20 Top Rated Baby Walkers Reviews 2017-2018


All the parents want to see their babies active and playful, and for that they try to entertain them with every possible way, but the enjoyment level changes with the age and growth of a baby. When a baby tries to catch everything and wants to move around but too young to walk independently, it might be a time to buy a baby walker. Baby walkers give your baby plenty of exciting options to play while their safety is ensured through the belts attached. With tens of options available in the market, you may end up making a wrong choice, therefore, this review is developed to help you understand different specs and features you should consider when deciding to buy a baby walker for your child. Besides, it also provides you the list of top rated baby walkers in 2016.

Review of 20 Top Rated Baby Walkers 2017-2018

1. Safety 1st Sounds’n Lights Discovery Walker, Dino

Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker
Source: https://www.walmart.com

The Safety 1st Discovery Walker is rated as the best baby walker. It is not just one of the most affordable baby walkers, but also the one providing many great features that will keep your baby entertained(Related: Best Learning Toys) – aside from the fact that your toddler will love to simply move around. It has a removable Dinosaur theme park activity center, tray for snacks, three adjustable heights and folds to ground level.

2. Joovy Spoon Walker, Greenie

The Joovy Spoon is a very simple infant walker.  It meets high chair with no music and no toys, but it still is a highly popular walker among the customers due to its simplicity. This is a good looking baby walker with a gigantic tray, front and center, where the toddler can play with his own toys and have enough space to get its snack on. Colors available: Green, Blueberry, Charcoal, Jade, and Purple.

3. Chicco Dance Walker Activity Center, Happy Orange

Chicco is one of the most famous baby brands. Dance Walker Activity Center is one of the most popular, cool baby walkers featuring some of the best options. Not to be outdone by the competition, it comes with an MPthree hookup, a removable musical play tray, three adjustable height settings, bumper guards to protect your walls and it folds for easy storage. If you’re looking for an infant walker with all the upgrades and music, the Chicco can be your first choice. Colors available: Orange, Sea Dreams and Water lilly.

4. Safety 1st Sounds’n Lights Activity Walker, Surfin Safari

Safety 1st Discovery Walker is considered as the activity walker, which is rated as one of the most popular choices for children. It has three adjustable height settings, 12 songs, sounds, lights, and a removable “safari” activity tray to reveal an ample snack area as well. Colors available: Safari and Kenley.

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker
Source: http://www.chiccoshop.com/

5. Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker

The Chicco Lil Piano walker is rated high due to various attractive options offered that will keep your little one involved. The most impressive feature is definitely the removable piano tray that includes rattles, drums, buttons, lights and other sounds. This baby walker also has three height settings, a snack tray and cute pattern designs. Colors available: Splash and Birdland.

6. Baby Trend Activity Walker

If you are looking for a neutral-pattern design, then the Baby Trend Activity Walker is the right choice for you. This model has a safari theme, three adjustable height settings, ample tray area and a toy bar.

7. Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker, Branchin’ Out

Disney brand is definitely the most loved one among the children. The same impression goes with the Disney baby walker as it offers a cute Disney-themed activity center to attract some attention. When a baby has explored two toy trays, he reveals a snack tray then. Disney baby walker also has an option to adjust to three different height settings. If you are looking for a real baby girl walker, then you should definitely choose this one in pink color. Beside Pink, this model comes in Branchin’ Out, Pink, Floral Minnie Mouse and My Hunny Stripe design.

8. Ferrari F1 Baby Walker in Red

Red Ferrari F1 Baby Walker
Source: https://www.amazon.com

Ferrari F1 Baby Walker is one of the most expensive baby walkers, but it’s Ferrari, right? This car walker for a baby has plenty of audible sounds and other auto-related themes to add to the pure enjoyment and fun. There are also attached three adjustment settings, an easy-to-clean seat and a small snack tray.

9. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker, Ocean Explorer

Baby Einstein always launches cool baby walkers that stand them out from the rest of the baby walker manufacturers. The same thing is with Neptune Walker. What differentiates this baby walker from the rest is a glossy-colored theme and creative design. This infant walker has three adjustable height settings, a steering wheel, a small activity center with music and sounds, and loops to attach your child’s favorite toys.

10. Dream On Me Melody Musical Walker, Pink

Melody Musical Walker is definitely for those little ones inspired by racing around. This product has standard three-height adjust, removable toy tray with steering wheel and a set of music and sounds sure to entertain your little one. Colors available: Pink, Blue/Yellow, Green, Red/Blue.

Pink Dream On Me Melody Musical Walker
Source: https://www.walmart.com

11. Dream On Me Shuffle Musical Walker, Red

Shuffle Musical Walker is little more expensive, an alternate version of the Dream on Me Melody Musical Walker. It is a little bigger in size, comes with a larger, removable activity tray and some bright color choices! It also has three height adjustment settings. Colors available: Red, Pink, and Blue.

12. Disney Little Racer 2-In-1 Walker, Cars

Disney Little Racer 2 is something that would attract you if your baby is fan of Cars movie. Besides having a fun theme, this car walker for baby is designed to be used as a sit-to-stand walker. It has a removable, car-themed activity center with steering wheel and multiple other toys, music and other noises, three adjustable height positions and even a rear-view mirror.

13. Delta Children’s Products Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker

Delta Lil Drive Activity Walker comes as a fun choice just like the other car walkers for babies. With its fantastic color selection and car decals, toddler can drive around and enjoy the large activity center with its steering wheel and other related toys. This walker features three height adjustment settings and a nice-sized snack tray under the toy center.

14. Disney Baby Lightning McQueen Walker

Disney Baby Lightning McQueen Walker
Source: https://www.amazon.com

If your little one isn’t a fan of Disney Little, maybe you can find a better option in the Lightning McQueen Walker. This product comes with the Disney-inspired Cars theme, as well. It has a simple, removable activity center with interactive toys, a large snack area and three seat height adjustments.

15. Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, Pink

Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer is a brilliant car walker for babies as it fits the criteria with several car options to choose from. One better thing is that it also locks into a position so your child can use it as a jumper. This infant walker has three adjustable height options, a steering wheel activity center that comes standard with multiple sound options and the hood and rear views; removable for snack time. Colors available: Pink, Black, Red, Blue Police Car.

16. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Sit-to-Stand Walkers are a good way to help your baby get up on their feet and learn to balance themselves. The VTech Learning Walker is rated as the most popular baby walker. This baby walker contains a busy learning activity center to keep any baby occupied, including a piano with animal sounds, shape sorter holes for understanding shapes, a singing phone and several other bright attention-grabbers. And when the kid is done learning and playing, sub-par toy center can prop themselves up and move around the house a bit.

17. Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker
Source: https://www.amazon.com

The Fisher-Price Beginnings Activity Walker can be compared to the VTech Learning Walker, with the exception that less features offered by Fisher-Price. Do not get confused with a sub-par toy center, this walker is a big hit with a lot of parents. This walker has the ability to transform to a fun learning center with plenty of hands-on activities that inspire curiosity. Some of the features include a spinning ball, flipping panels, sliding beads and plenty of attractive colors without being too much.

18. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Musical Activity Walker

The Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Walker has a different look and feel in comparison to Bright Beginnings Walker. The baby walker features simplicity in its orchestra-themed toy center, but additionally offers interactive music and sound system. Its most notable feature is the music it plays when your baby pushes it around while learning to walk. For the case, the child has learned how to walk, he can still enjoy and play the piano, the saxophone, a guitar, tambourines and also some maracas in the walker! Lights, colors, music and other sounds make this an excellent sit-t0-stand walker.

19. Musical Lion Walker

Baby Musical Lion Walker
Source: http://www.fisher-price.com/

The Musical Lion Walker is another great option for your toddler because it helps them learn how to stand and start moving around. It has really adorable smell. This infant baby walker has several different activities, such as lights and music that play as your little one moves around the house, piano keys, beads and a number of other clicking and clacking noises to get your infant squealing with delight.

20. Chicco Baby Activity Walker

The Chicco Baby Activity Walker is also fun-filled and interactive learning stuff. We can’t say this baby walker is as popular as others on the list, but it still has many features making this baby walker really exciting toy. A toddler can sing along as the music is activated by the walker’s motion. Beside the music, there are number of shape sorter holes to learn from, music and lights, as well as a place to put balls and watch them come out the other end.

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4 Benefits of Baby Walker with Wheels

There are numerous reports on the benefits of using baby jumpers, strollers, etc.  but there are no conclusive studies explaining the benefits of walkers (or jumpers, baby swings, etc.), so we have made our own list of benefits based on the tests we conducted with different baby walkers.

1. Entertainment Value

Undoubtedly, entertainment value is the first benefit of buying a baby walker. Containing toys, wheels to get around, and tray areas for snacks, baby walkers represent all-in-one play product for your toddler.

2. Pre-walking ToolBaby girl in the green baby walker at home

As a pre-walking tool, baby walker provides the assistance to your child to maintain his balance. In that way, this product also provides side effect of leg muscles development for motor skills.

3. Exploration

New experience to freely manoeuvre around provides a new stimulation for any infant. Just don’t leave a child alone or unsupervised in a walker.

4. Types – Seated Walker VS. Sit-to-Stand Walker

You can find two different types of baby walkers in the market, both with their own benefits. The difference between these two types of baby walkers is noticeable at the first glance and you will already have an idea of which type you prefer to help your toddler to get mobile. These are some of the main features that distinguish these two types:

  • The seated walker has the option for a baby to play and eat snacks;
  • The standing walker would be a better choice if you want your baby to practice standing on his own;
  • Both of these types are portable baby walkers since they both fold to just over ground level, depending on the model;
  • If you want a cheap baby walker then the standing walker is a solution for you.

5 Features of Baby Stand Up WalkersFirst steps of the boy in a baby walker try to walking through the countryside

1. Friction Strips

Friction strip has the role to touch the floor when the wheels of a walker fall away on stairs or some bumpy surface, stopping a baby to push it farther. This feature is infallible at most walkers that meet the voluntary safety standard, but our past tests showed that they’re not reliable.

2. Seats

You can find seat covers with the flexibility to be removed and machine washed. There is also an option to resize or lower the height using a locking mechanism under the front tray or in the base of the walker, or by adjusters on the seat.

3. Toys

Trays with rims can be found as a part of the most infant walkers. Those walkers often have toys attached, and some of them are equipped with lights and/or electronic sound effects.

4. Foldability

Some of the models have the ability to fold flat for easy storage at home when the baby walker is not in use.

5. Lockable Bounce Feature

There are baby walkers in the market with the features or ability to bounce; a mix of jumper and walker. If your baby doesn’t feel like bouncing, the seat can be locked in place. Don’t forget that walkers are dangerous, so if you want a jumping feature consider a stationary activity jumper with springs attached to the seat.

9 Shopping Tips for Buying Walkers for Your Baby 

These are the most important features and specs you should consider and compare when decide to buy a baby walker:

1. Price

The price of Baby walkers start as cheap as $30 and goes up as high as $130. This is quite a wide range! Generally, you get what you pay for the walkers under $50. These infant walkers are usually more of a toy than a true baby walker. They are made out of cheap plastic and are more of a walk-behind toy walker rather than a sit-inside walker. Our favorite price range is $70-100. This is a range where you’ll get a very high quality baby walker with most of the features available.

2. Entertainment ConsoleHappy toddler girl in baby walker

Entertainment console is the small electronics unit integrated in the front of the walker with which the kid interacts. Next thing to check is if the entertainment console has lights, sounds, non-electronic clicks/noises, and/or vibration. You should also know if the entertainment console is removable. If that is a case, it can travel with your baby in the stroller, car seat, or can be played with on the floor as a stand-alone toy. This also means, in most cases, that a snack tray is revealed on the walker once the entertainment console is removed!

3. Seat Fabric & Padding

The seat fabric and padding are also the most important baby walker feature that may be overlooked initially but matter a lot for baby’s comfort as it is an important feature that greatly influences your baby’s comfort.

When researching the walker seat, check actual fabric material and how your child’s skin will react to it. Some walkers have very plush, soft seat fabric whereas others are harder. There are pros and cons to both, but most importantly you need to think about how a child with sensitive skin would react to a hard seat. A plush, soft seat would definitely be better suited to his delicate body!

You also want to check to see how much padding is in the backrest of the seat. Most walkers have very little to no padding, but there are a few that have a bunch of padding which we definitely prefer.

Finally, you will want to make sure you know if the seat is removable and washable. 99% of walker seats are removable and even washable, but not all are machine washable. This is an important detail that you’ll want to know.

4. Number of Height Adjustable Positions

Most baby walkers have three height-adjustable positions. The height adjustments help you to lower the baby walker closer to the ground when your child is younger and shorter. As time passes and child grows taller, you can adjust the walker to the higher level so the walker still fits them correctly. This feature will extend the usage life of your walker and increase the chance of a proper fit for your child within the height and age range recommendations of the walker. Most walkers have three adjustable positions, but there are also some walkers with no or only two adjustable height levels, which really limit the use of the product. It’s definitely a feature you want to check out!

5. Fold

Baby walkers are big and logy products. We decided to put them in the same category as exersaucers in regards to how much space they take up in a room. The good thing is that most baby walkers are foldable! If the walker is foldable, it will likely fold flat. But there are also some walkers that do not fold and this is a major thing you should know when buying a walker. If the baby walker doesn’t fold, it is the sign that you’ll always have to spare a significant place to keep or store the walker when not in use. It also means it is almost impossible to travel with walker as it would need too much place in your car. If the walker does fold, which most do, you’ll likely be able to stow it away when not in use and travel very easily with it.

6. WheelsThe small child learns to walk by means of baby walker with wheels

Wheels are one of the most important parts of baby walkers. They are made on the basis of the core functionality of your walker. Most walkers have standard-sized wheels. Very few have larger or smaller ones. Size is something you’ll want to compare though just to be sure. When it comes to wheels, there are both fixed or locked versus rotatable wheels. There are baby walkers having four rotating wheels whereas others have fixed back wheels. The difference between these two types of wheel setups is that the one with four rotating wheels can go in any direction (like shopping carts at ikea) whereas the walkers with fixed back wheels can only go front or back at turning angles or straight, not completely sideways.

7. Anti-Skid Safety Pads

Anti-Skid Safety Pads come as a standard on most if not all baby walkers sold in America. This baby walker has the rubber pads on the bottom of the walker. Some walkers have more or less of them and they can be bigger or smaller on certain walkers, but just make sure that the walker you’re looking to buy has them. They have a number of safety benefits such keeping your baby walker from going over the edge of the top star or over other ledges.

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8. Size and Weight

All baby walkers are not of same size and weight as they come in different sizes and weight. Consider these features when choosing an infant walker. Having the information about size and weight you are making an image of other deciding factors like which walker has a bigger snack tray, more space required, and other things that you may not have exact measurements to compare, but can use the overall size of each walker to compare these other smaller features to decide.

9. Safety Information

In order to improve product quality and safety standards, ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials – ASTM, F977) international has delivered product test methods, specifications and practices to facilitate consumer confidence. The Standard Consumer Safety Specifications for Infant Walkers are made in order to minimize children’ accidents within the normal use or misuse of walkers.


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