Top 7 Toddler Toilet Seat Covers to Buy in 2018


Parents love to see their children grow. They are delightful to see their development over the years. The transition from diapers to potty training is a milestone for your little bundle of joy. It is an important development which engraves the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in toddlers when they grow up to be adults.

Potty Training is an important, but daunting task. Some moms might find it difficult to train their toddlers to pee and poop themselves. It is a process which needs a lot of patience and time of the young moms.

Moms get used to the diaper changing routine of their little bundle of joy, but as they grow up and start crawling and moving around, toilet training becomes important. You will notice it yourself, that when your baby grows up to be a toddler, he feels uncomfortable in his dirty diaper.

Toilet training job can be very messy and gross. It depends on you how you take it. You can make it more fun and exciting for yourself and your toddler by using the right baby essentials. Toddler toilet seat covers are there to help you make potty training exciting and easier.

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Reviews of Best 7 Toddler Toilet Seat Covers

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1. PottyCover Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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While training your toddler for doing pees and poops on his own, you might find the process a bit messier and gross. If you are away from home while going through the process of toilet training, the job might get a lot stressful and daunting for you.

PottyCover toilet seat covers are Disposable toilet seat covers, which keep you stress-free while making your toddler use the public washroom. In addition to this, they are waterproof and keep your toddler’s skin away from the infectious toilet seat ring of the public washroom. Your little bundle of joy’s skin does not come in contact with the dirty toilet seat ring.

PottyCover toilet seat covers have a perfect size which covers the front and toilet ring of the toilet seat. The size is big enough to keep your toddler’s legs and clothes away from the toilet.  Furthermore, they are made from a comfortable and soft material which does not even cause a rash to your little bundle of joy.

Toddlers are usually restless and wobbling, PottyCover toilet seat covers maintain their balance on the toilet seat and makes the job easier for the toddler and for the mom.


  • Light-weight and portable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps your toddler germ-free


  • Moves from the toilet seat because it comes without the sticking strips.

Bottom Line:

PottyCovers toilet covers are ideal for moms who worry about the proper hygiene and sanitation for their toddlers. They help you protect your toddler from germs and infections.

2. Pottyshields Disposable Toilet Covers

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If you are a mom who is worried about her toddler’s hygiene and sanitation while traveling, Pottyshields disposable toilet covers are vital for you to take along.

These toddler toilet seat covers are wrapped individually for your convenience to use them and throw them after-use. Furthermore, they are big enough to cover the skin and clothes of your toddlers and even 3-year old children. You can even use them for your kids who have grown up.

These disposable toilet covers protect your child from bacteria and germs which are present in public washrooms. The bacteria in the public washrooms cause serious and harmful infections. Moreover, these covers keep your child’s skin away from the toilet seat and you don’t need to worry about him catching the germs.

These disposable toilet covers can be used by adults as well whose skin is sensitive and prone to infections and diseases.

These disposable toilet covers have adhesive strips which make them stick to the seat and you are able to maintain the right balance.

Furthermore, these disposable toilet seat covers come in a pack of 20 which are individually wrapped. You can easily carry them with you in your pocket or purse or your toddler’s diaper bag.


  • Light-weight and easy to carry.
  • They stick to the seat well.
  • Individually wrapped
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for everyone


  • They are not reusable.

Bottom Line:

PottyShields disposable toilet seat covers make your traveling a lot easier and fun. You can use the public washroom without worrying about catching infections. Not only they are useful for you while potty training your toddler, but they can also be used by you when you are away from home.

3. Summer Infant Disposable Potty Protectors

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Summer Infant is a popular brand which provides ease and comfort to moms and babies by providing useful and innovative products for them.

The disposable toilet seat covers from Summer Infant are one of their innovative products, which makes the potty training job for moms a lot easier and hassle-free.

These potty protectors bring peace of mind to worrisome moms who worry about their toddler’s proper hygiene and protection.

Furthermore, these potty protectors come with an adhesive bottom center which keeps the cover on the seat right in place.

These protectors come in a pack of twenty and cover all the nasty and dirty parts of the toilet seat, making it easier for your toddler to use the public toilet.

In addition, these protectors are soft and waterproof. The sensitive skin of your toddler stays away from the toilet seat and nothing comes between your toddler’s bottom and the toilet cover.


  • You can carry them wherever you go.
  • Waterproof seat covers.
  • They are light-weight.
  • High-quality and soft material


  • They are not packed individually
  • Only the center comes with a stick-on

Bottom Line:

Summer Infant disposable potty protectors are a must-have essential to keep your toddler away from germs and harmful bacteria. They are totally water-resistant and keep you totally free from the worry of getting your toddler catching any infection.

4. JerryBox Foldable Travel Potty Seat for Babies

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Without a doubt, toilet training is a blessing and an important milestone for your toddler. Changing their diapers time and again becomes the thing of the past when your toddler is ready to go through the process of toilet training.

Toilet training could become a daunting task when you are travelling. JerryBox travel potty seat is a foldable potty training seat for toddlers to pee or poop with comfort and ease.

Moreover, this toilet training seat is innovatively designed for the comfort of your child to use the toilet easily. This seat is pinch-free and does not cause any discomfort to the bottom of your child.

You can even use this potty training seat for your toddler when he grows up. This is perfect for kids of three to nine years old.

Jerrybox travel potty seat is designed with healthy and environmental friendly material which is not even harmful to the environment.

Furthermore, you can easily use it as a protective shield in public toilets. It keeps your child away from the germs and bacteria on the toilet seat.


  • This toilet seat is foldable
  • You can easily take it with you wherever you want
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Pinch-free material
  • This seat is Reusable


  • Might not fit in some toilet seats.
  • It has the tendency to bend.

Bottom Line:

Jerrybox travel potty seat is a portable and foldable potty seat which is ideal for you when you are away from home. It is highly recommended for moms who care about their child’s hygiene and cleanliness.

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5. Mighty Clean Baby Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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Mighty clean baby toilet seat covers make potty training your toddler very easy. If you dread the idea of starting the process of potty training, these covers are ideal for you. They help you create less mess while your toddler is on the toilet seat.

Toddlers move around a lot. Furthermore, they cannot sit still even on the toilet seat. These disposable toilet seat covers give them a good grip and balance to stay at one place.

Every parent wants his child to be safe and secure. This eat cover help you keep your child safe and protect them from the germs and mess of public washrooms.

Moreover, these toilet covers are constructed with a high-quality material which is two-layered. No matter where you are, you can easily keep the bottom of your child germ-free by using these toilet covers in public washrooms.

They keep the skin of your toddler safe from all the dirt and harmful particles present on the seats of public washrooms. Furthermore, they come in a pack of 24. You can easily put them in your bag, purse or pocket.


  • Adhesive strips keep the cover in one place.
  • They cover the full seat.
  • Light-weight and high-quality
  • Two-layered plastic provides cushion to your toddler’s bottom
  • Can also be used by adults


  • They are not reusable
  • They are not individually packed.

6. Narozone Kids Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

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Nobody wants to use a toilet which is dirty and full of bacteria germs. Public washrooms are never clean. When you are away from home, the idea of making your toddler use a public washroom is dreadful.

Narozone disposable toilet seat covers are travel-friendly disposable toilet seat covers, which are helpful for your kids when they are in potty training.

Not only they are usable by your toddlers and kids, but even you can use them to stay germ-free.

These disposable toilet seat covers make potty training a lot more fun. They are innovatively designed with a cute and adorable bunny design which fascinates your toddlers while using the toilet. Norozone disposable toilet seat covers prevent your kids from the exposure of germs and bacteria.

They are water-resistant and create a thin barrier between your child’s bottom and the dirty and messy toilet seat. You don’t have to worry about anything touching your baby’s sensitive skin. Furthermore, these toilet cover seats are disposable, you can throw them away after using them.


  • They are very easy to use.
  • Allows your child to sit properly on the toilet seat
  • Disposable, you can trash them when you use them once.
  • Flushable, you can even flush them away after use.


  • The quality of the material is not very good.

Bottom Line:

Narozone disposable toilet seat covers make your life a lot easier if you use them when you are traveling and away from home. They are very handy and easy to use.

7. LT Baby Toilet Seat Covers

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When you are away from home and always on the go, potty training becomes a hassle for you. You don’t want your toddler to use the dirty and messy public washrooms. LT baby toilet seat covers bring ease and comfort to your life by keeping you worry-free.

LT baby toilet seat covers are designed to help your toddler sit comfortably on the toilet seat of the public washroom. Furthermore, they come with adhesive sticky strips which keep the toilet seat covers to stay on the toilet seat.

LT baby toilet seat covers give maximum coverage to the toilet seat to keep the legs and clothes free from the contact of germs and bacteria. Moreover, they are individually wrapped which becomes easy for you to keep them clean and handy.

In addition, they are waterproof and keep the unnecessary and harmful bacteria on the public toilet seats away from your toddler’s skin.

You cannot be dissatisfied by using LT baby toilet seat covers, the company also gives you money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


  • Light-weight and easy to stick on
  • Wrapped individually
  • You can carry them wherever you go
  • Water-resistant.


  • They do not give good toilet seat coverage.
  • The material is not high-quality.

Buying Tips for selecting Toddler Toilet Seat Cover 

 Toddler Toilet Seat Covers buying guide

If you are a parent who frequently travels or you are a mom who is worried about her baby’s hygiene and protection then toddler toilet seat covers make you totally free from all the worries and tensions.

The thought of using public washroom makes you feel uneasy and gross. Public washrooms are never clean. They are full of bacteria and germs. While potty training your baby, you want to keep your baby’s bottom away from all the germs and bugs which can cause serious and harmful infections.

You don’t want to spoil your vacations and happy holidays by being unhygienic while using public washrooms.

There are a variety of Disposable toilet seat covers available in the market to choose from. While choosing to buy effective toilet seat covers for your little bundle of joy, there are certain things to keep in mind.


Hygiene is the most important feature an effective toilet seat cover should have. Your baby’s skin is very sensitive; you don’t want him to catch any unwanted germs from the use of public washrooms. There are a lot of unseen bacteria and germs on the toilet seat of a public washroom.

Toilet Seat covers help you prevent your toddler from all the bad germs in the washrooms. You can even use them in your own washroom if you are worried about your toddler’s hygiene and sanitation.


When you are toilet training your baby, you cannot lock yourself in your house for months. You have to travel without being worried about your toddler’s hygiene. Toilet training is a process which you cannot disrupt, it needs a lot of practice and patience.

If you are traveling while toilet training your toddler, you can use travel-friendly toilet seat covers for toddlers to make traveling hassle-free. You can easily carry them in your diaper bag where ever you go.

Soft and Comfortable

 Toddler Toilet Seat Covers guide

Babies have soft skin. Their skin is very sensitive and prone to infections. It is important to choose soft and comfortable toddler toilet seat covers so that your baby’s skin stays soft and smooth. Rough and bad-quality toilet covers would make your toddler’s skin rough.

You don’t want to be harsh on your toddler’s skin while caring about his hygiene and cleanliness. Therefore, choose those disposable toddlers toilet seat covers which are made of soft and smooth material.

Toilet Seat Cover For Toddler – Best Way for Potty Training

Without a doubt, potty training is a difficult task. It is even more hazardous and difficult if you don’t have the right baby essentials to keep your toddler free from germs.

Toddler toilet seat covers help you prevent your toddler from the infections which are caused by the germs and bacteria present in public washrooms.

Toilet seat covers make potty training a fun time for your toddler. You won’t dread potty training if you use these covers while training your child.


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