7 Amazing Spring Break Ideas for Your Family


Winter is finally ugly past! Spring and summer are entering into our lives with a smile, the sun, a scent of floral fruits, and new ideas for a holiday. There are plenty of possible plans for family spring break, but I would like to give you ideas that combine well-known destinations with those you may not even hear about. Be aware that these destinations are indeed worthy of your attention. Why wouldn’t you find places no one of your friends has discovered yet? Be the first and share your great and unique experience.

Amazing Family Spring Break Ideas 

Spring Break Destinations for Families in the US

You always can visit Disney World in Orlando, Gulf Shores in Alabama, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty in New York, the Grand Canyon, and so on. Everyone in the world knows about these places. But, this time I want to show you some other beautiful places you should visit in this fantastic country. Pick the best for your family.

Spring Break Trip Ideas for a Family in South Carolina

 Spring Break Ideas for Your Family

If your children are fossil-lovers, organize an excursion in South Carolina, help them find dinosaurs, and let them learn more about these prehistoric creatures during your next vacation. The State Museum has an amazing paleontology collection where kids can see bones of mammoths, dinosaurs, prehistoric camels, and fossils of ancient marine life. I don’t need to mention that coastal South Carolina is incredibly rich in fossils including megalodon sharks teeth and bones of prehistoric whales and woolly mammoths. Go for them!

For kids who adore wild animals, there is a comprehensive offer of ZOOs including Riverbanks in Columbia, one of the best ZOOs in the U.S. and one of only a few in the country with koalas. Then, there is Greenville ZOO located in Cleveland Park, the home to dozens of animals. After you spend the day watching the beautiful wild creatures, your children can spend the afternoon playing in the impressive playground outside the ZOO entrance.

For marine lovers, there are the best aquariums in the country including Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach with the Shark Tunnel and exhibits on jellyfish which will make your kiddos enthusiastic. On the other hand, the aquarium in Charleston can boast with an albino alligator and other sea creatures you can see from touch tanks. Visit marvelous turtle hospital and enjoy incredible views which include dolphins playing in the water.

Who can resist the unique Center for Birds of Prey in Awendaw where you can see hawks, eagles, falcons, and owls up close? Discover where these powerful birds live and hear the birds in flight. Walk through the Animal Forest in Charleston and see bears, pumas, deer, bison, pelicans, and wild turkeys in nature like English settlers could see them a few centuries ago.

Look for entertain in South Carolina cities during spring months. Consider them for spring break vacation regardless of whether you are planning to enjoy the sun on the Hilton Head’s beaches or to take your kids to the most extensive children’s museum tour in Columbia. You will spend extraordinary time there for sure.

Spring Break Trip Ideas for a Family in North Carolina

 Spring Break Ideas for Your Family

If there is the perfect destination for your family vacation during the spring, it is Outer Banks, the 200-mile string of barrier islands in North Carolina. Go to Jockey’s Ridge State Park and climb to the top of the sand dune which height varies from up to 100 feet! Can you imagine a better place for your children? Just let them slide on body boards and cardboard while you enjoy spectacular sunsets.

Maybe it’s time to see Kitty Hawk, the place there Wright Brothers tested their airplane. Show the Wright Brothers Memorial to your kids, teach them about early days of aviation, and walk together along Wilbur and Orville’s original flight paths. Climb on one of three historic lighthouses in the Outer Banks. No matter if you choose Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Bodie Island Light Station, or Cape Hatteras Light Station, you won’t make a mistake. Believe me; your kids will adore this vacation!

You can guess that the most treasured kid-friendly attraction here is Aquarium with sharks, alligators, sea otters, sea turtles, and other maritime species. Let elder kids try scuba diving in a shark tank and show younger ones animal feedings or teach them everything about manta rays and giant horseshoe crabs.

If you have kids ages 5-13, let them be a Junior Ranger in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, nation’s first national seashore. Charter a large boat with a captain at Bite Me Sport-fishing and spend all day long adventure of catching swordfish, tuna, or wahoo. Experience a Wild Horse Safari north of Corolla. Imagine your kid’s excitement during the eco-tour in an open-top vehicle while they look at magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

No matter what kind of choice you make, be sure your children will be delighted. Discover the beauty, spend a nice vacation with your beloved little ones, and feel relaxed and happy.

Spring Break Ideas for a Family in the Midwest

Chicago Children's Museum Navy Pier

When someone says ‘American Midwest’, your first thought is probably – Mount Rushmore. It is definitely one of the top destinations in this part of the US. But, there are actually many places to visit in all twelve states there including Wisconsin, South Dakota and North Dakota, Ohio, Nebraska, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana.

If you are thinking about spending the spring family vacation here, make a list of the top ideas for you and your kids. I can tell you one thing for sure, wherever you start your journey and wherever you go; you will find excellent places for making memories for the lifetime.

You can imagine Illinois as a giant playground for both your kids and you. Brookfield ZOO is a home for thousands of animals including adorable dolphins and giant polar bears your children will like. I really doubt that you can see every animal that lives somewhere within 200 acres of the ZOO during one visit, but you can choose the best entertainment according to your kids’ interest.

Visit Chicago Children’s Museum Navy Pier and give your children the opportunity to discover dinosaurs during the real Saharan expedition. Make them feel like a member of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno’s expedition team who found a new type of dinosaur.

If you choose Indiana, take your kids to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to see planetarium and dinosaurs, to have an imaginary trip to Egypt, and much more. Think about Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum! Who on earth doesn’t want to visit the famous track in Indianapolis? If children prefer ZOOs, there is an excellent one with about 4,000 animals waiting for you.

Have you ever thought about visiting attractions in Iowa with your kids? Don’t miss sweet Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines with 100 animal species. Explore Effigy Mounds National Monument in Harpers Ferry with more than 200 sacred earthen mounds. Spend a day at one of the water parks in Iowa. Take a Winnebago Factory tour for fun ‘outside the norm’ Forest City. In any case, you will spend your time on the best possible way.

In Kansas, you can go 650 feet underground, fly high in the sky, or spend time somewhere in between. Choose to visit Combat Air Museum in Topeka with 33 aircraft. Compare airplanes from World War I and modern ones. Let your kids sit in the cockpit and pretend that they are pilots. From the sky, you can go down to the Underground Salt Museum in Hutchinson, and discover salt mine 650 feet below the museum.

Come to Mount Rushmore

South Dakota is the synonym for history and nature, and it is the fantastic place for the whole family. Who is the one who hasn’t dreamed of standing in front of four presidents? Come to Mount Rushmore, the most recognizable U.S. landmarks with the faces of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Thomas Jefferson. After admiring this breathtaking place, explore kid’s area in Keystone. This country is proud of many attractive destinations including amazing Crazy Horse Memorial which pretends to be the largest sculpture in the world. I can only say – Don’t miss!

Have you visited Detroit Science Center in Michigan and shown your kids a planetarium and special exhibits of science? Have you wanted to pretend that you are a real firefighter who slides down a pole in the Firefighter’s Hall and Museum in Minnesota? Have you played underground, on land, or water in Missouri? All of that is possible. Let’s try!

magine pleasure in researching Arabia Steamboat Museum in Kansas City or experience the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure in Branson, surrounded by 1,000 butterflies in the botanical garden! Stop in Nebraska and enjoy the aquarium with over one million gallons of water and world’s most significant indoor desert in Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo. Imagine all this beauty which is available to you!

If you pick out North Dakota, it will be because of the beautiful landscape, but there are also plenty of kid-friendly activities including Yunker Farm where children can wear costumes and ride the carousel, Frontier Village with their ponies your kids can ride, and a few excellent water parks. On the other hand, Wisconsin is the best known for many family activities including County Zoo, Discovery World at Pier Wisconsin in Milwaukee, and numerous theme parks.

Wow! African Safari Wildlife Park in the heart of Ohio! Amazing! If you choose Cleveland, go to Children’s Museum with the toddler area inspired by ‘Big Red Barn’, Margaret Wise Brown’s lovely book. Or enjoy in Great Lakes Science Center with about 165,000 square feet where your kids can learn about science. If you prefer outdoor activities, a natural limestone Perry’s Cave is a perfect choice. You can find a butterfly house, gemstone mining, rock climbing wall, miniature golf, and antique car museum there. You can also visit Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a real jewel for every rocker’s soul. Unforgettable!

Spring Break Destinations for Families in Europe

When people talk about top spring break destinations in Europe, they usually mention Italy, France, England, and Greek. I can write about mystical Greek islands and tell you a story about Santorini and the most beautiful sunset in the world. We can walk together through romantic narrow streets of Rome or sing with gondoliers in Venice. Can you even imagine the beauty of remarkable Provence, a historical province of France? Have you dreamed about Paris, its bohemian quarters and the elegant Eiffel tower? Are you attracted to the beauty of Edinburgh, the infinite elegance of St. Petersburg, or the glamour of London?

Destinations for Families in Europe

Yes, I believe that all of these top destinations are the secret desire for all of us. But, this time I want to introduce you to some hidden locations unknown to most people. They definitely can capture you with their undiscovered beauty and charm. Why wouldn’t you come out of the comfort zone this spring and try to visit some nice places worthy of your attention in every possible way? Your kids will be delighted, and you will discover one new world. Come!

Family Travel Ideas for Spring Break in Albania 

Albania is a poor discovered place in Europe and maybe the last secret of the old continent. If you go there with your children, transportation will be a challenge because this country is not well-connected by international airplane or rail systems. Recent years they have been working a lot on road constructions, and they have excellent highways along the country.

There s International Airport Nënë Tereza in Tirana. You can come here via the airport in Belgrade, Serbia; London, UK; Bratislava, Slovakia; or Antalya, Turkey, for example. Once you enter Tirana, there are many cheap rent-a-car options, and you can quickly start your extraordinary journey through this amazing country. This budget-friendly European destination full of history, untouched nature, and charm begin to be a top vacation destination thanks to a perfect location along two beautiful seas.

Saranda's City Port

Saranda’s City Port is the top destination for seaside lovers and family vacation. You will easily fall in love with picturesque, wild, and rugged Ionian Coast. It is a perfect place for children to learn swimming because high salinity of water will help their efforts.

Very near on the south, only 35km before Greek border, is a village Ksamil, a part of Butrint National Park. You can see a clear boundary between Adriatic and Ionian seas there and enjoy extraordinary nearby Ksamil Islands. You won’t regret if you visit this ‘Guardian’s 20 of the best bargain beach holidays’ for 2013.

Albania’s Adriatic Coast is an ideal destination for families with children because the water is shallow and safe. Plus, there is not as crowded as in the top destinations in Greece or Italy. Expect Italian food, warm hospitality, and pure beauty. If you are brave enough to drive by yourself, travel along the Llogara Pass, from Vlora to Saranda and enjoy lovely scenic views of the mountains and beaches.

You will be enchanted by the vastness, fantastic beaches, and the unique sense of freedom this place offers. If you don’t want to drive by yourself, I can give you advice – don’t waste time on buses. Taxi service is efficient, reliable and inexpensive. It’s enough to agree on the price before departure, and you can be sure that the local driver will respect the agreement. He will also show you interesting places, fortresses, and sights along the road.

As we talk about amazing cities in Albania, you should visit Shkodra and Gjirokastra.

Shkodër or Shkodra was an important city of the medieval Serbian state, and its old name was Rosaf. For decades the city is a part of the Republic of Albania, and it is probably the most ancient city in the Balkan with a mixture of religion, culture, and arts. Anyway, visit this surprising place and be astonished by a breathtaking view of the river Bojana.


Gjirokastra is definitely worth visiting. It is the best known as the Dictator Enver Hoxha’s birthplace. Today, it’s on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites. Come and enjoy colorful bazaar, archeological site Antigonea, and the Castle with the Museum of Weapons. Spend the time wandering the streets and experience unique local culture which is something you probably have never met before. If you are looking for cheap family vacation ideas for spring break, this is the right place. You will get so much uniqueness and magnificence in only one old town.

Family Travel Ideas for Spring Break in Niš, Serbia

Often misunderstood, Balkan countries offer a rare opportunity for lighting on an undiscovered corner of Europe. Serbia, located between East and West, is a quintessential Balkan treasure with a rich culture, fabulous cuisine, unique architectural styles, and its local traditions. There are a lot of places you should visit in Serbia, but for now, I will discover you all the beautiful things you can see in Niš when you decide to come here with your kids.

 Balkan countries

Honestly, it’s not too hard making a perfect plan for a family vacation in Niš, the home place of Tsar Constantine the Great, who proclaimed Christianity for Religion. This town offers a bunch of family and kids activities which will educate and entertain the whole family. It will be the brilliant idea for spring break vacation for a family with older kids. There are not so many of you who can resist the goodness of people, excellent food, and beauty of the city itself.

There is a local airport for low-cost flights, but you can come here via Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla or nearby airport in Sofia, Bulgaria. The city public transportation is excellent, and taxi is cheap, but the best thing is that you can see the main sights walking around by foot.

The Fortress is already the well-known family destination as well as the place for jazz lovers during ‘Nišville’, the most reputable jazz festival in Southeastern Europe. The 2000 years old Roman fortress on the bank of Nišava River is an absolutely attractive place for all the people attracted by architecture, history, and mystic legends. Come and discover what the real pleasure is.

Čegar monument (Чегар) is located on the hill near Niš in Serbia where the Battle of Čegar Hill took place on May 19, 1809. This bloody battle between Serbian Rebels and the Turkish army resulted with more than 10.000 killed soldiers including Duke Stevan Sinđelić and his immortal heroes. Meet this beautiful monument and spend time hearing the wonderful stories of uncle Sele, the man who knows all about the courage and dedication of the Čegar heroes.

On the former Constantinopolitan road, not far from the city center of Niš, there is a Skull tower, the tower built of human skulls, the sad and astonishing monument dedicated to heroes who gave their lives for the liberation of Niš from the Ottoman occupation. Visit the place which is a symbol of Serbian independence, bravery, and resistance, and the reminder of the cruelty of the invaders.

Skull tower

Did you know that Romans built perfect waterworks in Niš centuries ago? Can you imagine that it can work even nowadays? Yes. All that and much more you can discover in Medijana, an important archaeological ruin site. It actually was a luxury village of its time. You can admire remains of roads, villas with incredible Mosaics, the Water Tower, granaries, Thermae (the hot bath complex), and two early Christian churches here. Come and see the way people lived in that historical period.

When you come to Niš, find time to visit Niška Banja, a small spa town only 9 km away from the city, known for its medicinal baths since the Roman times. It’s the perfect place for everyone, but the continental climate is ideal for people with cardiovascular problems. The healing mud and the mineralized water are therapeutic for those who suffer rheumatism. If you are a paragliding fan, you can’t find a better place for this sport in this part of the continent.

Wherever you go, your choice will be the real adventure for your kids. I have given you only a few ideas which will run your imagination. My intention is to provide you with the solid start, but you should decide what part of the planet is a perfect place for you and your kids. This time I haven’t written about Asia and Africa, because it is tricky taking the kids in some countries there. When you go on a vacation with your kiddos, you should consider their safety as well as possibilities for fun and enjoyment. Pick out the destination which fits you the best and Bon Voyage!

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