How to Set up a Beach Tent on the Beach?


You and your family might just have been planning your next beach holiday or outing and have begun to realize that if you want to have fun and not get frazzled in the heat, you will need to have a beach tent, and importantly, know how to set it up. You don’t want frayed tempers and not feeling well from the sun when it could have all been avoided with the right equipment. Like a lot of outdoor gear, a beach tent needs to provide you with that much-needed shade, particularly when so much sunshine is to be found at the beach and so much fun is to be had in the water.

There Are Different Types of Tents to Set upbaby beach tents

  • You do get different types of beach tents to meet your needs. The new ones of today are really easy to erect, we will show you how too. Let’s just see what the different types are though. You will find baby beach tents for little ones, the first tent you will probably put up if you have a baby. You will need to find out from the store you buy it from how easy it is to put up as well as take down and ask about its weight too. Maybe the store assistant will even give you a demo on putting the tent up and down again – when you have a toddler, the last thing you want is something complex to erect.
  • Then there’s the beach cabana type tent; very popular on heaps of beaches across the world and also comes in different varieties. These tents look similar to cabins; open on one side; presumably facing the beach. These are great for if you are looking for privacy, not hard to put up, some even come with the pop-up facilities which make it so, so easy.
  • Then you get the beach canopy type tents, like big umbrellas, but offering way more shade. They come in a lot of different sizes to accommodate from two people to a whole crowd. Just in case you have purchased a bigger type tent, we will show you how to erect it, without any problems. In fact, most tents bought come with instructions, but sometimes they are so complicated, that it rather makes sense to read it from an article or advice from someone.

Let’s Get Started Setting up a Canopy Tent

Setting up a Canopy Tent

  • Your canopy tent was probably bought with some guy line attachments. Guy lines are the ropes or cables that you will use to hold your tent to prevent it from moving, and also to prevent your tent mast from topping over. Canopy tents made using steel might be a bit heavier, but they will probably sturdier. It might be a good idea also to purchase some snow or sand anchors from your outdoor retailer. These are usually made from fabric and they have cords so that you attach the guy line to them to weigh the tent down and make it sturdier.
  • You lay the center crossbar of the tent on the ground to set the tent up.
  • Take the 2 pole holders and place these at each end of the crossbar, hammering in with the pointed ends first.
  • Then insert the poles into the pole holder openings to that they stand up with the center crossbar and then attach on top of the vertical poles.
  • Then you place the tent fabric over the structure and insert the spike of vertical poles through the tent range.
  • Hammer a peg into the sand at 45° angle to the tent corner. Then place loops from the corner tent rope through the peg and attach them with the flip-ups, repeating all the corners. Tighten each corner by sliding the flip-ups until the ropes are taut.

Once you have your tent all set up, part of the setting up process will be to make sure your beach tent doesn’t blow away. How do you do that?

Tent companies have gotten clever these days, about keeping the beach tents that are so easy to set up from blowing away. A lot of beach tents, especially the canopy ones, come with pockets so that you can fill them with sand or rocks. This keeps the tent anchored and secured to the ground. But if your beach tent doesn’t come with pockets, it is still easy to secure the tent to the ground. All you do is add some rocks to the tent legs that are resting on the ground, or fill your water bottles with water – they make good anchors when fastened to the legs of your tent.

You Can Make Your Own Anchors as Wellset the beach tent

There is a really easy option and that is to buy tent weight bags, specially made for canopy tents. You usually need to fill them with sand, attaching them to the frame as well as the legs of your tent.  But check this homemade idea out:

PVC Pipe Tent Weights

  • Buy PVC piping and all your other supplies at your hardware store. You will need:

Eight 4-inch (or 10 cm) in diameter PVC caps

Power drill


Eye protection

Nuts, washers, bolts (16 each) with the size of 5/8 inch (or 1.6 cm).

4 eyebolts of 5/8 inch (or 1.6 cm)

4 Pieces of 36 inch (or 91 cm) PVC piping

Glue and PVC primer

50 pounds or 23 kg of cement (fast-drying) and a container for mixing it in

Bungee cording or rope

Each weight will weight around 40 pounds each (or 18 kg). You can make smaller ones if you prefer which will be easier to transport. Here are easy instructions on how you make them. There is a video about setting beach tent by yourself.

Easy for You to Set up a Beach Tent to Have a Better Time

Most tent manufacturers these days have made life on the beach so easy, usually, they come fully assembled, leaving only the laying out for you to do – it’s just a matter of filling the anchors with sand and popping up the supports. No fuss, no mess -in minutes you are out having fun. When it’s time to go home again, you just simply reverse the easy process!


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