Best Building Toys for Toddlers(2018)


As your child grows, they will start to discover the world around them more and more. As that spatial awareness grows, you will start seeing them building their little imaginations stacking and putting things together. To foster this growth, construction or building toys are fantastic developmental toys for your child.

The benefits of playing with block seemingly have no end when it comes to your child’s development. These types of toys can benefit your child’s cognitive skills, teaching them about colors and shapes, as well as helping to develop their visual-spatial awareness which can in turn help develop their reading and writing skills down the line.

These types of toys are a perfect choice for those cold and rainy days that seem to happen way too often. Spending time playing with them not only benefits them developmentally but also builds that relationship between the two of you. Spending quality time with your child can also benefit them as they get older.

However, with a lot of different options on the market, it can be really confusing when you try to pick the best construction toys out there for your toddler. Should you buy a basic building toy set, or one that challenges them and gets them to think outside the box a little bit. Is the one that is brightly colored best or not? We understand the questions that you are obviously going to have before you make a decision and to help, we went shopping for you and wanted to show you what we think are the best construction toys for toddlers on the market.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

Best 9 Building Toys for Toddlers in 2018

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1.Best Wood Block Set

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With all the different options out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re looking for a basic construction set for your toddler that allows them to use their imagination and can lead to hours and hours of playtime, then you can’t go wrong with the Melissa & Doug Architectural Unit Block Set. Containing 44 blocks of eleven different shapes, the wood block composition will let your child build anything from a castle, a house, or maybe something that only their imagination can dream up.

This is good because the set is constructed to allow your child to do more than just stack blocks in a tower and allows them to use their creativity. This can help benefit them as they continue to grow day by day, strengthening their imaginations. While Ideally suited to children who may already love to play as a knight in medieval times, any child can have loads of fun with this set.

Sanded smooth, each piece can give your child hours and hours of playtime. And when playtime is over, the Melissa & Doug Architectural Unit Block Set comes with a handy carrying case for easy cleanup and storage. Overall, whether you are looking for a basic set for your child or if finances may be an issue, you can’t go wrong with this set.


  • High-quality wood construction
  • Blocks have rounded corners
  • The storage box can double as a platform


  • The storage box doesn’t have a cover.

2.Best Classic Toy Set

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As parents, many of us remember growing up and playing with the Lincoln Logs Oak Creek Lodge. The timeless classic is as relevant today as it was then and should be an essential component of any child’s toy collection. With 137 pieces, made from real maple wood, they are still as easy to connect to each other as you remember, and they will find out just how easy it can be to create their own log cabin.

Built with indentations, this allows the logs to be set right inside each other. In the kit, all the pieces your child needs to create their own frontier house are included. Roof eaves, a door, slates, windows, and even a plastic figurine and house to live in the cabin. The set is very easy to build and even has instructions showing them how to create the cabin as well as two horse stables.

While working with wood logs will bring some classic nostalgia for you, the learning that it can provide your child is timeless. By helping them develop their analytical and motor skills, these classic lincoln logs can help your child grow from a toddler to a well-developed adult.


  • Helps analytical development
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Easy to build with


  • Loosely-fitting pieces

3.BRIO Builder Construction Set Building Kit

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Kids tend to emulate just about anything they see around the house, whether its words, gestures, or work you may do around the house. For some kids, they may watch you work with tools and want to be just like you and with the BRIO Builder Construction Set Building Kit, they can do just that.

With an amazing 135 pieces, your child can build just about anything including a race car, jet plane, construction vehicles and more. With Brio, you can expect nothing but a quality product. The pieces don’t simply snap together; your child will build whatever they can imagine using the included hammer, screwdriver, pliers and wrench.

If your child enjoys being a part of projects that you do around the house, with the BRIO Builder Construction Set Building Kit, you can be the one who joins them on their project.


  • Helps develop motor skills
  • High-quality construction


  • No instruction book

4.Best STEM Principles Toy

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Arts and crafts are an important part of your child’s young development. Having access to arts and crafts can help develop your child’s imagination and creativity. With the ZOOB BuilderZ 500 Piece Kit, your child can create physical works of art that they can play with.

The 500 pieces are colorful, expandable and also compatible with other building sets from ZOOB. With this kit, the possibilities of what they can build are almost limitless. The set is full of possibilities and exposes your child to STEM principles promotes not only educational benefits but also developmental ones.

If your child’s imagination and creativity aren’t being satisfied with the toys their playing with know, you should definitely consider the ZOOB BuilderZ 500 Piece Kit.


  • Represents STEM principles
  • Build 3D structures
  • Modular with other ZOOB sets


  • Storage container breaks easily
  • Snapping pieces into place can be difficult.

5.Best Overall Building Toy For Toddlers

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Created over 40 years ago, no list about the best building toys for your child can be complete without mentioning the infamous Lego building blocks. A favorite of children and adults alike, the only limits of what your child can build is their imagination and creativity and the number of Lego blocks they have.

Legos, and their younger variation, Duplos are great for strengthening your child’s motor skills and can also have numerous other benefits that strengthen their developmental skills while they have fun playing with brick after brick of Lego fun.

If your child shies away from coloring or arts and crafts, try buying a big bucket of Legos and let them have hours and hours of fun.


  • Great developmental toy
  • Can give your child a sense of accomplishment


  • Choking hazard
  • Can hurt when you step on them

6.Best Engineering Toy For Toddlers

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K’nex toys have been around for quite a while allowing generations of kids to build construction models from robots to vehicles to other objects out there in the world. Those use of imagination and creativity can foster an interest in creating a building that lasts and isn’t easily knocked down, and every object can grow that interest.

Crafted with more than 480 pieces for your child to use, the Ultimate Building Set promotes your child’s imagination and helps build their fine motor skills. The set has so many pieces; there isn’t a limit to what they can build. Not only is this a perfect set for your child’s burgeoning creativity and imagination but it can help the two of you connect by building things together.

Through this, they can take part in and learn more about social interactions that will help them as they get older. Having family fun nights can have longer-lasting effects than just about anything else that they can learn.


  • Easily expandable
  • Comes with a treasure chest for storage
  • Promotes experimental play


  • Small pieces could be a choking hazard for younger kids

7.Best Set for Toddlers Who Love Trains

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Toy train sets have been a staple of many children’s’ playtime for generations, creating unforgettable moments and memories that they will someday want to pass down to their child. The Orbium Toys Deluxe Wooden Train Set lets them start their fascination with trains early on in their childhood, giving you the chance to build memories that will last a lifetime

More than 52 pieces give your child the ability to create train loops that can pass landmarks along the train’s path. A large number of pieces give your child complete control of the path they want the train to take, helping to build their analytical and decision-making skills all while having a great deal of fun.

A great set for not only playing but for learning, it helps teach your child about the world around them and different ways people travel. Playing with them not only brings a smile to their faces as you watch them light up when the train goes over the bridge or past some buildings but will bring a smile to yours as well with all the memories you’re creating.


  • Large wooden train set
  • Constructed from quality materials
  • Helps to boost cognitive development


  • The bridge is a bit low; train cannot go under
  • Tracks fit together loosely.

8.Best set for kids who love cars and trucks

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Kids love playing with cars, pushing them around or rolling them down the hallway. Kids also love to build things with blocks, so it’s only natural to combine the two, and that’s exactly Lego did with their Duplo My First Cars and Trucks set that allows them to build their own cars and trucks using larger pieces than regular Lego bricks, making them safer for your little one.

The kit only comes with 36 pieces, but it’s a great first step into Lego’s larger block-building world. The possibilities are endless as to what they can create from a car, a fire truck, a crane or even a dump truck. The only thing keeping them from building anything they want is their own imaginations. Made from safe, durable materials, you can sit back and watch your child’s creativity comes to life without worrying about the possibility of the blocks being a choking hazard.


  • Uses durable and safe materials
  • The larger shape helps prevent choking
  • Engages their imagination and creative skills


  • Small set limits how many vehicles can be built at once

9.Best set for toddlers who like magnets

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Magnets can fascinate children. If you’ve ever had a set of letters or numbers stuck to your refrigerator, you can’t count how many times you’ve seen them taking them down and putting them back up, amazed that they were sticking. The Magz Magnetic Construction Set takes that fascination off of the fridge and puts it to use, allowing your child to build any structure they want.

The nickel-plated balls act as joints for the magnetized plastic rods, giving your child the means to build shapes in a different way than other sets, which may require them to snap pieces together. This can be frustrating to a child when it doesn’t work right, or they can’t get them connected. Even parents can have fun with their children building many different objects and seeing what their kids can come up with.

A great gift for any child, even when their friends are over, they can spend all day playing and building anything their minds can come up with. The Magz Magnetic Construction Set can be a great toy to help develop your child’s motor skills. The only let down is that the rods are all the same size, which can limit what they build, but it will still be a blast anyway.


  • Easily sticks together
  • Develops their creativity and imagination


  • Rods are all the same size

Choosing the Best Option for Your Child

When it comes to buying a building toy for your child, the one you decide on may not be as hard to find as you may believe at the start. The most important things to consider are pretty straightforward actually. Finding a building toy set that they enjoy and can help develop important skills can be as easy as knowing what they like to do, watch, or read about.

We hope that our picks for the best building sets can help you make the best decision not only for your child but for your family as well.

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