10+ Things Which Will Be Forbidden For Meghan Markle After She Marries Prince Harry


After Meghan Markle said ‘I do’ at St. George’s Chapel, she started to live her own fairy tale. Even though the life as one of the Royals has numerous advantages, I am not sure that the new Princess will enjoy all the changes that are inevitable when someone becomes a member of the British Royal family. Let’s see.

The New Title and the Citizenship

Meghan is the first woman ever to carry the title Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex. Even though she is an American, she will become a Royal citizen of the United Kingdom very soon.

Political Affiliations, Work for the Government, and Voting Are Forbidden For Her

Meghan Markle and harry

As a public figure and the member of the Royal family, Meghan needs to be politically neutral and can’t express her political opinions. In that way, she can’t affect the political views of other people. In the same time, the new Duchess loses her right to freedom of speech and to express her opinions. For an American girl, the fact that she can’t vote as other adult citizens of the kingdom, won’t be easy to handle.

The weird fact is that voting is not forbidden for Royals by law, but it is believed that it is unconstitutional for the Queen to vote in an election. The other members of the family don’t vote ‘by convention’. It is probably going to be a real problem in the future because Meghan is far from being apolitical.

Meghan Must Give Up Her Career

Meghan knows that being a princess is a ‘full-time job’. There is no place for any other career, especially for the acting. But, she has already said that she doesn’t regret that decision and that she considers her future life as a new opportunity.

The New Attitude towards Everyday Things

New Attitude towards Everyday

♠ Selfies and Social media are forbidden

Don’t try to get a selfie with any member of the Royals. It is not allowed to them to take selfies at all. It’s simply not the proper etiquette. But, who knows. From the very beginning, the Queen has disliked mobile phones too, but I am pretty sure that the younger members of the family use them. But, honestly, with so many photos of herself on the Net, why would Meghan need selfies at all?

It will be harder with the rules about social media. They are forbidden. Meghan won’t have Facebook Page, Twitter feed, and Instagram account, but she can use official ones. For now, she gives up on them, but we will see. Even Royals have to reconcile themselves with the fact that they live in the 21st century.

♠ There are no autographs anymore

As an actress, Meghan used to sign a lot of autographs but now, except for official signings at royal engagements, she can’t do that for the public anymore. There is an old fear that someone could forge the royal signature against the family.

♠ There is no place for her wild side

There is no possibility that a member of the Royal family make a scandal, no matter how small it is. Meghan should get used to a life of formalities. She can’t use a nickname, and she needs to learn her new ‘name’ – Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales. Is it too much for an ordinary American girl?

♠ Going out in public alone is forbidden

Like every other Royal, Meghan will get security team. They will follow her wherever she goes. Moreover, the days when she could travel solo are a thing of the past. Believe me or not, the royal journeys take up to six months to plan. Meghan should get used to site visits which are almost never longer than 40 minutes at a time. It is most likely that she won’t travel to the same location ever again. She will get a real honeymoon with Prince Harry, but can you imagine romantic journey with an elite Scotland Yard squad around guarded you 24/7? Weird!

♠ One kiss in public should be enough for the lifetime

According to the tradition, the young couple had the ceremonial kiss as husband and wife on the balcony at the Palace. According to the same tradition, public displays of affection will be forbidden for Meghan from now. Well, it is hard to believe that the couple like Prince Harry and Meghan will be able to refrain from kissing and holding hands in public.

It seems that there is no official protocol against PDA, but Royals keep this kind of behavior to a minimum. That means that there is no much chance to see Meghan and Harry sharing kisses soon. Well, Prince William and Kate don’t even hold hands in public, so the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan do it is a very modern approach. Maybe kisses can be too much for this Royal generation. Or not? Here is the video about Meghan Markle can’t do after the marriage.

New Dress Code

♠ The hat – Meghan needs to forget about caps and get used to hats. Plus, she should pick out as fancier hats as possible and wear them to all formal daytime events. If the occasion is held indoors and goes over 6 PM, she must swap it for a tiara. One more rule – the new Royal needs to wear the tiara on her head at the angle of 45-degrees.

♠ The dress – Meghan can forget about the sheer dresses and accept the rule that as a Princess she must be modest and appropriately dressed up for every occasion. One Royal must always look well-groomed, elegant, and beautiful.

It remains to see how she will deal with a smart dress, a cardigan, and a cotton or wool jacket. Apparently, being a Princess is not for girls who like to stroll around in the gym suit and sneakers. Oh, yes, walking around without stockings is forbidden too.

♠ Short skirts are banished – The Queen demands that hemlines of skirts can be maximum two inches above the knee.

♠ The black outfit is only for mourning – Meghan should prepare a black outfit and carry it everywhere in the case of the death of a relative. In every other case, it is forbidden.

♠ Family outfits must match – Meghan has probably heard that all the members of the Royal family try to wear the outfit that matches with Queen’s. Children’s dresses or shorts match their parents’ clothes. They use the same hue too! Also, no one can wear brighter outfit than the Queen. That is the reason why Kate Middleton usually chooses pastels and William wears dark suits. Pure Meghan! It won’t be allowed for her to enjoy bright colors at all. She must say ‘Goodbye’ to spangle dresses and screaming colors.

♠ Buckled leather shoes – Start-rite is the classic English brand and the company which has a ‘Royal Warrant’ since 1955. Since then, they have provided over 1,500 pairs of shoes to the British Royal family. It is nice, but it’s pretty weird that every member of the family has to wear the same shoes including the kids! We will see what Meghan has to say about that. By the way, does Meghan know that she should forget about wedges when the Queen is present? Elisabeth II doesn’t like them. Fortunately, the Queen is not around all the time.

♠ Giant purses are forbidden – It would be a problem for women who prefer them but Royals have other people who carry things for them, and they don’t need giant purses. No one knows who established the rule of carrying bags with small handles or clutches, but taking them is pretty convenient due to the rule that Royals avoid shaking hands with the most of the people.

♠ Fur – As a Royal, Meghan can’t wear fur. Edward III decreed in 1137 a rule that the members of the Royal family can’t wear it. Almost 900 years later, Camilla broke it and obviously she is not the only one. You can also see the Queen herself to wear fur from time to time. Some animal activists don’t like this and believe that it is a message that fur is OK to wear and it is a luxury which fit for royalty.

♠ Hair and nails – Also, Meghan will need to get her hair blown a few times a week. She should learn that wearing dark or too colorful nail polish is also forbidden. Her nails must be natural colored at official events. By Royal protocol, wearing any other nail color is not acceptable. Fake nails and colored nail varnish are considered to be ‘vulgar’.

Meghan Must Accept the New Ways of Behavior

Meghan Markle must accept the new behavior

Fashion Weeks won’t be the part of her new royal schedule.

She can’t sit wherever she wants anymore. She will also be forced to accept the line for entering the room. It is so strange when some ordinary things begin to be inaccessible all of a sudden.

There is no crossing the legs while sitting. Sitting in ‘the Duchess Slant’ with legs slanted to one side is not a rule, but it is recommended. The good news is that this pose makes the legs look longer and help in creating a flattering silhouette.

Bare legs are the past for Meg. The only steadfast and hard Queen’s rule about clothes is that about stockings. It seems that avoiding stockings during the engaging ceremony is the last time for the new Princess to enjoy her bare legs.

You might notice that Meghan stuck her tongue out on Christmas while she entered the church. Well, she can say a big ‘bye’ to this habit.

When Meghan spend time with the Queen at the same house, she won’t decide to go to sleep when she is sleepy, because going to bed before the Queen is – you already guess – forbidden.

Well, if Meghan likes eating slowly, she should forget about it. Everyone must stop to eat when the Queen finishes her meal. The hard part is that the Queen is served first. If Meghan doesn’t want to stay hungry, she needs to eat fast.

Meghan can’t decide when to sit or stand up on her own. When the Queen sits, she needs to sit too. And vice versa; she can stand up only if the Queen does that first.

Non-Royals can’t touch Meghan anymore. It may be hard for someone who likes being close to people and shaking hands with them.

Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex is the former American, an actress, a divorced woman, partly of African-American origin. All of that stood on her way to become a Princess, but she was unique enough to make the British prince has decided to marry her. I believe that she is exceptional enough to handle all these rules that will become a part of her everyday life. Moreover, maybe she will be the one who can abolish some of the most rigid and ugliest ones.

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