7 Things Men Should Know About Pregnant Women


Hello male world?  You once made a woman pregnant and it is your first time. There  is need to worry but not after you have read what the ladies want to share with you. We know that you do not understand what your woman is feeling as the tummy grows bigger which raises tantrums and confusion in the air. Upon conceiving, we undergo hormonal changes accompanied by fatigue, weight gain, morning sickness and endless appointments to the clinic just to mention a few.

We are also not aware of what is happening to us. Unfortunately, it is a natural phenomenon for men not to know or understand what a woman is actually feeling during the pregnancy period. hence the need to help you out.  It makes it easier when you know a few things to avoid too much complications which come as a result of triggering the hormonal rage.

I have made a list of 7 things that the male child  should read so that he can extend a caring hand in the right way to his pregnant wife or girlfriend.

Men Should Know about A Pregnant Woman

1. We Also Don’t Know What Is Happening

 Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

It would be great to help you understand what is happening to us but we can’t. That’s it! Pregnancy takes us by storm in all dimensions – physically, emotionally and mentally. We are not the ones controlling what we feel  as many women would attest, and it’s a nightmare.

That is why we will wake up and want nothing at all , but crave for food that we hate later in the day and yes, we really want it at that particular moment.  If you find your wife all over you  today only to restrict you tomorrow against touching her, it’s the pregnancy taking over and not doing as she pleases. It feels okay when we blame our men for the misery but forgive us since it is just finding something to point at. Unfortunately, you fall in as the victim since we have no one else to blame.

For the experienced moms, it can be more exaggerated since we have done it some years back. It is common sense to say that the veteran mothers should know better but no. The best advice is to keep on keeping on even when she ruins your morning.

2. It Is a Painful Affair!

 Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

If you don’t know this, then it is the high time that you get it right. We feel a considerable amount of pain at times, which goes ahead to more than a fair share of getting hurt. Do not compare what we feel with the actual delivery since that is something else altogether. Giving birth is the most painful experience anyone  can endure. Pushing an object (the kid in this case) five times bigger than the outlet is simply devastating. That is why we resume normal sex life after four months or so. No matter what we have used to ease the pain as we carry the baby, it is going to hurt among other painful experiences that we go through during the period.

3. We Need To Feed and Feed

 Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

You might be well aware of pregnant women and food theorem, but here it is for the need to stress it again. Food is important to us since it also makes the baby to grow. What you don’t know is that you should provide something to bite the second we ask for it. Time is of essence here. The summary is, when we say we are hungry, it means that we are hungry and we want to eat. Feed us or find something else to keep our stomach full. Next time your woman says, “I’m starving,” know that we are not looking forward to being invited for an expensive dinner. On the contrary, enter the next restaurant you find and get that snack. Remember to get another one to keep us going when in the car. In short, just act like an ATM machine receiving commands but no negative feedback or delay.

4. Still Of Food, My Food Is My Food

 Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

We have been together for so long and have shared a lot together, including buying what we already own. We are sharing a life with you and it applies to everything except our food. It would be very disrespectful and manner less if I found out that you just ate the pizza I took from my favorite joint. It is mine, regardless of whether we asked you for some cash before you left for work. That is why you have to bear with the face scratches the moment we find it’s not there and don’t mention “There is food in the kitchen” because we won’t buy that. So, here is the lesson to learn: Thou shall not eat my chocolate as I carry the baby we just made.

5. We Are Not Lazy, Just Tired

 Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

We are at work, carrying a developing baby behind the scenes. So we are doing a ton of what only the Lord knows and it comprises of growing another person. We cannot explain it and look at the first point, we are confused. We don’t like it but a responsibility came for us to take care of since it’s in our bodies. It is the worst feeling we have to bear – very exhausted which means giving room for a nap in the afternoon. As if it is not enough, the feeling escalates to higher levels with each pregnancy that comes by. Now, take that plus two or three older kids to look after and it becomes worse. That is why men need to understand why we look tired all the time and somehow slower.

However, don’t mistake getting tired with being lazy. We are dragging because it’s tiring to carry the baby and perform chores at the same time. It will be very inappropriate to raise an alarm if you met the house just the way you left it or the kids went to bed without taking a shower. They are well fed at least.

6. You Continue To be With Me, So Is Sex

 Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

No one should ill advice you that women are untouchable during later months period. We might be looking tired but our hormones will activate as the months progress. If you thought that pregnant women are burning fire to stay away from, think again. The truth is that for some of us, pregnancy hormones are what will make us crave for more bed time joy. We might remember that after birth, it will be very ugly down there for you to come in so we will take advantage of time before labor pains come knocking.

Every woman wants to know that you still want them and it doesn’t end during pregnancy. We look unattractive and bulky but we want to know that you still want it. The good thing is that some men find pregnant women attractive so if you are not one of them, then you need to switch your wits for the occasion. So, don’t cancel the intimacy plans because it will still be there.

7. There are Mood Hormones During Pregnancy

It is not that we want to be fury all the time but that’s the case. Pregnant women are always on the verge of going bananas. We want something and then change the idea minutes after. What seems okay now will be not worthy when you get back from the bathroom. We will be demanding for everything and anything at the same time. If you don’t have the heart to say no, then you are in for numerous surprises.

We may be angry at something yes, but for whatever it is, blame it on the hormones and move on to the next item on the list.

How to Make a Man Understand Pregnancy? Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

Men, what you have just read makes you aware of what position you are in when your woman is carrying an unborn. When you know about what I have just shared with you, then you are safer than that friend of yours who thinks that everything will be smooth as they wait for the bundle of joy. He will find it unbearable with time before you share the knowledge to save him from himself.

Be aware, and you’ll be fine.


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