3 Months Pregnant: Everything You Need to Know about Mom & Baby


En route to the next phase of your pregnancy, you are almost at the finish line for the first trimester! Congratulate yourself; you have endured trials and tribulations, aches and pains, and a range of debilitating pregnancy symptoms and are now primed for your entry into the next important phase of your pregnancy: the second trimester.

Your third month of pregnancy is comprised of weeks nine, ten, eleven, and twelve, with week nine marking baby’s breakthrough physical revolution.

Now equipped with an assemblage of fully functioning joints, the baby is able to flex, twist, and manipulate their elbows, wrists, ankles, knees, and shoulders as they begin to practice a wide variety of new moves.

Now about the size of a cherry, the baby is reaping the many benefits (including its fast-paced growth) via a fully developed placenta that has taken command of a string of duties involving the production of baby’s development in addition to the production of critically important hormones in your pregnant body.

It’s an important time in your pregnancy. You’ve officially navigated and successfully conquered the many milestones dotting your pregnancy journey and have now made it to the critical three-month mark, where the baby has finally shed its embryonic status and has begun its transition into the all-important fetal stage.

From this point forward, your baby will be referred to as a fetus. Now officially designated as a fetus, baby will become increasingly more human-looking with each passing day, with its facial features sharpening and becoming clearly defined.

Read on below to learn more crucial information about the third month of pregnancy, as well as tips, tricks, and many cool facts!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: Three Months Pregnant Symptoms

Week Nine Week Ten Week Eleven Week Twelve
Your uterus continues to grow at a rapid-fire pace and is now roughly the size of a cantaloupe, due to the overabundance of hormones circulating through your body Your uterus has grown to the size of a grapefruit. Due to its immense size, you will experience a constant urge to urinate, as a result of the pressure against your bladder Leg cramps that can strike at any time. Leg cramps can range from being a mild annoyance to presenting tight and painful feelings within the muscles and can go beyond being just an inconvenience to actually interfering with your sleep quality. Your uterus will now be protruding well above the pubic bone area.

You may experience the emergence of assorted spots and freckles on various parts of your body.

Often occurring for pregnant women are dark brownish and patchy splotches on their face

Marked increase in bloating Water retention, weight gain, and bloating

Areolae – significantly darkening of color
Significant water retention resulting in weight gain Heartburn

Excessive gas due to increased progesterone levels

Headaches and migraines


Mood swings become even more prevalent due to increased levels of progesterone Slowed down digestive system Nausea

Lethargy Indigestion Bloating Nosebleeds
Nausea Vaginal discharge Feelings of malaise Vaginal discharge
Morning sickness symptoms Headaches and Migraines Uncontrollable burping Drooling while sleeping


Your Baby’s Health and Status: Three Months Pregnant Baby

Week Nine Week Ten Week Eleven Week Twelve
Now having fully exited the embryonic stage, baby is fully immersed in the fetal phase and is hard at work taking on the many transformational experiences that are presented with each new day Since last week, baby has grown from the size of a grape and is now the size of a lime!


Baby’s fingernails have now taken on their appropriate and fixed positions. Their facial bone structure is hardening and becoming durable while settling into place Baby has undergone a number of incredible transformation and now has properly positioned organs, muscles, bones, limbs, and genitalia.
Baby’s little heart is divided into quadrants with the formation of heart valves as well

Baby’s circulatory system begins to undergo a sophisticated process imbued with many congenital changes
This week also marks the appearance of tiny little toenails and soft and downy peach fuzz on the surface of baby’s skin.

Baby will continue to grow at an accelerated rate in the coming weeks, with many of their vital organs beginning to function autonomously – such as their liver, intestines, brain, and kidneys.

Baby’s ears are also slowly traveling to their anatomically correct position

Baby can now swallow, perform pronounced movements, and will continue to grow at an incredible speed – up to double its current size in just three short weeks
With the situating of your baby’s vital organs and body parts, the hormones will running amuck in your body will decrease, thus resulting in your experience of many pregnancy symptoms.

Tips and Crucial Information at Three Months Pregnant

three Months Pregnant

  • Start attending pregnancy support groups. A great way to learn important information, tips, and more, support groups are also great places to make connections with other expecting mothers
  • When you go shopping for your maternity bras, consider getting professionally fitted. Most lingerie stores offer this service free of charge. A professional fitting will ensure that your bra offers optimal support, comfort, and durability where it’s needed most
  • If you’re experiencing severe headaches or migraines, consult with your doctor about taking a medication (safe for pregnancy) called paracetamol
  • If your morning sickness symptoms haven’t abated yet, hang tight and rest assured that in the coming weeks your symptoms will improve. For now, eat bland foods such as crackers and toast
  • Consider genetic testing to determine the risk factor for birth defects, particularly if you are 35 years of age or older
  • To help mitigate dizzy spells, eat small meals throughout the day to regulate your blood sugar and keep energy levels up
  • Anxiety and stress can be greatly alleviated by practicing relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Ignore advice to take large doses of Vitamin A to help mitigate headache and migraine symptoms. Excessive Vitamin A can damage the liver and cause myriad pregnancy issues

To-Do List and Reminders at Three Months Pregnant

three month pregnancy

Your primary goals for month three of pregnancy should be:

  • Start bonding with your baby. Your little one has been on an exciting journey and is now in the process of becoming a tiny human. Now able to experience a wide range of senses, baby will love the quality time you spend together as you rub your belly, and talk and sing to your beloved angel.
  • Now is an opportune time to implement bonding measures such as taking 10 minutes out of your day to rest your hands upon your belly and to spend quiet time with your baby as you think about the future and the upcoming birth
  • Become well-versed in your employer’s maternity leave policy, your insurance plan and all of its many rules and stipulations regarding maternity, birthing, pregnancy, and aftercare.
  • Start examining the cost of the upcoming birth delivery costs by calculating copays and insurance coverage amounts and deductibles
  • Keep your eyes peeled for signs of any infections, with any pain, discomfort, or burning symptoms reported to your doctor immediately
  • Schedule a dating scan – performed by a sonographer to check the accuracy of your due date through the measuring of the fetus; this scan is an important appointment for you to attend
  • Decide where you will be giving birth
  • Schedule your sixteen-week prenatal visit
  • Stock up on healthy, nutrient-dense pregnancy food
  • Schedule a visit with your dentist – hormones can wreak havoc on your teeth and result in bleeding gums along with other problems
  • Make it a top priority to eat a healthy diet with plenty of essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin C, B vitamins, and folate.
  • Try to step up your iron intake. An easy way to incorporate iron into your diet is to take a liquid iron supplement and to consume orange juice (not the unpasteurized, fresh squeezed kinds) with some of your meals as a way to bolster the absorption of iron derived from your food sources. Low iron levels can contribute to dizzy and faint feelings
  • Maintain your vitamin regime inclusive of a prenatal vitamin, vitamin D, and folic acid

Keywords at 3 Months Pregnant

3 Months Pregnant

Hyperemesis Gravidarum: (also referred to as HG) –  HG is a condition that occurs as a result of critically low levels of fluids in the body, to the point of dehydration. Depending on the severity of the dehydration, symptoms such as weight loss, exhaustion, fainting, and other symptoms can occur.

Leukorrhea: The medical term for vaginal discharge. Leukorrhea is an integral process that pregnant women experience that assists in the safe removal of harmful bacteria to ultimately protect the vaginal cavity and the womb.

Cystitis: One of the more common infections experienced by pregnant women. It occurs when intestinal bacteria journeys from the rectum to the urethra and into the urinary tract

Asymptomatic bacteriuria: This condition refers to a urinary tract bacterial infection that displays no readily apparent symptoms

What to Expect at 3 Months of Pregnancy?

After the end of your first trimester, many of your uncomfortable pregnancy-related symptoms may decrease in severity or subside altogether. At around the ten-week mark, many women begin to feel markedly better and are able to function on a greater level. This improvement in symptoms will last for quite a while. However, it is temporary.

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