17 Best Kids Movies to Watch Together on Family Movie Night


Selecting the best movies for kids’ entertainment is not an easy job.  Parents that devote enough time and resources providing qualitative fun and recreation for their kids through movies entertainment will have youths that are physically, psychologically, and mentally prepared to face their future because children learn various good ethics and morals by watching good films.

Although the extent of their concentration while watching movies is very short, therefore you need to make a careful selection of the best action-packed films that will keep them thrilled and excited for a longer period.

Here a list of some films that have been carefully selected to enable you make a fast pick without going through any rigors and difficulty.

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Top 17 Movies for Kids

17. 1. The Lion King

Elton John used his lyrical and musical skills to buoy the animation effects expressed in this movie with passion and pageantry. It is the classic tale of a lion cub that resolved to embark on a reprisal attack on his father’s enemies in order to reclaim his ancestral throne. He will be able to complete the circle of life if he gains victory over the enemies in the warfare. The Lion King clearly buttresses the laws of the jungle as recounted in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

16. 2. Beauty and the Beast


This movie stared Belle, one of Disney princesses full of intrinsic beautiful qualities and characteristics. She was ready to meet someone regarded as “the beast” because of his appearance, although he was inadvertent, known as prince charming.

15. 3. Toy Story

Andy is the name of a boy featured in this movie as the principal character and owner of the toys used during the journey.  He had three toys named Woody, a sheriff from Old West and the leader of all the other toys, even most persons regard it as his favorite toy. Another one is skittish Tyrannosaurus Rex while the third toy is Mr. Potato Head.  After some time, Andy got a birthday gift called Buzz Lightyear, which is a toy spaceman. The presence of this special new toy in the home brought a rift and rivalry among the toys and this made Captain Woody hit down Buzz Lightyear from the window in order to prevent Andy from taking him for a pleasure trip. His conscience troubled him because of his actions and in an attempt to rescue his colleague followed him down the window too.

14. 4. Spider-Man

This movie features a clever high school scholar named Peter Parker that has great affections for Mary Jane, his neighbor, although he does not have the guts to approach her and say “hello”. One day, he began to develop some unusual arachnid-like potential after a hereditarily engineered spider bit him during the school field tour.  Peter noticed that he could produce webs with the strength of steel and the swinging power of rope.  He could easily mount on walls and perceive or picture objects without glasses.  Spider-Man has outstanding effects with a mix of contemporary values that is unprecedented in any way.

13. 5. Cinderella

Cinderella produced by Kenneth Branagh features Cate Blanchett and Derek Jacobi in this exclusive mythical movie from Disney. The film is full of artistic and colorful displays with elegant and beautiful costume designs and dumbfounding visual effects.  There is a perfect blend of passion, affection, and magic in this evergreen classic fairy tale. It is ideal for family entertainment.

12. 6. Superman: The Movie

Superman: The Movie is an artistic film featuring Jor-El and his son. A spaceship traveling down to the earth is where Jor-El put his son because Krypton, the planet where he lived was about to explode. As the vessel landed the earth, a couple, the Kents, who were farmers found the boy and nurtured him as their own child. During his adulthood, he got a job as a reporter in the Metropolis working for The Daily Planet. Secondly, he was a crime fighter, a profession that gave him the name Superman.  Another criminal named Lex Luthor decided to cause an earthquake in California. However, Lois, his beloved friend was a casualty of the earthquake. Therefore, in order for Superman to reverse the earth’s orbit temporarily, he should fly around the earth with great speed and rescue the planet by actually turning back time; accordingly.

11. 7. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

This is a musical and even a magical movie starring Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket. Willy Wonka decided to offer an endless supply of sweets and cholate for a lifetime and a free tour of his chocolate factory to five lucky children. Charlie Bucket, who had no money determined to get the golden ticket that can enable him to win the in the contest. With the assistance of his grandfather, Joe, Charlie won the prize and was bamboozled with surprises like edible flowers, chocolate waterfalls, Oompa Loompas, giant lollipops, and lots of fun, as he ate satisfying chocolate candies and cuisine throughout his lifetime.

10. 8. Mad Hot Ballroom

Mad Hot Ballroom features some performers in Dancing Classrooms at ABrT, American Ballroom Theater. These dancers are from Washington Heights, Bensonhurst, and Tribeca; these are three public schools in NYC, New York City. These students were able to improve their positive self-image, self-esteem, and poise, as they develop their dancing skills at the same time. Despite their personal challenges at home, they excelled in their dancing classes. Some of the musical instruments they used for practicing are tango, rumba, and salsa.

9. 9. Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street is a fascinating holiday tale starring Doris Walker, an executive at Macy, her daughter Susan, and Santa Claus. The event is organized on 34th Street is a Thanksgiving Day Parade and Santa Claus has been hired to participate in the parade, especially to entertain Susan. However, she does not believe that Santa Claus is real because she was trained as a realist and disbelieved fantasies.  After much persuasion by Kris Kringle, who is Santa Claus that he is the real person, Susan began to believe in him having observed him for some time. With the support of lawyer Fred Gailey, Kris was able to appeal to Susan and Doris. The movie elucidates on childhood trust, imagination, and relationship with others.

8. 10. Ann of Green Gables

This movie is an adaptation of a novel written by L.M. Montgomery. It is a story of an orphan called Anne Shirley, who was sent to live with a family at Prince Edward Island in Canada. However, in the new household, there were some challenges facing Anne, which she had to conquer through love, hard work, tolerance, and patience. She met Matthew and Marilla in the home but they were not pleased with her coming because they needed a boy that can assist them to work on the farm. Firstly, she was able to win Matthew’s affection and friendship and he started collaborating very well with her but Marilla was implacable and very difficult to please. Notwithstanding all these bottlenecks, she was able to overcome all the insurmountable issues and became an accomplished person.

7. 11. The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh

Are you familiar with Pooh’s stories written by A. A Milne? This movie features Winnie-the-Pooh in his quest for honey and other natural resources for his sustenance and happiness.  Other characters featured here are willy-nilly, silly old bear, Rabbit, Kanga, Owl, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, and Robin. The film is full of fun, humor, charisma, and fantasy. An imaginary culprit captured Christopher Robin making the Owl ask everyone to set out in search for their companion and this gave the old bear a day full of activities.

6. 12. Sense and Sensibility

This movie “Sense and Sensibility” is a careful and an artistic revision of a novel written by Jane Austen. This film presented the Dashwood sisters in the characters of Elinor and Marianne. However, the two behavioral traits contrasted in this movie are sensibility and sensuousness. Elinor is regarded as being sensible while Marianne is seen as being sensuous. These two sisters lived poor lives after the demise of their wealthy father and according to the law; a half-brother became the heir to their father’s wealth. Nevertheless, they hoped that the tide would turn in their favor if they get married.

Elinor fell in love with a young man, who was already in a relationship while a very handsome rogue captivated Marianne. Unfortunately, these two sisters could not adapt and cope with these guys and they broke up the relationship. They found love again lose it and continue in that vein. Finally, Elinor realized that self-control is the key to a sensible lifestyle. On the other hand, Marianne understood that restraint to sensuous sways and negative impulses is better than self-indulgence.

5. 13. The Sound of Music

This outstanding musical film stares Maria Von Trapp and Captain Von Trapp. Maria lived in an abbey but found it difficult coping with situations there, and the abbess sent her to the home of a widower, Captain Von Trapp with seven children.  Living with the seven children was a herculean task because they were very stubborn and obstinate.  However, she skillfully won their hearts by teaching them how to sing and dance. They were groomed and began to perform at concerts and festivals. At the end, this charismatic governess won the heart of the captain, who was enticed and captivated by her singing prowess.  He later joined the singing and dancing class and could not return to join in the fight against the Nazis, as he proposed to the governess, Maria.

4. 14. Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is a musical film starring Mr. Banks, Jane and Michael, his children, and Mary, their nanny.  Although, Mary’s personality was not ideal as a nanny suitable for the children because she had supernatural powers but the kids preferred and loved her all the same. In the home, she was taking good care of the family and always embarked on blissful adventures with the kids. Mary Poppins was able to restore love for one another, dignity, and support in the household of Mr. Banks making everyone happy and satisfied.  Moreover, another character in the movie is Bert, who always, played, sang, and danced with the kids as well.

3. 15. Dumbo

Dumbo is one of the films regarded as evergreen classics due to the characterization of many animals playing various roles in the movie. The musicals have great lyrics and full of charm and glamor. This animated and unique film featured a young elephant with unnatural and uncanny big ears being disliked and detested by others, as they made a caricature of him by saying that he can fly using his ears as wings. Other animals featured in this movie include Catty, Matriarch, Prissy, and Giddy. The kids will be able to understand the unattractiveness and despairing natures of developing uncommon features in their bodies.

2. 16. Inside Out

A frenzy, funny, and fascinating movie full of emotions as it displayed deep and heartwarming psychological concepts and featuring Riley the principal character.  Any child and even adults that watched this film would be passionately aroused to the conflicting feelings of joy and sadness expressed by the characterizations of Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust as they played their roles in the life of Riley attempting to provide guidance and protection to her during difficult times. Each of these personalities represented the things we use to experience during critical moments of pain and pleasure. Inside Out is one of the best movies of Pixar with wonderful animations and ideal for any movie library, as it has no appearances of space-rangers, magic, and even witches.

1. 17. Brave

Brave is a Pixar film starring Merida, the daughter of royal parents.  This film presented her as trying to overcome her situations using magical powers, ancestral powers, and other natural forces. At a time, she was into archery in order to display her charismatic prowess. Unfortunately, she made a wrong choice that endangered her life, mother, and the entire kingdom after she had a conflicting interest with her mother.

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What are the Best Movies for Your Kids’ Entertainment?

We have carefully selected good movies for your kid’s entertainment in order to make it easier for you to make the right pick anytime you need them. It is good to note that kids’ movies are intellectual resources that can help to improve the child’s psychological acumen and behavioral inclinations if you provide the right films. Therefore, what are the best movies you prefer for your kids’ entertainment?


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