Spectra s2 and Medela Pump in Style: Which Pump do You Like Better


These two are high ranking – a conclusion we made from the online reviews and interviews from different moms who are either using them or had an experience in the past. If you have already done your research, it is easy to being torn between Spectra S2 and Medela pump in style pumps than choosing the ultimate one. They both have their strengths and flaws so, this comparison will help you achieve a better decision for your pumping sessions and the growing baby.

We will look at the following in this guideline:

  • Spectra S2 breast pump overview
  • Medela pump in style breast pump overview
  • Spectra S2 and Medela pump in style comparison table
  • Comparison between spectra S2 and Medela pump in style breast pumps

Spectra S2 Breast Pump Review

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It is a hospital grade breast pump that was introduced into the market by a group of mothers seeking to provide solutions toward effective breast pumping. Its settings are customizable to allow for a letdown and expression adjustments, and the digital screen at the top part shows the readings. Another plus for Spectra S2 is that it hosts a closing system that prohibits milk contamination while pumping and nothing flows down the tubes.

What is in the Package?

  • Double/single breast pump unit
  • 12 VAC power adapter
  • Detachable power cord prong
  • Two wide neck bottles
  • Two backflow protectors
  • Two duckbill valves
  • Two tubes
  • Four flanges – two 24mm, two 28mm


  • Quiet pumping operation
  • Closed system good for clean milk collection
  • Cheaper than Medela pump in style
  • Less weight


  • No batteries
  • No bag pack and cooling accessories

Medela Pump In Style Review

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It is more of a robust pump after having a closer look. Medela pump in style advanced breast pump is another recommendable option in the list of what your insurance can help you acquire. Its additional specifications are the reason why it is pricier than Spectra S2 – the inclusion of a bag, cooler bag pack, and a battery pack. It also supports daily dual or single pumping use, and you can pump anywhere at any time. The pumping idea put into use is an open one, and we will see its comparison with a closed system in the next section below.

What is in the Package?

  • One microfiber bag
  • Four 5oz breastmilk bottles with lids
  • One cooler bag
  • Pumping kit with 24mm breast shields
  • 9VAC adapter
  • One battery pack (buy 8AA batteries separately)


  • Made for daily use, several times per day
  • Quick milk pumping
  • Power cord or battery use
  • Carrying bag and cooling accessory


  • More expensive when compared to Spectra S2
  • Much heavier
  • Loud pumping operation

Spectra S2 vs. Medela Pump In Style: Side by Side Comparison

Specifications Medela Pump in Style Spectra S2
Amazon rating 4.1/5.0 4.3/5.0
Weight 7 pounds 3.3 pounds
Batteries Battery pack included No batteries
AC adapter In the package In the package
Pumping Double electric Double electric
Operation Open system, loud Closed system, quiet
Display No display options LCD
Carrying Included tote No bag, has a handle
No. of bottles 4 2
Cooling Included Buy separately

What Are the Differences between Spectra S2 and Medela Pump In Style


Medela is a winner on this one. They have a bag with Velcro straps to hold the pumping unit and still provide room for the cooler bag, extra bottles and anything else you need to carry for the day. Spectra s2 does not have a bag, but they have a solution to that. The pumping unit has a handle at the top that provides comfortable carriage. While that is good for in-house movement or within your workplace, carrying it outside will need something better to hide it from all those eyes.

Closed system vs. open system mechanism

If you are worried about baby’s milk contamination, spectra S2 takes care of that by providing a closed system which prohibits the milk from flowing into the tubes. The hassle of washing the tubes is also not a concern for Spectra S2 owner after some time of use, but you have to clean them anyway. For the Medela, it is an open system that actually allows the milk to flow into the tubes as you pump. Most moms who have used it do not complain after such a gesture since running the pump after you are done cleans the pipes. However, you will have to wash them after some time.

Single or double pumping

They both achieve this feature by pumping one breast at a time or both depending on what you want in each pumping session. For Spectra S2, you have to close one of the tube connections on the front part of the pump if you’re going to single pump.


Here is a win for the Spectra S2 – it is quiet when pumping and the little ‘voice’ that comes out of it does not disturb a silent session. If you are returning to work where making a scene is against the rules, Spectra S2 will make sure no one is looking at you with a disgusting face even after being so discreet about it. For Medela, things are opposite here. A word of advice from one of the mothers is that Medela should not be seen at work due to the sound it produces and you also need to find the perfect time to pump while at home especially if you want the baby to sleep.

Suction power

They both do their job of getting the milk out of the breasts. They are also passionate about it in the sense that they will keep doing the job for a long time. However, when you compare the suction ability, Spectra S2 is faster than Medela. What you can do with the Medela is divided into half for the Spectra S2 pumping session.

Pumping mechanism

Medela improvises a two-phase expression technology where the set speed maintains the pace all through with the allowance of adjusting via the button on the control panel accessible outside the bag. The pumping on the filters first pulls the nipple in a way to suggest that the pump is preparing before actual pumping happens.

For spectra S2, things are quite different which signals a better way of pumping when compared to Medela. The pump massages your breasts to pave the way for a well-stimulated letdown session as you sit down and wait. The pump has the letdown and expression modes to toggle with.

Adjusting the speed and suction

Medela has a button for the letdown and a knob to control the suction power from minimum to maximum. When compared to Spectra S2, the latter has more controls that you can use to get what works for you. The lower part of the digital screen has buttons that let you control both the letdown and expression modes to your desired level.

Pumping at night

Medela enables you to tap anywhere with the help of a carrying bag and batteries if there is no power source. However, during night time, lights have to be on while pumping. If you are used to getting up earlier than usual to pump, the Spectra S2 model has a night light feature that lights up your area which is a good measure if your baby is sleeping.

Milk bottles

Both Medela and Spectra S2 have their bottles designed in a way to collect the milk directly from the flanges. They are both made of BPA-free plastic which is great, but the plastic design may make you think of glass options. The difference between the two is that for Spectra S2, their bottles tend to fall off when full which is not good for the cautious mom. For Spectra S2, the bottles calibration is not top quality and tends to fade away after some time. Also, the inclination angle between the bottle and funnel is too steep which again would bring stability issues. The make is however close to what the Medela has, but the falling off problems are not seen in the pump in style model.

NB: You can use Medela bottles and flanges if Spectra S2 included option does not work for you. The experience after the interchange was much better.

Carrying weight

For the weight, Spectra S2 is 3.3 pounds while Medela has 7 pounds on it. If you add more than just the pumping necessities in the Medela’s tote bag, you end up with more weight. The tote, however, makes it easier to handle all the luggage.


Both designs accommodate secure cleaning mechanism. If you have a way to clean the filters, valves, funnels, and bottles that you regard as safe, applying the method to both will guarantee a super clean kit. For the Medela model, however, you have to go back to the tubes too due to the backflow issue.

Which is the Right for You?

When it comes to functionality, Spectra S2 is much better when compared to Medela pump in style breast pump. The massaging feature, digital screen, lighting, and more controls make it a win for it. It also ranks higher than Medela on Amazon due to its low price yet it perfectly achieve what most mothers want for their pumping session and baby. Overall, it is the best breast pump for daily use.

If you want more features such as the cooler bag, pumping anywhere once in a while and being able to carry everything with ease, Medela pump in style will give more of this, and you will still enjoy every bit of it.

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