Turkey Baster (Pregnancy) Review – Does It Actually Work?


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Artificial Insemination at Home

In today’s modern world, more women are taking pregnancy into their own hands – literally. With the advancement of artificial insemination, single women are starting their own families without ever even having sexual intercourse with a man.

Now, women are taking things one step further by performing artificial insemination at home, a.k.a. the turkey baster method. Does it really work? Is it safe? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about turkey baster insemination.

What Is The Turkey Baster Method

If you assumed that this method involved filling a turkey baster with semen and inserting it into your vagina, you’d be wrong – mostly. The concept is the same, but rather than using an actual baster, a syringe is used. This method is the most common way to perform artificial insemination at home, and many women have found success with it.

The goal is to insert the sperm-filled syringe into the vagina as close to the cervix as possible. This makes it easier for the sperm to make its way up into the cervix and fertilize the egg

How the Baster Method Works

For the baster method to work, you’ll need two things:


  • A disposable syringe. Oral medicine or needless syringes work well.
  • Semen-filled collection condom, baggy or collection cup.

An oral medicine syringe can be purchased from any drugstore, or you can ask your doctor for a needless syringe. Look for syringes with a plunger that are around 4” long. Longer is better, but don’t go to extremes here.

Some women have tried this method using a glass turkey baster or a stainless steel turkey baster, but actual basters are not nearly as effective as syringes.

Please ensure that you use sterilized equipment when performing this method.

Here’s how the method works:

  • A man ejaculates into a sterile glass or plastic cup, a collection condom, or a baggy.
  • Air is removed from the syringe by drawing the plunger back, and pushing the air out.
  • The semen is then sucked up into the syringe by drawing back on the syringe.
  • The syringe is slowly inserted into the vagina until it is close – but not inside – of the cervix.
  • The sperm is slowly injected.
  • The woman remains still for 30 minutes to keep the sperm inside of the vagina.
  • If the timing is right, the sperm fertilizes the egg, and pregnancy occurs.

It’s important to choose a comfortable position and location when performing at-home artificial insemination. Keep in mind that you will need to spend a half hour in that position. Ideally, you want your hips to be raised, or you want to lay on your side with your pelvis canted. These two positions will help keep the sperm inside of the vagina.

Remember to go slowly when injecting the sperm. If you inject too quickly, some of the sperm might squirt out of the vagina, or spray away from the cervix.

The method is simple enough, and if performed at the right time, is highly effective.

Can You Get Yourself Pregnant With the Baster Method?

Many women want to know how to get pregnant without a man. Most will choose to get artificially inseminated at a local clinic or hospital. This is the safest and most effective route. However, it’s also possible to get pregnant at home using the turkey baster method.

In order for this method to work, however, all of the conditions must be right for pregnancy to occur. In other words, you must be ovulating at or around the time of the injection.

Predicting Ovulation

Ovulation can be tricky to predict mainly because it can occur at different times for different women. Signs are not as obvious as they are when menstruation occurs – they’re far more subtle.

If you’re trying to achieve a successful turkey baster pregnancy, there are a few things you can do to predict when you’ll be ovulating. These including:

  • Using an ovulation predictor kit. These can be purchased in most drug stores, and will help you determine when you’re ovulating by measuring LH levels.
  • Keeping track of your cycle. Most healthy women ovulate anywhere from 10-16 days after the first day of their period.
  • Look for signs of ovulation. You may notice white sticky discharge during ovulation that looks similar to egg whites. Some women also experience minor cramping.
  • Measure your basal body temperature. During ovulation, your body temperature increases slightly. You will need a basal thermometer to measure your basal body temperature, and you’ll need take your temperature before you even get up out of bed in the morning.

Many women also recommend trying to have an orgasm after the injection occurs. A powerful orgasm can help the cervix suck up the sperm and can also help speed up sperm travel. Use a clitoral vibrator or whatever method works best for you. Just avoid using a lot of water and penetration.

Keep in mind that even if you are ovulating when the injection occurs, pregnancy is not guaranteed. There are several factors that could prevent you from getting pregnant:

  • Unsanitary equipment.
  • Not injecting the sperm far enough into the vagina.
  • Accidently using a spermicidal condom to gather the sperm.

Sometimes, the sperm just isn’t strong enough to make it through to the egg and fertilize it. Rarely do couples get pregnant on the first try, so expect to have to make a few injections before finally getting pregnant.

Final Considerations about Turkey Baster 

The idea of a turkey baster baby sounds appealing, but there are some things you may want to consider.

  1. Where you will get the sperm from. A sperm bank is a good place to start and is a safe route to take. If you decide to use a male friend’s sperm, be sure to create some sort of written agreement. If you choose not to go through a fertility clinic or create a formal agreement, the man who “donated” the sperm will have rights to the child.
  2. Always ensure that you use clean and/or sterilized equipment to prevent infection or other unwanted health issues.


      • My lesbian friends are married and asked me to be a donor for them. I agreed after my wife approved of it, cause one of the wives are like my wife’s best friend. But after learning they might be considering the turkey baster method I’m having second thoughts. I prefer the normal way families have kids. So now I don’t know what to do, cause they really want a child and seems to be on board about the natural way. But my wife doesn’t. Now what?

        • smdh… lol… 1st world problems… just donate the sperm. you don’t HAVE to f the lesbian just because you “prefer” the traditional method…. OF COURSE you prefer the traditional method…. i mean, what normal, sexually healthy non-homosexual male WOULDN’T???!!!! but you don’t HAVE to….. don’t disrespect your wife like that. just donate the sperm to them in a sterile container and be happy that they chose your (obviously lame) ass to be the father of their child!!!! doofus!


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