10 Best Baby Mobiles for Nursery: How to Choose the Best One


Baby mobiles are one of the most popular baby shower gifts and a must-have accessory for your baby.  There are many different types of mobiles available, but in essence, all of them can be used to entertain and stimulate your baby. When your baby is upset, a baby mobile is a perfect tool to calm them and help them drift off to sleep.

A baby mobile is rotating structure with toys or shapes attached to it that hangs over your baby. Some baby mobiles can be attached to a ceiling, while others can be attached to a crib or diaper changing station. Because of their inherent value, they have been extensively researched and improved. There are many different types of baby mobiles and choosing one that is perfect for your baby and lifestyle can be somewhat daunting.

Here is a list of our 10 favorite baby mobiles to help you find the perfect one as a baby shower gift or for your own baby.

Review of Best 10 Baby Mobiles

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1. Vtech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile

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Easily one of the most popular baby mobiles in 2018. It has a friendly ocean theme that it also projects on a ceiling. The control unit, designed to look like a cute blue whale, has a crab, octopus, fish, and starfish dangling from its long, white water spout. It also plays more than 45 soothing melodies to send your baby off to dreamland.


The music, light projection on the ceiling and rotational movement is expertly combined in one adorable ocean theme with friendly little characters that you can remove for your baby to play with. The baby mobile is durable and made from high-quality and safe materials to maximize the value your baby gets.


This baby mobile was specifically developed to soothe and entertained when it is bedtime or when he needs a diaper change. The little sea creatures are designed to stimulate your baby’s development and perception of facial features and learning their names can be educational.


–    Baby mobile has a very entertaining and tranquil theme.

–    Made from BPA-free plastic that is safe for your baby.

–    Ideal for babies and toddlers of all ages.

–    You can detach the whale-shaped control unit as a separate toy for your baby.

–    The mobile automatically goes on when your baby starts crying.

2. SHILOH Baby Developmental Crib Toy

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Environmentally friendly baby mobile that uses batteries and can play 60 different melodies while rotating slowly. Attached to the colorful crib-mounted control unit are colorful plush toys, each containing either a BB squeaker, jingle bell, or rattle. You can easily adjust the height of the control unit to 3 levels, depending on your needs.


The SHILOH Baby Developmental Crib Toy is a baby mobile worth its weight in gold. You can use this mobile in many different ways, depending on what your baby is doing. It is a sleeping aid, cot companion, and developmental stimulator – all in one.


The non-toxic ABS material is durable and safe for your baby. You can remove the plush toys from the baby mobile so your baby can play with them and listen to the sounds they make. When your baby plays with the plush toys or watches them rotate while listening to the music, it can calm them and help them to fall asleep.


–    Made from a high-quality non-toxic material.

–    Designed for optimal sensory stimulation and soothing.

–    Adjustable to be at the perfect height.

–    Plays classic lullaby’s for up to one hour.

–    Baby mobile is most interesting and appealing from your baby’s point of view.

3. Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe’n Groove Mobile

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This baby mobile is jam-packed with awesome features to provide your baby with the ultimate in tranquil soothing and sensory development. The baby mobile’s music feature consists of 6 different musical options and 18 melodies that can play for up to 40 minutes. The ambient nightlight and rotational movement will calm and put your baby peacefully to sleep.


The Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile grows with your baby. The friendly little animals, their rotation, and the music will soothe your baby. Later on, you can detach the mobile and give the control unit with its brightly colored buttons to your toddler as a standalone music box.


You can easily attach the control unit containing two high-quality speakers with its easily accessible volume control to your baby’s crib. The high sound quality and classic melodies along with the rotating animals will soothe and entertain your baby when it is time for bed or a diaper change.


–    The baby mobile is made from durable and safe materials.

–    The baby mobile can transform into standalone music box for toddlers.

–    Loaded with 6 different musical options and 18 engaging tunes.

–    Designed to soothe, entertain, and stimulate.

4. Fischer-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

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This baby mobile, combines bright colors, music, and light projection to entertain and develop your baby’s brain function. The music includes classical music and ocean and womb soundscapes to create a tranquil atmosphere for your baby and improve auditory perception. The canopy projection also features close-up images that make it easier for your baby to focus.


The fun and colorful design of this baby mobile feature four friendly plush animals that have quirky little spinning movements. You get three musical options that can last for up to 20-minutes, making sure that your baby falls asleep. As a special feature, this baby mobile transforms into a canopy projector with ambient lighting.


The design of the Fischer-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile is versatile and aims to improve a baby’s development and quality of sleep. The animals are durable and colorful. You can detach them and give them to your baby to hold while falling asleep.


–    Made from durable materials that are safe for your baby.

–    Beautiful canopy projection of close-up images to help a baby to focus.

–    Classical lullaby’s from Back, Beethoven, and Mozart to help your baby fall asleep.

–    You can easily attach the baby mobile to any crib.

5. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim-mobile for Cribs

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A baby mobile from the award-winning Wimmer-Furgeson infant collection. Sensory development is the primary goal of this baby mobile. It has interchangeable cards with high-contrast images that you can attach depending on the age of your baby. The cards contain age labels so you know which ones to attach for optimal visual stimulation.


This baby mobile with its reversible cards is the result of extensive research on sensory and visual development. It has an adjustable arm that can attach to any crib and a cord that allows you to adjust the distance between your baby’s eyes and the cards.


This may seem like a clinical alternative to colorful toys and brightly toned baby mobiles, but babies love the cards, the high-contrast graphics, and the way they move. This baby mobile is the result of more than 40 years of research and is specifically designed to accommodate the different stages of a baby’s eye development.


–    Enhances a baby’s visual development.

–    Easy to install and use in different places and settings.

–    Awarded #1 in Best Mobile in Reader’s Favorites by Baby and Children’s Product News.

–    You baby will love this baby mobile!

6. Fischer-Price Woodlands 3-in-1 Musical Mobile

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You can attach this baby mobile to a stroller or a crib of any size. It has an adorable animal theme with a musical owl on the top of the stand that you can detach and take along on a trip. This music has 20 minutes of lullaby music as well as baby activated music that are short, bright, and chirpy. The little rotating animals are friendly and made of high-quality material.


This is a smaller baby mobile so you can use it with your baby’s stroller or in a car. The big owl on top of the stand requires batteries to play music, and you can detach it and use as a separate toy and music box.


Baby mobile to soothe your baby when it is time for bed. You can take the baby mobile along on strolls or trips and you can use it to keep your baby occupied when it is time for a diaper change.


–    Easy to move around and hang anywhere.

–    The baby mobile has musical features and bright colors to soothe your baby.

–    Your baby can activate the musical owl to play happy tunes.

–    Friendly and cute fox, raccoon, and bear keep your baby calm and happy when it is bedtime.

7. Tiny Love Classic Developmental Mobile

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This baby mobile is packed with bright colors and other forms of visual interest for your baby. It also features interesting movements, lights and 20 minutes of music that can be switched on and off individually, depending on your baby’s needs. The best feature of this baby mobile is the friendly and colorful characters and rotating little black and white spirals.


A beautiful baby mobile that can be converted into a crib-side music box that plays classical developmental music from Bach and Mozart. It has high-quality sound and is made from durable materials that can safely come into contact with your baby.


When it comes to early development, this baby mobile really steps it up a notch. Not only does it have a wide variety of visual features from the baby’s perspective, but it also provides you with ample control over what you want your baby to experience. It is also a valuable sleeping aid for your baby.


–    Made from durable, high-quality material.

–    Easy to use and attach to a crib of any size.

–    Provide a lot of sensory stimulation for your baby.

–    Beautiful night light.

–    20 minutes of high-quality music to calm your baby and enhance auditory perception.

8. Trend Lab Mobile, Dove Grey Chevron

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Dove grey baby mobile with four little plush elephants dangling from a band with a chevron ribbon. To rotate the band and elephants, you have to wind up the music box. It will then unwind by slowly while playing Brahms’s lullaby. This beautiful baby mobile with its calm presence encourages eye tracking and will help your baby to fall asleep faster.


This baby mobile has a straightforward design and is easy to use. You can attach it to any crib and has a size of 10” x 18” so it can fit into most places. The elephants are cute and friendly and made of durable, non-toxic material.


A baby mobile that has a soft appearance to help a baby that has difficulty sleeping. The soothing and calming presence of the elephants, as well as the Brahms lullaby, will be a relief for a tired or upset baby.


–    Non-abrasive design and appearance.

–    Beautiful dangling elephants that are soft the touch.

–    Perfect for using in diaper changing station.

–    You can use this baby mobile in different settings.

9. Fischer-Price Butterfly Dreams Projection Mobile

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A beautiful baby mobile with a modern design and star-themed ceiling projection. This baby mobile combines sound, light and rotation movement to stimulate, entertain and calm your baby. It is easy to attach to a crib and can convert into a tabletop musical projector. It features little flying bears wearing pajamas to soothe your baby.


This durable baby mobile has three music modes that can play up to 30 minutes of lullaby’s, white noise, or nature sounds. When the baby gets older, you can convert the baby mobile into a countertop music box that projects little stars to the ceiling. This can also serve as a nursery’s room décor, especially if you already have an animal theme going.


There are many benefits to this baby mobile. Sensory stimulation is very important for early development and you get it all with this baby mobile. It enhances visual perception, auditory perception, and depth perception. It is also something that can help your baby fall asleep, especially after a long day.


–    Beautiful design and made from high-quality materials that are safe for your baby.

–    Light projection ads interest and ambiance to your baby’s nursery.

–    Flying butterfly bears and friendly cot companions for your baby.

–    You can use transform baby mobile into a tabletop music and light projection box.

10. Peter Rabbit Musical Mobile

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Featuring the characters from Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit, this baby mobile is the perfect tool to calm your little baby down when its time to sleep. Your baby will like the rotating little rabbits and will try to touch them. It is easy to attach to any crib railing and has a nice and neutral color scheme that will match any existing décor


Simple, yet elegant design to add personality and comfortable atmosphere to your baby’s nursery. This baby mobile is aimed at soothing your baby and encouraging eye tracking.


This baby mobile brings a comforting and soft atmosphere to your baby’s room. It is a durable accessory that will last for years. It also has a special theme that will keep your baby entertained and interested when it is bedtime or a diaper change.


–    Made from long-lasting, durable material

–    Easy to attach to your baby’s crib

–    Beautiful and comforting theme and color scheme

4 Criteria to Evaluate the Best Baby Mobile


Safety always comes first. The baby mobiles listed above all adhere to the relevant safety standards and requirements before bringing them into contact with your baby. This does not only pertain to the presence of toxins in materials, but also to other safety risks like choking or suffocation. Also, make sure that the mobile is securely fastened to prevent it from falling on your baby as this may result in injuries.

Sensory developmentEvaluate the Best Baby Mobile

When the baby mobile contains features that enhance early development, it gives your baby a head start when it comes to things like hand-eye coordination, visual and auditory perception, and vocabulary building. When choosing a baby mobile, it makes sense to look at ones containing these features.

Soothing benefit

A baby mobile has an amazing ability to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere in your baby’s nursery. As their eyes follow a rotational movement, it can make them feel soothed and safe, making it easier for them to fall asleep. Projected lights can also have a calming presence in the room, improving the quantity and quality of your baby’s sleep.


Your baby spends a lot of time facing the ceiling. A baby mobile provides tons of entertainment and stimulation. It can also be helpful during idle hours or when it is time for a diaper change and you want to keep your baby occupied. Here is the video about selecting a baby mobile.

Do I Need a Baby Mobile?

Many professionals recommend that you get a mobile for your baby. They can use a mobile until they are old enough to sleep in a bed. Alternatively, you can also consider getting a music box. Many of these baby mobiles can, however, transitioned into a tabletop or crib-side music box for older babies.

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Baby Mobile

Your lifestyle

If you like to take trips with your baby, consider getting a baby mobile that can be used in a crib as well as a stroller or car. If you are a stay at home mom or if your baby spends a lot of time in your home office, for example, get a baby mobile that can attach to your baby’s bassinette.

Durability and quality

Your baby won’t be using the baby mobile forever, but keep in mind that there may someday be younger siblings that can also benefit from the mobile. Durable, high-quality materials are also typically more environmentally friendly and sustainable. If you buy a baby mobile that can be transformed into a music box or individual toy, the baby may use them for much longer than the mobile itself, making durability one of the key considerations when looking at baby mobiles.

Your nursery

If you spent a lot of time and money on the baby nursery’s décor, you may want to choose a baby mobile that will look in place. Sometimes, baby mobiles are designed in accordance with a specific theme. If you have an elephant theme, for example, an elephant baby mobile will work perfectly, regardless of the color schemes. If it is a baby mobile with lights, you can permanently incorporate it into the nursery’s primary lighting so that you have a pleasant dimmed light, creating a calm atmosphere.

Ceiling mobilesConsider When Selecting a Baby Mobile

Is the best baby mobile one that hangs from a ceiling or one that attaches to a crib? A ceiling mobile baby can work very well, especially if your baby spends a lot of time underneath it. A baby mobile that attaches to the crib, however, can be much closer to the baby, making it easier to see and enjoy. Baby crib mobiles can also be easier to move around and use in various other places.

A DIY baby mobile that you made yourself can attach to a crib or hang from a ceiling, depending on what you prefer. There are tons of information online that will teach you how to make a baby mobile.

Baby’s point of view

There are many baby mobiles out there that look beautiful and interesting when you are looking at it from a distance. When you go out to buy the baby mobile, ask if you can see how it looks from underneath. From a baby’s perspective, a baby mobile may not be as mesmerizing and calming as it may seem. It is important to stay away from those as they may not do the job.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying Baby Mobile

Shopping for a baby mobile, whether it is a baby girl crib mobile, Star Wars mobile, or black and white baby mobile, it is important to make sure that the mobile is safe and that you would be able to fasten it securely to a crib.

Baby mobiles keep a baby’s attention and soothes and occupy their minds. It is therefore the perfect accessory to stimulate and enhance their different forms of development. When buying a baby mobile, make sure that it does have the features to do these things.

Baby mobiles can also be a great learning tool. Since your baby spends a lot of time looking at the animals or toys, use these features to teach your baby their names and the sounds they typically make.

If you do your homework, you will definitely find a baby mobile that will benefit your little baby in more ways than one and that will become an integral part of your baby’s life.

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