Top 20 Cartoons You Can Allow Your Young Kids to Enjoy


Your child’s brain develops at a quick pace. He continues to learn even when he is outside the walls of his classroom. He may be interested in different activities, like reading, playing with toys or sketching.

One of the best ways you can facilitate your child’s learning process is to keep their wandering minds busy. Luckily, you have plenty of programs to choose from. These shows not just entertain your kids but provide some learning along the way.

If your child likes to watch TV, make sure you only let him watch good quality shows. Another way to introduce your child to TV is to let him watch some of the most popular cartoon shows of our times.

You can also allow your kid to watch these cartoons on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. However, there’s nothing more fun than sitting on your couch and watching your favorite cartoon shows. Let your child relax and enjoy some quality time by watching the best cartoons. Once he gets to know about superheroes and funny characters, he will never skip an episode, again.

You can start by checking the program guide on your TV to get some information. No matter how old your child is, there is a cartoon for your child. You can also talk to your kid’s friends or their parents to learn about the best shows. Knowing about your child’s interests and hobbies also help you select the right cartoon. If you are comfortable watching a cartoon with your kid, it is safe to assume that it does not have any explicit content that would harm your child’s behavioral and mental growth.

If you notice that the theme or language of a series is not suitable for your child, move to another option. The best cartoons for kids usually have funny and colorful characters. If your child is in pre-school, there are plenty of options available. Make sure any cartoons you choose to show to your kids revolve around caring for others, even if they feature aliens and dragons.

We have compiled an inclusive list of 20 super entertaining cartoons for all school-going children:

Best Cartoons for Kids in 2018

1. Sesame Street

Sesame Street

If you are looking for something to keep your toddler busy, there is nothing like good old Sesame Street. We have a whole new generation of mums and dads who have grown up watching this incredibly informational show. Although, it’s not exactly a cartoon show, your child is sure to remember muppets, such as Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, for the rest of his life.

Research shows that kids aged 3 to 5, who watched the show regularly, showed an extensive vocabulary in high school. Kids who watch the show also report higher scores in Math and Science and according to their peers, are more creative. If you don’t know how to teach your little one to count, let Count von Count teach him a thing or two.

2. Olivia

This 6-year old pig can do anything. Olivia invites preschoolers to have a glimpse of both the real and fictional life of an adventurous girl and her friends and family. Although Olivia appears a little unrealistic since she doesn’t have to deal with punishment, no matter what she does, the show never ceases to offer endless entertainment. It is a great treat for your young one.

3. Tayo: the Little Bus

Tayo: the Little Bus

The fantastic Korean cartoon is receiving rave reviews and growing in popularity for all the right reasons. If you are looking for a show that teaches good moral values to your children, in a friendly way, this is the best option. Your child will learn to value friendship and kindness as well other important things in life.

Although, it emphasizes more on life skills and less on education, it is a great opportunity to teach your little one about the best things in life.

4. Max and Ruby

Another entertaining cartoon that is incredibly fun to watch is Max and Ruby. Most kids know it as a great show about bunnies. Every 30-minute episode focuses on Max, who is a strong-minded three-year-old bunny. The show also features Ruby, his big sister who is an ambitious seven-year-old. Together they resolve their differences respectfully. It is a great way to teach your child about sharing and caring since it also offers practical solutions for dealing with sibling rivalry.

5. Mister Roger’s Neighborhood

Mister Roger’s Neighborhood


You probably thought that no kid of this generation would want to watch this classic from your past. Well, think again! The fabulously beloved classic series teaches children simple ways to make the best use of their imagination. Not just that, it also focuses on social skills by giving examples through everyday situations. The major themes of this show are social responsibility, self-esteem and respect.

Using fun music, Mister Rogers explains why honesty and friendship are important. He also overcomes the fear of dealing with complex subjects that we usually avoid discussing with children, such as the demise of a loved one or a divorce. Although younger kids may need a little guidance, the show is a great way to depict difficult concept in the simplest way possible.

6. Berenstain Bears

The Berenstain Bears are great fun to watch. Brother Bear and Sister Bear are in elementary school and study lessons about being responsible and kind. The series may seem annoyingly nice to elders, but kids love it for its sweetness.

7. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

 Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Much like its precursor Mister Roger’s Neighbourhood, the show also focuses on social strategies in a gentle and fun manner. Parents also love how the show continues to celebrate the themes of family and friendship. It is a great way of teaching life skills to your children throughout the preschool stage and beyond. The series also teaches children how to handle and control their emotions based on their age.

8. Dinosaur Train

The premise of Dinosaur Train doesn’t make much sense. However, that’s exactly the unique thing about it. You get to witness a train that lets an English-speaking dinosaur family travel through time during the Mesozoic period. If your kids love dinosaurs and everything about them, this is the perfect show for you.

9. Word Girl

Word Girl cartoon

The animated show focuses on boosting the vocabulary of their young viewers. The smart heroine beats villains and saves the day, thanks to her wide vocabulary. Word Girl helps your kids learn by pronouncing complex words. However, a few parents don’t like the show as there is a little bit of violence. Nonetheless, it is a great show for kids to watch for expanding their language and speaking skills.

10. Martha Speaks

Another amazing addition to the list is the popular Martha Speaks. This is a show where a talking dog teaches kids useful vocabulary. Martha is an adorable creature who is attempting to unravel some mystery. This element is sure to hold your child’s attention.

11.  Sid the Science Kid

Sid the Science Kid

Most cartoons today teach more than just vocabulary. A proof of this is the fascinating Sid the Science Kid. This highly recommended animated series teaches kids to be excited about discovering different things about the world around them. This critically acclaimed show uses music and humor to teach interesting things to kids of all ages. The inquisitive but exciting ways of thinking hones your child’s intellect and give a much-needed boost to creativity.

12. Nutri Ventures

This unique animated series provides valuable information about good nutrition and healthy eating habits. If your child is a fussy eater, this show can help you overcome the hurdle. Above all, it also encourages children to avoid eating too much junk by replacing processed food items with nutritional foods. This great animated series teaches good things about food. What more could you ask for?

13. Cyberchase



This is a research-based and award-winning adventure series for helping your kids nurture their problem-solving and math skills. With voice acting talents from Gilbert Gottfried and Christopher Lloyd, this is a great cartoon for all kids.

14. Arthur

This is a highly recommended show for all children who are older than 5 years. This great cartoon teaches children to tackle social situations. It revolves around themes like sibling arguments and other everyday subjects. Charming and curious, Arthur candidly addresses his anxieties but is always determined to solve his problems in the most creative manner. Children enjoy learning from him as they get to know about how they can overcome fears and manage friendships.

15. Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol

This show does a great job at introducing firemen and police-men to young kids. Your children will love to watch this interesting cartoon for unlimited hours.

16. Super Why

The best part about this show is the incredibly tough female characters. Racially strong and diverse, the characters deliver great reading lessons through fun and exciting cartoons. Where else would you get flying spaceships and a princess in the same cartoon?

17. Elena of Avalor

Elena of Avalor

The series features a feisty but kind-hearted Latina princess. It is a great show for your children as it teaches them about diversity, friends and family. As Elena goes off on her adventures, she gives valuable insight to your children using dance, songs and Spanish. This cartoon is a great tribute to the Latin culture.

18. Ask the Storybots

This cartoon is another delightful education show based on the Storybot apps. It encourages your children to think and improves their problem-solving skills. All episodes are full of interesting questions that kids usually ask, such as ‘why is the sky blue?’ What’s great about the show is that kids get all the answers through songs and music.

19. Dora and Friends: Into the City

Dora and Friends: Into the City

The spin-off of the well-liked series Dora the Explorer, this cartoon takes us back to Dora’s school-age years. The themes revolve around friendship with creative problem solving and community service. Moreover, kids and parents love how Dora and her friends are hard-working role models. Not just that, but the characters are also committed to making their hometown a better place.

20. Team Umizoomi

This new show emphasizes on learning math skills and solving problems in a wide variety of areas, such as counting, shapes, patterns and everything else.

A great show for helping young children build confidence and embrace everyday challenges.

How to Choose the Best Cartoon Show for Your Child

Although, you can easily choose some of the best cartoons for kids by checking online reviews, it is best to watch a few episodes before showing an entire series to your child. Watching cartoons with your child allows you to interact with him and discuss complicated subjects. The better he will understand the concepts, the more he will feel confident about himself.

Let your child discover a completely new world to discover some of the most unusual questions. No matter how spectacular a cartoon is, don’t allow your child to watch it for extended hours.

Pick the Best Cartoon for Your Kids

pick the best cartoon for kids

Many parents prefer showing only English-language cartoons to their children. In reality, there is a large variety of cartoon shows available in foreign languages. Looking at the large variety of cartoons, sometimes it is tricky to choose the best one for your kids. It is important you pick a cartoon show that focuses on promoting good behavior and enhancing problem-solving skills.

We have picked up some of the best-rated cartoons that promote positive messages through fun hidden learning. You can check out your personal favorites running on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix. Moreover, a simple online search can bring you across some old classics that offer more entertainment than education, but that said, your child will definitely draw some learning from what these shows offer.

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