How to Become a Successful Work-from-home Mom


When I decided to become a mom, the question about my job career appeared. Like many other moms, I asked myself would I like to go to my office every single day and to leave my baby alone with a nanny. Then I decided to consider being a work-from-home mom.

Believe or not, there are a lot of work-at-home jobs you can do from home and to harmonize working time with the needs of your child. You just need to find one which fits you the most. If you have high-speed Internet access, a computer or Smartphone which is less than three years old, there is a wide range of jobs at your disposal.

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Types of Work-from-home Jobs

For teachers, there are significant possibilities to work online, especially for English teachers. If you have an ESL Certification (English as a second language teacher) you can teach people around the world. For talented people, there are a bunch of jobs in the area of writing. You need to enclose samples of your published work to show your skills to the employers. You can choose the sphere of your interest and work as a writer, content writer, copywriter, or an editor.Types of Work-from-home Jobs

If you have experience on social media platforms, you can work as a social media coordinator or social media strategist. It’s the desirable part-time job for people with a flexible schedule. All those who are interested in transcribing audio content and can complete 40 – 60 sound minutes per day, can easily find a job as a transcriber, transcriptionist, or a subtitle editor.

It may be easiest to find a job online if you are an IT expert. You just need an excellent computer, superior internet connection, and to be an expert in that field. The demand for these experts is increasing every day.

Web Designer is the perfect work-at-home job for those who have an adequate background in making fantastic websites. The similar jobs which are available are the positions for a web developer or a graphic designer. There are also jobs such as content and search marketing specialist for people who know SEO and content marketing.

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You can also work as a bookkeeper if you have a bachelor’s degree with an accounting background. If not, you can work as an administrative assistant or a virtual office assistant. As a customer service representative, you will assist customers and take inbound calls.

These days there is a job called a personal stylist! That person has to follow fashion trends, and her profession is to create fashion experiences for individual customers or boutiques. You can be even a shopping assistant!

For a Start, Re-examine Yourself

Nowadays almost 21% of employed adults work from home. It maybe seems easy, but this kind of work can be tricky. If you are not well organized, you could find yourself working all day long. After a while, you can start to be unsatisfied with that. It’s even harder when you’re a mom.

For a start, you have to understand that working online has to make your life easier, not to complicate to become a successful woman

Before starting with this type of arrangement, re-examine yourself, your desires, opportunities, and limitations. And make a good plan. After that, this kind of job is a real pleasure which offers wide possibilities for every mom who wants to spend a day with her children and to be a businesswoman at the same time.

The Secrets How to Be a Successful Work-from-home Mom

Create a schedule

Keep in mind that planning is everything. You have to separate the “office” hours and ”to be a mom” hours. You don’t need a fixed schedule for every day, of course. The point of this kind of job is to create your time according to your wishes and interests. But you definitely need a plan how many hours you want to spend working in one hand, and how many time you need for playing with your children and housekeeping.

When I decided to work from home, I got good advice, and I decided to adhere to it. I Be a Successful Work-from-home Momcan do more works if I work smart than I work hard. I learned to respect benefits of working at home such as flexibility. If my daughter wants to go to the nearby park during the sunny day, I can go with her and finish a job after that. But, the crucial thing is to make your schedule in a way that allows you to comply with the deadline that you have committed.

Think about how much time you want to spend working. A work-at-home job can be a full-time or part-time job. You can spend 40+ hours per week but, as a mother, you need to decide what hours you want to be available to work during the day and the weekend. Also, you can arrange your working hours to have free time during the weekends. Or, maybe you will prefer working during weekends while your husband spends time with kids. Everything depends on you.

Use the time when your child takes a nap for work

Regardless of whether your baby sleeps for one or more hours, take advantage of that time to finish a job which requires full concentration. Also, avoid doing household chores during that time. Just think for a moment. If you were in your office, you couldn’t wash your dishes or laundry. Even though you work from home, you need to have work hours and to finish all your obligations. The benefit is that you can choose a period of time when you want to work, not to use that time for other activities.

But, there is one more option. You can hire a nanny who can spend a few hours a day with your children and help you with cooking, for example. The fact that you work at home doesn’t mean that you should work double than you would work if you went to the office from 9 am to 5 pm.

Teach your children to entertain themselves

It is not a simple task, but it is necessary to do if you want to have enough time for all your obligations. You have to discover how to give your children quality time. Only that way you will have enough time for your work. Decide what time of the day is reserved for your work, and organize your child to play by herself during that period of time. You apparently have to start with a few hours and to increase your working hours gradually.

Well, I work as a writer and a translator online but also enjoy making hand-painted silk Successful Work-from-home Mom scarves which I sell online. Both jobs require concentration, and I can’t make a pause at any time. When I got a baby, I made schedule according to her nap and feeding time. Later, I bought great toys my kid can play with and explained her from the very beginning that ”I am not here” during my working hours. Of course that I make exceptions from time to time, but in general, she knows that she needs to respect my schedule.

Separate different roles in your life

Your children will respect your working time only if you learn to keep your roles as a mom, a housewife, and a businesswoman separated. When you are a mom, be a mom one hundred percent. In the other side, when you work you should be only a businesswoman. The rest of your time you can be a wife and a housewife.

One friend of mine told me in the beginning that there is no difference if I work in the office or at home. I’ve learned that working in my pajamas is not an option. I have to be dressed decently, with the adequate hairstyle. As a mom, I can be more casual, but I generally avoid ugly sweat suits and dirty T-shirts. It is important to understand that you haven’t chosen to work at home because you want to be exhausted and cranky non-stop. You work at home to have more time to spend with your kids and to spend your day in your own way.

Have a plan for interruptions

Generally, I don’t need that kind of plan. I write and nobody care if I take a half an hours of unplanned pause when my daughter wants to tell me something important or need my help and support. But, if you work as a virtual assistant, for example, and your kid starts to cry during your online conference, it can be a little bit embarrassing. In my opinion, the best choice is always to be honest. Just ask for 15 minutes pause, and the most people will understand. If your baby cries in the other room, you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the job anyway.

Have your own workspace in homeBeing a Successful Work-from-home Mom

You don’t necessarily need a separate room if you work online, but you have to have a desk. In my case, it’s a laptop and a working armchair in the corner of my living room. It’s important that your workspace is comfortable and functional. After all, during some days I spend hours there and need to have good light, soft pillows behind my back and an excellent view to enjoy when I decide to rest my eyes for a few minutes.

Train yourself to use your workspace as a separate part of your home. It is a place for working. Other parts of the house are for playing and spending time together. Be prepared to repeat that more than once, but your children will eventually understand that that corner is not for them in any circumstances.

Ask for help

Remember, even though working at home is not a way to skip child care, you will sometimes need help. It’s OK if you ask for a helping hand. It can be your husband or parents, but, if you want my advice, hire a nanny for a couple of hours. It can be a student who will look after your children from time to time or wash dishes and cook something when Successful Work-from-home Momyou are busy.

Believe me, it is the only way to take some time for yourself, no matter if you need time to take a nap, to go for a walk, or to cuddle with your cat. You deserve a little time to focus on you as well as you work in the office. Also, you should find some time for a husband and friends. Go to the restaurant, work with a charity, and drink a good coffee with the best friend. In other words, do everything that other working women do. You are not different only because you work at home.

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Make people appreciate your time

Explain to people that you are not available at all times just because you work from home. In the beginning, my friends called me after they finished their jobs and didn’t understand that my working hours have been different but that they existed. Very often I heard that I could do everything I want to because I haven’t strict working hours.

But, it’s just not true. You have obligations and your schedule, and other people have to teach that you are not available at any time they want to talk with you. If you explain them the situation, after a couple of attempts they will find the way to harmonize their free time with yours.

Pay yourself! It is crucial! Organize your work in the way that you can’t collect money more than twice a month. This is the usual way of paying for every employee, right?

Why would you do that differently?

If any member of your family needs money, do the same thing that every working mom on the earth does – tell them that they should wait for the payday. If you give them even a little amount of money at any time they want, it will look like that you actually do not have a salary at all.


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