Step-By-Step Guide to Changing Babies’ Diapers


I don’t know about your experiences, but my daughter has never been delighted about changing the diaper. I have read a lot of books on the subject and couldn’t understand completely why she so much hated to get rid of dirty diapers and to be clean and fragrant after that simple process.

Well, I have been thinking a lot about the subject. I believe that babies may hate this process because clean diapers are cold, or they are too hungry and don’t want to lose their time on the diaper changes. Maybe the process is too weird to their point of view, and they want to make their own decisions about their body. After all, all of that can be a reason. Who knows? But, it is the process we have to do for a few times a day, and every mother has to find out how to make all the process easier and more comfortable for her baby.

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Changing The Disposable Diaper Is Simple Processchange the diaper is a easy process

The process of changing the disposable diaper actually is not a natural process. That means that you as a parent don’t need to know to do that by default. Fortunately, it’s a simple process which doesn’t require much effort. But, most babies hate it. Why?

Why does she scream every time you change her diaper and make this simple process very unpleasant, especially if you need to do it in public? Honestly, I have no idea. But, there are many reasonable reasons why does she hysterically scream every single time over and over again. Let’s think about it.

Basically, when we talk about the diaper changes, there are two age ranges when you can expect your baby starts to cry. It is usually a problem when you start with diaper changes to your newborn baby, and it often occurs as an issue when the baby is seven to nine months old.

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The Issues Which Usually Cause The Problem from The StartThe issues of changing the diaper

Almost all the babies have phases when they hate diaper changes. There are a number of reasons why it happens.

Firstly, you can expect that your newborn baby hates the coldness. Believe or not, diapers are cold! If she freaks out, screams and arches back, you can try to put a diaper on the top of a radiator to worm it up. But, before that, check out if the pack is properly closed and avoid drying a diaper up.

Also, you can put muslin under your laying baby and avoid using baby wipes. You can clean her using warm water and a cotton towel. Babies usually need only a quick wipe unless they are really dirty. It will help if you finish this process as fast as possible.

The second reason may be a wrong timing. I know how uncomfortable it can be when a baby fills diapers, but if you try to change a diaper before feedings, you can expect that the baby will protest in all possible ways available to her at that moment. If she is hungry, forget a diaper and feed her. Leave the diaper change for later.

The third reason may seem odd to you. But, you need to be aware that although your baby is small, she is aware of what is happening around her. Maybe she hates diaper changes only because she can’t understand what is going on around her. If it is a reason, don’t worry. During the time, she will build up her trust, and she will get used to the new routine. You just need to be patient.

The fourth possible reason may be her desire to decide herself about her body and how to spend her time. Though this sounds quite bizarre and incredible for you, even very small babies can have their own will and make decisions that concern them personally. For example, she will refuse the changing her diapers if she enjoys her play at that moment.

In the end, there is a fifth possible reason. During the process of changing a diaper, you actually prevent your baby to enjoy and explore. In that position, it’s impossible for her to roll, crawl and play, and you can expect that she will refuse to tolerate restrictions.

It can be helpful if you sing her favorite baby songs such as “Twinkle twinkle little star” or “Old McDonald”. Imitation of animal sounds will keep her interested and maybe she won’t be so revolted about changing diapers.

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Problems With Diaper Changes When Your baby Is About Nine Months OldProblems with diaper changes

The second phase when you can expect your baby will make a problem about diaper changes is when she is eight or nine months old. You don’t need to think about her reasons this time. It is obvious. It’s time for her to begin to be independent. Actually, it’s a completely good reason, but it can be enormously exhausting for you. The worst thing is that you can’t do much about this. You can only hope that this phase will pass as soon as possible.

You can choose between two possible options. You can teach her to use the baby toilet as soon as possible. On that way, you can easily solve all the problems with diapers. In the other hand, you can spend a lot of time singing to her, making funny faces, or find all possible ways to have your baby entertained.

If you ask me, the first way is easier. Plus, it’s more pleasant for both you and your baby. Believe or not, a baby can start with using a baby toilet after she is eight months old. Think about all of the advantages! Your baby won’t be angry with diaper changes, you will be satisfied with a happy baby, plus you will save a lot of money. Instead of spending money on diapers, you can buy something great for your little kid and make her day over and over again.

Exceptions Which Require Medical Concernexpectation with some concern

If your baby completely freaks up and if she starts screaming when you put her on the back during diaper changes, there are maybe medical reasons that require a consultation with your pediatrician.

If your baby uncontrollably cries each time when she lay on her back, maybe she suffers from Acid reflux. The solution is to avoid changing her after feedings. This is a good way to prevent the content of her stomach to ‘comes back’ and causes the problem.

There is another serious problem which can come out. It is a congenital disability called Spina bifida. It is a disorder when baby’s backbone doesn’t develop normally. It’s very serious and can lead to nerve or spine damage.

Solve The Problems With Diaper Changes on Easy Waysolve problems with diaper changes

Except if there are medical reasons which require care and adequate treatment, all problems with diaper changes can be solved in the easy and simple way. For the start, make it fun. Warning your baby in time can be a very effective way. Use the method of distraction such as small funny toys she likes. If she can play with them, there is a high likelihood that she will accept changing her diapers without too much trouble.

Don’t hurry during the process. Just take your time and relax. Otherwise, she can feel your nervousness and anxiety and start to rebel and annoy. The secret is that you should be a little silly, and let your baby laugh. Try with blowing on her belly. Also, you can make funny faces, talk, and sing, or tickle her.  All in all, make the whole process looks like fun.

And don’t forget to create an interesting and incentive view. Make her surroundings lovely and colorful. The point is to arrange the room on the way which will get your baby something to entertain while you change her diapers.

The sad truth is that there is no perfect solution. No one approach won’t work for every baby, or every time for one baby as well. You have to be imaginative and open to trying many other things.

I can tell you for sure only one thing. The secret is to make a play about everything.  Only in that way, you can make your baby interested in for anything, even for boring and hated process such as diaper changes.

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