How to Size Maternity Clothing: First Pregnancy (2018 Guide)


If you are pregnant, you might be wondering about maternity wear and wondering whether you just go out and buy bigger clothes or do you just carry on wearing the same size, but in maternity wear. But generally speaking, the maternity sizes work in much the same way as regular clothing does. If for instance, you were wearing a small size like an 8 before you became pregnant, you are going to, in your search for maternity clothes, also search for size 8, but they will just be maternity clothes. The size stays the same; i.e. unless you put on a huge amount of weight whilst pregnant.

When it comes to your jeans size, and you are longing to continue wearing your jeans when pregnant, if you are a size 28 for instance, then you will continue to look for a size 28 in the maternity section. Yes, it is probably true that your waist won’t still be a 28, but the designs today and back in the day, always have just found it easier to stick with your current size when you are searching for maternity-wear.

How to Determine Maternity Clothing Size?

Some Women Don’t Buy Traditional Maternity Wear – Just Buy Bigger Clothing

how to choose Maternity Clothing Size

There are many women that can’t resist the temptation to just continue to buy the clothes they are used to wearing, but they buy them one or two sizes bigger. They reckon it is the same as buying clothes in much the same way a person who is packing on the pounds through overeating would buy.  It is true that with pregnancy, the pounds are getting added, but not in the same way that a person who is becoming more obese is packing on the pounds and needing to buy bigger sizes. What you are more likely to end up with are clothes that are ill-fitting and worse, even unflattering in how they look on you. Designers of maternity wear usually make maternity wear with extra fabrics in them and specific details to keep you comfortable and protected. Like stretch material belly panels or empire waistlines, maternity clothes are really designed to flatter and give you the comfort in all the right places.

When you are in your early stages of pregnancy and out shopping, you will notice inside most of the maternity stores that they have thought of everything from the very first month of pregnancy right up to when the baby is born and even after. They will have handy accessories, for instance like plastic type fake bellies, similar to those that are used in the movies, for you to put on and see how you will look at 7 or 8 months pregnant – also how your garments are likely to fit and look on you at that time. This will enable you to plan ahead and buy the right type of things that will flatter you and give you the comfort most women want in their pregnancy.

Underwear Clothing Might Change

Not only clothes, but undergarments will definitely change in size as your pregnancy advances. When you decide to purchase maternity bras, there are a couple of things you will need to think about.

You will want the right support as well as flexibility of the bra as your bust line fluctuates. It is easy to check this when you try on bras – just slip your hand into the cup section to see if there will be enough room to expand.

When out looking for feeding bras, look out for bras where the entire cup folds away. Some bras are much more rigid than others – you want the ones that are fuss-free and easy. Buy a bra that has many hooks and eyes so that as you expand with pregnancy, you can adjust the sizes of your bra as you please, before and after pregnancy. Some maternity bras have power fabric panels in the bra, offering extra support, especially when breastfeeding. It is best to stay away from the underwire bras when pregnant and when breastfeeding. These can put pressure on your breasts, restricting the milk flow which can further lead to blocked milk ducts, causing mastitis. Ouch! Buy bras that are soft around the nipple area so that you avoid chafing, especially avoiding seams or stitching that go across that area. Don’t leave it too late to get your breastfeeding bra. Already around the end of your first 3 months of pregnancy, it would be a good idea to get fitted by a professional bra fitter because this is likely to be the time when your bust line will be increasing.

Panty Size Can Change too

maternity clothing size

Women also always ask about panty size during pregnancy. When you gain quite a few more kilograms during pregnancy, you can expect to discover that you might need to invest in some bigger underpants as well. An average woman will gain around 1-2 kg in her first three months of pregnancy followed by 1-2 kg every month right up to the end of the pregnancy. Based on these general averages, when you arrive at 16 weeks of pregnancy, you might already have gained from around 2-5 kg and so the weight will continue to increase the further you go along. Most women know their bodies well and are aware of the amounts they are gaining. When you are pregnant, buy underpants that are one size bigger – at the start of your pregnancy and then later around 5-6 months a few more pairs which will be 1 or 2 sizes bigger than what you are used to. It is also recommended that you buy the hipster style undies so that you are comfortable. How many pairs to buy of these bigger sizes are not easy to say? The best answer would be to say buy enough that will see you through your pregnancy, not too many that you lose the incentive to drop off the extra baby weight afterward! The video shows how to choose maternity clothes for moms.


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