

  • Schedule regular monthly visits with your doctor to check on your health, baby’s status, and undergo the battery of critically important tests and physical check-ups associated with pregnancy
  • If you haven’t already, make your first prenatal doctor’s visit ASAP. Research reputable doctors, as they will be your primary guide through the peaks and valleys of the pregnancy process that is fraught with confusion, anxiety, and more as time goes by. Your doctor will answer your most pressing questions, give you timely ultrasound, tests, and blood work, and offer you valuable advice to ensure you have a perfectly healthy baby at birth
  • Do some cursory (or meticulous) research into the medical histories of both you and your partner’s families to discern if there are any risks, complications, or genetic conditions that might impact the health of your unborn child
  • Establish an exercise routine ASAP. Crucially important during pregnancy, beginning an exercise repertoire early on will help to mitigate weight gain, ease distressing pregnancy symptoms, soothe anxiety, and build the endurance and strength needed for the big day. Walking, swimming, yoga, stretching, and light cardio are all great options for pregnant women. Aim for at least thirty minutes per day of exercise for optimal results
  • Maintain your vitamin regime inclusive of a prenatal vitamin, vitamin D, and folic acid

Keywords at 2 Months Pregnant

two momth pregnancy

Yolk sac: The yolk sac is tasked with the critical job of nourishing your baby with essential nutrients while providing it with a bounty of red blood cells. The yolk sac’s job duties exist on an interim level; later on in your pregnancy, the fully developed placenta will take over the work of providing your baby with nutrients, red blood cells, and much more.

HCG: HCG is an acronym for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a hormone in the bodies of pregnant women that is produced via the placenta post-implantation.

Hypervitaminosis A: Hypervitaminosis A is a form of toxicity that results from an overabundance of vitamin A in the body. This toxicity can result in myriad symptoms, from issues with vision, achy bones, a wide-range of skin conditions, and the grave possibility of causing harm to your fetus. To ensure that you are safe from this condition, steer clear of vitamin A supplements, high-dosage vitamins, fish-oil supplements, and foods such as liver, pate, haggis, and liver sausage.

What to Expect at 2 Months of Pregnancy?

  • The last week of the second month of pregnancy is of particular fascination for women due to the ability to now see the clarifying and sharpening of their baby’s miniscule facial features. As the baby continues to speedily grow with every passing day, their tiny face comes to take on a human-look, with an adorable nose, and clearly visible ears, mouth, and jawline.
  • By the end of month two of your pregnancy, your little champion will be a little bigger than a raspberry and continue to grow at an incredible rate of about a millimeter per day

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