Top Summer Holidays in 2018 for Families With Young Kids


For families with young children, short school breaks are for adventure in nearby destinations while the long breaks are for touring far-flung destinations. By now you have realized that not all vacation spots are kid friendly. Therefore check out these summer holidays destinations that offer a full package for the entire family.

Top 9 Summer Vacation for Family

1. Watersport and Cycling Activities in the Maldives

Families summer holiday With Young Kids

The Maldives is the place to be if you are looking for a relaxing vacation. It is an island in the Indian Ocean that is a stunning place for a honeymoon destination but it has a lot in store for the kids. It offers an island-based resort and an overwater bungalow resort which you can try to see which best suits your taste.

At either resorts, bicycles for kids and adults are available for you to enjoy. You can cycle the bikes with your family on the bungalow walkway or all around the islands. Kayaking is also a favorite thing to do at the Maldives. At the overwater bungalow, you can dive in the warm ocean waters. Also, there are a lot of club activities for the kids. Other activities for the family include playing ping pong, beach games, snorkeling and watching the sunset daily from overwater hammocks.

Consider taking the whole squad to the Maldives and try hotels like the Six Senses Laamu. However, there are other island-based hotels and overwater villas throughout the Maldives that can fit in any budget

2. Explore the Lconic Nature in Chile

 family summer holiday destinations

Over the years, Chile has risen to fame thanks to it being less crowded, the ease and safety of navigation and its charming features. This can be the perfect place for a spring or winter break since the time difference is way less than Europe and seasons alternate with that in the US.

Go hiking with the kids in the Chilean Patagonia, Atacama Desert and experience these run down sand dunes. In your vacation itinerary, consider visiting the Easter Island and witness the amazing Moai statues and indulge yourself in the sumptuous Santiago food scene. Your kids will beg for more. Fortunately, flight tickets to Chile are inexpensive when compared to tickets to Europe. Also, there is a wide variety of accommodation places for any budget.

If Chile does not fit in your dates or budget then a trip to Argentina can be a plan B. Both countries share a Patagonia, all of them have charming desert areas and a tantalizing food cuisine. Take a flight to Buenos Aires then travel to Salta to explore the desert or head over to San Martin de Los Andes to see Patagonia.

3. Go for Safaris in Tanzania

 Go for safaris in Tanzania

Safaris tops the list of fun activities for kids and adults alike. With an opportunity to see the big five (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and Rhino) in their natural habitat, you must consider this vacation destination. Besides the Big Five, there are a lot of animals for you to see.

Take a flight to Arusha then head over to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the Ngorongoro Crater which are a few hours away. Ngorongoro Crater is a volcanic caldera which is a large bowl that homes thousands of animals. These animals barely leave the crater, thus, it is a great opportunity for you to see as many animals as possible apart from giraffes. However, you will find giraffes outside the crater.

After visiting Ngorongoro, take a detour to the nearby Serengeti and checkout its big-open plains. Next, go to Ndutu Lake and witness the amazing wildebeest migration that happens annually. Also, consider driving off road for a better glimpse of the animals.

If you are traveling with kids, a ten-day vacation can suffice. 7-8 days can be spent in the parks and for 2-3 days you can visit Zanzibar for a relaxing trip.

You might have come across photos of giraffes poking their heads in dining areas where people are taking breakfast, the place is called Giraffe Manor. Giraffe Manor is very close to an international airport in Nairobi, Kenya.

4. Visit Greece for Its Islands and Iconic Ruins

 summer vacations for family

Greece has become a must-visit destination in Europe. Besides its rich historic heritage and its iconic ruins, it is a tourist destination that is budget friendly. Its restaurants and hotels are quite inexpensive with them being estimated as 20% cheaper than the European average.

Visit Athens and spend a day or two exploring the city’s features. While at it, check out the Acropolis and the Plaka neighborhood. Consider flying or taking a ferry when heading over to the islands. For a view of the numerous ancient sites, Crete and Rhodes are the ideal places. The Rhode’s town is quite interesting when exploring it with kids. Also, tourist islands that have received much appreciation are the Mykonos and Santorini islands. Santorini is a favorite of many for its Oia, its Greek town, and its beautiful sunsets.

On the other hand, Mykonos has a very vibrant nightlife and the town is quite charming. For a more serene and with less human traffic during the day, Naxos and Paros are the perfect destinations. Naxos and Paros also have stunning beaches and finger-licking food.

However, it is important to note that when traveling with kids to the Greek islands, choose an island that has no cruise ships arriving there every day. The feel of being on a small island can change drastically when thousands of people flock the area, even within a few hours.  That’s why Naxos is singled out as a better island for kids. Naxos has many ferries to other islands but not any cruise ship as one of its activities.

5. Family-friendly Activities in Keystone, South Dakota

family friendly activities

Keystone, situated in the Black Hills South Dakota is famous for Mount Rushmore although there are numerous family activities to do in this area. These activities include gold mining, hiking trails that are in plenty and an adventure park. South Dakota is a great representation of the Wild West and it offers children a memorable experience filled with excitement, fun, and history.

Mount Rushmore National Monument, Custer State Park which has an incredible round-up of buffalos and the Badlands National Park, is so far the most frequented tourist sites. They are a favorite tourist destination for a good reason, these sites are national treasure troves.

For a historical adventure, take the kids on a tour of the Prairie Homestead, Four Mile Old West Town, and the High Plains Western Heritage Center which are in honor of the Native Americans and the pioneers of the region.

Also, did it ever cross your mind that South Dakota has the two world’s longest caves? Rushmore caves, Black Hills Caverns and the Broken Boot Gold Mine which is the oldest gold mine that is a tourist attraction site in the Black Hills – all give kids an opportunity to explore the deeper underground and have a glimpse of the underneath state.

Therefore, South Dakota is a pocket full of fascinating and fun things to do despite your age there are many adventurous and magical things waiting for you.

6. Disney Animal Kingdom in Orlando

 family friendly activities

Orlando tops the list of Kid-friendly destinations all year round and it keeps evolving thus it has lots of surprises for the children. Last year, the Disney Animal Kingdom had a new addition — the Pandora—The World of Avatar while Universal opened Volcano Bay which is its third theme park. Universal is also adding Fast & Furious.

Harry Potter’s wizarding world at the Universal is an all-time kid’s favorite vacation spot. The kids can hardly get enough of the Harry Potter areas and there is nothing like too much butterbeer drinking.

Consider checking out the Kennedy Space Center if you need a timeout from the theme parks, it is only less than an hour away from Orlando.

There are perks to staying onsite while at the parks such as early admission and express passes. Hard Rock Hotel and the Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World are great for the kids. Four Seasons has a stunning pool. However, theme parks are not quite enjoyable during school breaks.

7. San Angelo, Texas with Family

family friendly activities

Texas is the place that boasts of dude ranches, cowboys and lots of other great things. However, people tend to forget that Texas is a cultural state with great history and beautiful beaches. Who would have thought? Therefore, there is a something for everyone including the little ones.

The Lone Star State, a theme park haven has fantastic activities for the family – from the Joyland Park which is family friendly, yee haw Six Flags Fiesta or its boardwalk.

At San Angelo, you will find Zoos that are quite unique. For instance, the Franklin Drive Thru lets you explore the African plains. This exquisite resort zoo is a safe haven for endangered species. What’s more, you cannot run out of museums that you can take your kids to considering you have the thrilling dinosaur park, the Texas Air, and Space Museum and the Historic Heritage Farmstead Museum. These are just a few of the museums.

And for the love of the Texas cowboy culture why not let the kids experience the dude ranch. Places that offer kids great fun are The Mayan Dude Ranch and Dixie or Silver Spur.

You could be a young kid but with a big heart as Texas!

8. Outdoor Adventures at Carlsbad, New Mexico

 family friendly activities

Carlsbad, New Mexico is a melting pot of stunning landscapes, lots of outdoor activities, exquisite culture and above all it is best for family adventure.

New Mexico has must-see wildlife, intriguing museums, historical sites and the White Mountains but there is no cold. For example, the White Sands National Monument is filled with fun activities that you can do with snow but instead of such snow activities, you can snowboard on the white sand.

Kids can have a glimpse of the rattlesnakes at the American International Rattlesnake Museum or they can enjoy an adventure at the Spring River Park and Zoo which is a free zoo there.

A lot of history is waiting for you to explore. You can tour the Old Town or get a taste of the American Indian Culture at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Even the Aztec ruins are a great historic site.

The kids can have the time of their lives at the Sandia Peak Tramway which is the longest aerial tramway in the world. Otherwise, the adrenaline junkies can immerse themselves in the pleasures of the exciting rivers such as the Cottam’s Rio Grande Rafting or the New Mexico River Adventures.

9. Virginia Beach with Kids

 Virginia Beach with Kids

Virginia Beach is the ultimate destination for diverse family activities, the kids included. The itinerary for a family vacation can include watersport activities and other entertainment activities for the kids. With a plethora of things to see and do, there are plenty of nooks and crannies that awaits you to explore.

Have fun at the beach. Here the sand, surf, and sun are free since the beach passes are inexpensive. The boardwalk is well maintained and its southern section tends to be more crowded than its northern section. You can cycle through the Oceanfront boardwalk with family on its path that is secluded for bikes.

You can take the kids for fishing at the Virginia Beach Pier situate at the 15th street. This place is open for fishing from April through to October. Here you rent rods and buy bait and they do not need a fishing license.

For a glimpse of the unique marine life, the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is the place to go.  With over 300 hands-on exhibits, an IMAX Theatre and touch planks, the family will fall in love with this aquarium. Kids can enjoy the extensive nature trails and a mock submarine.

Remember to try out the farmer’s market that has farm fresh food and goes check out the Gill’s Creamery that has delicious house-made ice cream.

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