Talking To Toddlers Review – Is It Effective?


Perhaps one of the biggest challenge parents face currently is the defiant or difficult behavior of their children. This can easily be seen from simple attitudes such as refusing to put on their shoes or clothes to full-blown tantrums. For many parents, especially new parents, dealing with such issues can be disturbing, not knowing exactly what to do.

However, many people have found refuge in various books and audio courses guiding parents on how to handle their toddlers. Among the common and perhaps most popular book in the market is the Talking to Toddlers – Dealing with Terrible Twos and Beyond by Chris Thompson.

Talking To Toddlers ReviewTalking to Toddlers Audio Course Review: Does It Work?

Talking to Toddlers – What Is It?

Simply put, this is an audio program that is beneficial to parents looking to learn the various techniques of communicating with their toddlers effectively. This comes to the aid of a significant number of parents getting frustrated as they try to correct the behavior of their children.

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This program is perfect for kids from the age of 2 and up, as kids cease being a toddler at the age of 2. The whole package will help you as a parent as the tips and tricks gained will help you throughout the childhood years of the child. This digital product contains 12 audio lessons and some pdf documents that guide you through the process.

The mp3 and pdf files can be accessed from a phone or computer any time making them convenient.

What Does the Talking to Toddler Program Included?

As mentioned above, the Talking to Toddler Program is divided into 12 downloadable audio sessions with a PDF version. The program is also available in CD format, but with special requests. Each audio session acts as a lesson lasting for proximately 20 minutes. Some of the topics covered by the program include;

  • Introduction
  • Double blinds and presuppositions
  • How to get what you want without saying no
  • Yes and no compliance sets
  • Consistency and commitment
  • Reciprocity
  • Picking your battles
  • Reframing
  • State management and anchoring
  • Embedded comments and quote technique
  • Dealing with physical pain
  • Threats and punishments

From simple calculations, going through the 12 lessons will take you approximately 6 hours. Reading the PDF format is more or less the same, with an added advantage of a summary of each chapter.

Who Should Buy this Program?

The Talking to Toddler program is ideal for any parent currently experiencing problems with his/her toddler. It is an effective program in providing various techniques that solve communication and out of control issues of your child.

However, this program isn’t solely for those having issues with their kids. Parents who don’t have issues with their kids can benefit from the few techniques that will help discipline their kids. Besides, you will also learn the various ways of making your children self-confident.

How Does It Work?

Like other audio programs, the Talking to Toddler is a simple audio course. Once you have purchased the program, you can download it as mp3 or pdf into your device. You can then access it from your phone, laptop or tablet and learn.

Deducing from the 12 lessons of this program, there are key facts that you must be aware of to effectively deal with childhood behavior problems. They include;

Behavior Is Emotion Driven

Emotions are fundamental to everything, including the process of understanding toddler’s behavior. For any person regardless of the age, the behavior is determined by their emotional state. At many times, people often draw their actions from their emotions and later try to justify their unforeseen actions with logic. However, this isn’t the case with small kids. They act innocently from emotions. Always bear this in mind when handling a toddler.

Avoid Overusing the Word “No” When Talking to Kids

Overusing the word “No” is the common cause of problems with toddlers. Listening to these lessons offers an alternative or manners to avoid always saying no to your kids and still get the desired result. With this, parents will discover an entirely new tool that will help you get alternative answers to “No,” which is perhaps the best way to respond.

Establish Rapport to Influence Your Toddler’s Behavior

Establishing a rapport with your toddler simply means developing some emotional connection. There are lots of ways mentioned in the program on how to succeed in this. Handling your kid’s behavior requires that you successfully develop this emotional bridge.

Blinds and Presuppositions

Like any other form of interaction, language is a powerful tool. There are several tactics you should learn to get the outcomes you want when dealing with toddlers. A good example you should always use positive language instead of negative language.

There are much more to learn from the Talking to Toddlers audio program.


  • This program is available in digital formats thus convenient. You can listen to it while driving, before going to bed or any other time. It doesn’t interfere with your busy day.
  • The program covers various aspects of parenting. You will learn how to handle toddler problems with plenty of solutions. There are diverse methods as your child’s problem could be different.
  • It is an effective solution that not only helps you control the behavior of your kids but also helps you in strengthening your relationship. This cut across every person regardless of the age thus could help you in other areas of life.
  • Positive reinforcements and presupposition are crucial lessons that help your toddler to understand different views without acting out. This can also work with humans of any age.
  • Chris provides a 60-day money back guarantee. With this provision, you can get refunds if you find this program ineffective.


  • It primarily focuses on the psychology of 2-year old kids. Therefore, this logic may not be effective for older kids.
  • This program somehow ignores the mutual respect and motherly instincts, which may affect the correction process.
  • It focusses more on resolving issues quickly to avoid tantrums. At some level, the building good habits have been ignored.

Talking to Toddler – Is It Effective?

This course or rather a program is based on Chris’s personal parenting experience. This provides some basis and explanation as to where he developed the course. It is a good buy for parents who need to understand the psychology of their 2-year old. Get more about the effectiveness of this program from the customer reviews.

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What Customers are Saying about Talking to Toddlers

Dave Valentine from Canada attests being one of the super satisfied customers. She used talking to toddler reviewsthe course, which helped her arrest most of the behavior issues with her toddler. She believes this is a magical toddler-specific program.

Kelly Goyer also tried this program and implemented some of the techniques, especially the presupposition, and double blinds. He notes drastic changes in the relationship between him and his two-year-old son. Initially, the relationship was typically between Dad the enforcer and toddler the oppressed.

After knowing this e-book and subsequent audio program, it is imperative to discuss some of the guiding factors for parents when it comes to choosing a parent training program. Read on.

Tips for Choosing a Parent Training Program

Parent Training Program

With the dizzying number of parenting books available on the market, parents sometimes need more than reading but support coaching that a manual can provide. This is perhaps because some kids are prone to more challenging behaviors, which are tough to manage compared to others.

It is worth noting that sometimes children can get out of control and be noncompliant, ignoring instructions and direct orders regardless of the number of times they are reminded. They can also be impulsive, melt down to tantrums when asked to do something and oblivious to warnings.

If you are facing such as a parent, consider getting an evidenced-based parent training program to help booster your skills of managing such a child’s behavior. This will not only correct the kid but also improve the quality of your family life.

Most of these programs are offered or written by psychologist and social workers with vast experience and expertise in this sector. Most programs are in unison in terms of teaching the parents how to use positive reinforcement, how to praise the kid and encourage the behaviors they want.

They also advise parents on how to deploy consequences when their kid’s failure to comply. With these measures, kids modulate their behavior to meet their parent’s expectations as well as enjoy positive interactions with their parents.

However, these programs differ in their methodology. This refers to how parents practice, master and deliver these skills. A good program should feature the following sessions.

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Parent Child Interaction Therapy

The PCIT, as the name suggests, basically involves working with parents and children in teaching them skills to work and interact in a positive and productive way. This therapy works well for children between two and seven years, requiring 14 to 17 weekly sessions.

In this mode of therapy, parents get live coaching from a therapist as they perform a chain of events with their children, with parents practicing specific responses for both anticipated and undesired behavior. This is the most practice intensive session, where parents demonstrate mastery of each skill before moving on to the next one.

PCIT is ideal if the parents need much one-on-one interaction or attention with their toddler, especially where there has been a lot of coercive and negative interactions in the past.

Parent Management Training

Parent management training suits children between 3 to 13 years. It basically involves parents, but children can be asked to participate too. Here, skills to handle more challenging behaviors are learned. After the session, parents are expected to practice these skills at home.

Defiant Teen

The first half of this session basically involves the parents, focusing on effective tools of interacting with their teen. This is specific to teen associated problems such as defiant behavior and non-compliance. Since teenagers are more autonomous compared to your children, this session also includes training for an adolescent to help him/her become a participant in changing the family dynamics.

The second half involves both the teen and the parents being trained in problem solving. The aim of this is to provide a family behavioral resource that helps the family develop effectively in problem solving, communication skills and negotiations.

Positive Parenting Program

Triple P focusses on equipping parents with information and skills that increase confidence in managing a child’s behavior. This can be utilized in children of various ages from toddlerhood through adolescence.

From the modalities mentioned above, it is evident that dealing with a toddler can be quite challenging. That said, the e-book and audio by Chris Thompson try to focus on all aspects mentioned above. Let’s dive into the contents of this book.

Should You Buy the Talking to Toddlers?

Instead of undergoing the frustrations and stress of being a parent to a seemingly rude toddler, getting a copy of the Talking to Toddler is worthy. Besides, this program is available at a reasonable price. Nonetheless, if you are not satisfied with it, there is a full money back guarantee that guarantees a refund.


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