7 Months Pregnant: Everything You Need to Know about Mom & Baby


Month number seven is an awesome time for your little one, as it’s cognitive processes go into rapid-fire production. Developing brain tissue results in cognitive processes that are extremely active and result in the acquisition of an array of movements.

In addition to being able to suck on their thumb and other fingers, baby can now open, close, and blink their eyes as they practice their visual skills, recognize a wide variety of different sounds, and perform a multitude of fluid and controlled movements with their hands and feet.

Baby is also growing increasingly plumper as the days go by. Due in large part to the rapid accumulation of layers of insulating and protective fat, your little one is not only growing in size but is also experiencing a smoothing out of its skin as it loses its formerly papery and wrinkled appearance.

Baby’s skin tone is also becoming rosier as the capillaries located underneath the surface of their skin begin to grow in great number. Meanwhile, their brain is undergoing an elaborate developmental process that will result in new abilities and senses in the coming days ahead.

Read on below to learn more about this amazing time in pregnancy!

Your Physical and Emotional Health: Seven Months Pregnant Symptoms

7 month pregnancy

At seven months pregnant, urinary tract infections may become prevalent. Evidenced by frequent urges to urinate, burning pain while going to the bathroom, and difficulty emptying the bladder, urinary tract infections are often unavoidable due to the pressure exerted by your growing baby.

Easily self-diagnosable, urinary tract infections are indicated by the presence of blood in the urine, feelings of pain in the abdominal and pelvic areas, and urine that is cloudy in appearance and foul-smelling.

Ensure that you address urinary tract infections with your healthcare provider immediately. If left unaddressed, the infection can lead to critical complications for your pregnancy.

Preeclampsia is also an exceedingly important condition to keep a close watch out for.  Affecting approximately five percent of pregnant women, preeclampsia is a dangerous condition that can severely impact the health of a fetus.

Preeclampsia can present itself suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. The onset of this dangerous condition is of particular concern because many women will assume that it is merely another harmless pregnancy symptom.

The reality is that preeclampsia is a grave condition with dire consequences. If you have any of the following symptoms, consult with your healthcare provider immediately

  • Excessive weight gain at the rate of more than five pounds per week
  • Chronic migraine headaches
  • Ongoing nausea and vomiting
  • Significant vision problems such as blurry or double vision or experiencing flashing lights
  • Excessive edema in the extremities, ankles, and facial area
  • Severe pain in the abdominal and pelvic areas

Additional symptoms for the seventh month of pregnancy 

Diminished sex drive Rosy, flushed, glowing skin
Increasingly frequent vaginal discharge Rapid weight gain
Blurry vision Swelling and Edema symptoms
Growth of facial hair Breathing difficulties
Backaches, body aches, stomach aches Braxton Hicks contractions
Fatigue and lethargy Depression
Food cravings Bloating and gassiness
Migraines “Pregnancy Brain” – forgetfulness, absentmindedness, distractibility
Severely impacted quality of sleep Mood swings

Your Baby’s Health and Status: Seven Months Pregnant Baby

Week 25 Week 26 Week 27 Week 28
  • Baby’s nose begins to function this week
  • Can now take breaths and is taking in the surrounding amniotic fluid
  • Developing sense of smell
  • Increasingly controlled movements
  • Becoming more physically adept
  • Rubbing eyes when sleepy
  • Growing body mass begins to assist in regulation of body temperature
  • Beginning stages of surfactant production, which     helps the lungs expand with oxygen after birth
  • Is roughly the size of a cabbage
  • Fluid and controlled hand and leg movements
  • Ability to listen
  • Opening of the eyes
  • Development of the nervous system and brain waves resulting in baby’s ability to hear and respond to noises
  • Practicing pedaling motions as a sort of pre-walking
  • Building leg muscles
  • Is roughly the length of a scallion
  • Developing brain tissue results in cognitive processes that are extremely active
  • Rapidly opening and closing of the eyes
  • Sucking on thumb and other fingers
  • Engaging in a spectrum of movements
  • Practicing visual skills
  • Honing sensory abilities
  • Ongoing auditory development
  • Recognizes an array of sounds
  • Doubling of weight from previous month
  • Remains snuggled in the curled fetal position
  • Is roughly the size of a head of Romaine lettuce
  • Baby is able to distinguish between light and dark
  • Is able to blink, swallow, recognize your voice, and respond to sounds
  • Can perform a range of deliberate movements
  • Increasing amount of body fat forming layers around the body
  • Smoothing out of previously papery, wrinkled skin
  • Is roughly the size of a banana split

Tips And Essential Information at Seven Months Pregnant

7 month pregnant mom

  • Consider creating a “pregnancy phonebook” comprised of the phone numbers and contact information of important people related to your pregnancy such as doctors, pediatricians, midwives, and friends who can offer valuable insights
  • If you are feeling particularly clumsy due to your growing baby bump and shifting center of gravity, try wearing flat shoes that offer plenty of support, in addition to slowing your movements
  • If you are planning on breastfeeding your baby, sign up for a breastfeeding class

To-do List And Reminders at Seven Months Pregnant

Your primary goals for month seven of pregnancy should be:

Obtain your glucose challenge test and/or glucose tolerance test If applicable, have your partner look into paternity leave options
Schedule your twenty-eight week prenatal visit Create a stock of baby supplies including items such as diapers, wipes, and if applicable, breastfeeding equipment
Begin baby-proofing your home Remain vigilant in looking out for preeclampsia symptoms
Fine-tune your maternity leave plans Start creating your birth plan – where you will give birth, whether or not you will be using pain-relieving options, and more
If applicable, begin looking for a nanny or other childcare options Create a master to-do list of nutrition, exercise, and health goals to look over every day

Keywords at 7 Months of Pregnancy

Group B streptococcus: Many pregnant women will contract group B streptococcus, which is typically a harmless condition for women (except in the rarest of circumstances) but can potentially pose a risk to a fetus. Found in the vagina or rectum, these bacteria are passed on to babies at a rate of 1 out of every 2000. Even if a fetus receives the bacteria from their mother, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will fall ill. Regardless of the rarity, this bacterial infection should be addressed as soon as possible by your healthcare provider as it can create critically dangerous outcomes for both mother and baby

Restless leg syndrome: Very common for pregnant women, restless leg syndrome is a condition describing the uncontrollable urge to move one or both of your legs. Particularly prevalent in the evening hours, this condition typically disappears over time

What to Expect at 7 Months of Pregnancy?

7 month pregnancy moms

  • With baby’s newfound ability to open their eyes, they are able to respond to and detect differences in light
  • The severity of your stretch marks are not just created by the amount of weight gain you experience but are also largely dictated by your genetics

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