Well-Prepared When Travelling on the Airline with Your Baby


Who does not love travelling? It is one of the things that fill peace within. Visiting places, adding their histories to your cerebral dictionary, capturing moments etc. are a few things that everyone loves to do. For those who travel a lot, air travel is no big deal. But, for all mothers and fathers, who have little babies, they need to think about it again.

What All Happens While Travelling on the Airline With the Baby?

Travelling on the Airline with Your Baby

Obviously, you don’t want-“Baby, please stay quiet. Please do not bother others to sleep. Don’t piss. Ma’am, I am really sorry for the inconvenience.”, these kind of things the whole time you travel. You would definitely hope for your fellow passengers not be disturbed by your baby’s cry. So, when travelling in the airline with your infant, you need to push yourself a level up when it comes to packing because when it comes to babies, you don’t really would wish to compromise. Oh jeez, compromising would be the worst option if you ask me. In fact, it is suggested that you carry more than what is needed. But here speaking of the airline, you need a full-fledged plan. You have to list out the things and pack all the things overnight before the journey.

You know, the travelers who have a profound love of travelling in their veins have a kit ready always. Same as them, you need to get the kit ready for your babies. Jeopardizing in your babies’ essentials could turn horrific if in case your fellow passenger is a harsh person. I mean everybody do love babies but if their cries meddle with their sleep, you are in trouble. They could not be as supportive and friendly as they once were when they saw your baby. And that heart core feeling of love turns into irritation in no time. Don’t get mistaken that baby-sitting will be your fellow passenger’s apprentice. He or she may not have any idea of handing baby things. Everyone cannot handle your baby’s poop smell or the whining or wailing of your baby.

The basic concept of travelling with your little cutie pie could be same in every medium. It is like, if you are carrying your child with you, you need to gear up because those adorable creatures have so many tantrums. From being busy playing and licking their thumbs to the state of crying and turning the world upside down, they are masters of all. So, you have to pack your items in a manner “not-so-sophisticated” but in a “clumsy-friendly” manner.

Maybe, your baby loves sleeping but if your baby doesn’t, this is going to be a great challenge for you. It’s time to think a level up, travelers. So, you are choosing airline as a medium to travel with your baby, these few things that will bring both, you and your baby to comfort and rate down the compartmental pressure.

1)    You Have Packed Your Baby Gear. Right?Travelling on the Airline with Your Baby

Do you know a fact that babies sleep from 20 minutes to 4 hours in one slot? Well, if your flight’s duration is short, like for two to three hours, consider yourself lucky because the baby gear would have few things. But in case, it is a long journey, buckle yourself up and make a list. Do the smartest selection of things and optimize your luggage. You need to come up with a contended feeling when it comes to your things and pack most of the babies’ essentials. You do not have a free pass to carry unlimited things in the airline; you know it right? At times, mercy hits and maybe, seeing you with your baby can give you an advantage of carrying 3-4 pounds’ handy luggage. So, take full advantage of it but yes, do not give a chance to the officials to rhetorically question you. The handy luggage could contain a variety of things incessantly necessary for your baby.

What we are talking about the luggage here should go in with your luggage too. This is called the baby gear and it will contain the elements such as Food & Diapers, Stroller, Car Seat, or Combo, Toys and Lovies.

It is the hypothetical idea, right or wrong that babies have three major works-sleep, get fed and poop. So, your fellow passenger would not love the abstract idea of carrying your baby in wet diapers so you will be changing diapers more often on the flight. Also, you can’t put headphones in everyone’s ears when your baby cries.

So, it is a free suggestion that you don’t leave your home without the following:

  • Diapers – the quantity depends on your baby’s age (for newborn pack at least 10 diapers, for a baby 5-6 months old pack at least 8 diapers and for toddlers aged above 1 year, pack at least 6 diapers)
  • Changing pad
  • Nursing pads
  • Baby Wipes
  • Teething rings and extra pacifiers in case of emergency
  • Books and Toys
  • A lightweight blanket
  • Always keep the phone number of your pediatrician on a speed dial when you are flying with a baby
  • Snacks for you to eat in-between
  • Empty Sippy Cups which you can later fill with juice, milk or water after getting through the security
  • Extra clothes for everyone including the mother, father, and the baby

2)    Have You Notified the Airlines?Travelling on the Airline with Your Baby

Have you started feeling the pressure of extra work? If not, start realizing it. You are travelling with your baby on the flight. If you have given a thought to it and have found easy, I must tell you that it is amusing but not at all easy. You are at risk of creating discomfort to your fellow passengers because maybe settling off for all the discomforts is your task but do you really expect that your fellow mate would be happy to help you with all the doodling and drawling? Therefore, it is your duty to inform the respective airline that you would be carrying your baby also. They would be enlisting it and therefore, when you would be needing some extra privileges, they would be earnest to help you. Babies on the plane can prove extra work for them but they would be happy to help.

On the other hand, navigating the Airport-Security keeping busy is one of the time consuming and typical tasks. And when you are with a baby, it becomes even more difficult. Notifying the airline about your condition will save you a lot of time as they will make a documented boarding pass stating that you are flying with a baby. Moreover, if your baby can sit on his/her own seat, skip this part. But it is always helpful if you notify the airline at the earliest.

3)    Has Your Baby Had Ample Rest the Previous Day?

If you are a tyro or a newbie, it is a free advice that you shouldn’t mess with your baby’s sleep and then travel with the baby. It could prove disastrous. It would suck all your strength to adapt your baby’s mood and allay his cry. Make sure that your baby had a good nap before you are ready to board a flight. Otherwise, he would be all cranky and no one likes such babies. Believe it or not, it is easy to cuddle a happy and playful baby but when it comes down to grouchy condition, no one is willing to take responsibility.

So, make sure that your baby has had enough rest that he is lively and cheerful when he on the plane. A well-rested baby is less of a flight risk. And if you fail to do so, make sure to bring gifts for your fellow passengers, because they are going to be mad as hell. However, it is not healthy to kill your sleep in order to make the baby nap. You are also required to take a healthy good night sleep before your flight because it will help you with the baby during the flight.

4)    Dress in a Class but in Concern With Your BabyTravelling on the Airline with Your Baby

If you are planning on an extravaganza with your kid crying over hunger, then you are very welcome to dress that is not comfortable for the baby. If you are a mother and planning to travel with your baby, you are required to consider everything like whether or not you are using bottles or boobs for feeding your baby when you are on the flight. If your baby is too young to be fed with a bottle, you have to dress accordingly. I suggest you wear a nursing tank. The nursing tanks are specially designed for the breastfeeding mothers. It acts as a zip-up active wear jacket which comforts in public nursing. On the other hand, avoid wearing denim and tee-tops because you will not enjoy yanking up your t-shirt every time your baby is hungry.

A nursing tank will help you to easily breastfeed your baby. Another perk of wearing a nursing tank is that there are numerous colorful laces coming out through the zipper which acts as an entertainment medium for the baby. The colorful laces will keep the baby occupied, he or she will likely end up playing with it during the entire flight. It is a very convenient option, right? 

5)    Always Use a Baby Stroller or a CarrierTravelling on the Airline with baby

Those who are more bothered about space and all, prefer baby strollers or carriers. And yes, the plus point is that you will not be charged at the ticketing counter for carrying these. Most of the airlines offer the mother and the child to board the plane before the actual boarding starts. This can protect you and your baby from all the hassle that comes with the boarding. All you have to do is go and ask the airline representative all in advance. It is recommended to use a baby carrier instead of a stroller because baby carriers are easier to place and it is easier to carry a baby inside a baby carrier than a stroller. It will use less space and your fellow passengers will not feel the discomfort. The baby carriers consist of all the necessary safety essentials like the belts and cushions to make the baby feel like it’s in his/her mother’s arm.

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6)    If Possible, Skip to the Front Line of Security

Generally, at every airport, there is a special line for families and mothers carrying babies. It is mandatory for a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to maintain a special line for mothers carrying infants. If such facilities are not provided, you can simply skip to the front line of security. And yes, the supplementary benefit is that no one will stop you.

7)    Prefer CompanionshipTravelling on the Airline with Your Baby

You may be the super mother or a father but still, babies and travelling do not go along. And at the top, it is an airline. It is compact and not isolated. You can’t get a handle on situations but it is recommended that if you are flying with a baby, do not travel alone. The travel companion could be your partner, the nanny, or anyone else. It will help you ease up everything. It is better said, dividing helps. So, pull up your socks team and get ready for teamwork to make the flight journey better for yourselves and the other passengers.

Do what is best for your baby. Travelling by airline is fun and maybe your baby adds up the excitement if you have a powerful plan to hold things right.


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