SantaCon 2018: Dress Up As Santa and Enjoy Wherever You Are


SantaCon, an abbreviation of ‘Santa Convention’, is an annual event when people dress up as Santa Claus and stroll through streets of cities, go to the bars, and have a great festive night out. Even though this event began in San Francisco in the 1990s and nowadays it is considered to be a traditional American holiday, people dress up in Santa in over a hundred cities in the world.

Famous for a friendly atmosphere and approximately 30,000 participants, the largest SantaCon is held in NYC. If you are not sure when SantaCon 2018 in your city is, check out the online timetable and be prepared for the crazy night. Just keep in mind that you need to be older than 21 years!

SantaCon New York

Thousands of people in festive Christmas holiday costumes gather for SantaCon in Union Square in San Francisco for the annual Santarchy event.


Every day in New York is a holiday, but NYC SantaCon is organized only once a year during the holiday season. That day, thousands of people dressed in numerous variations of Santa Claus and Elf suits, including traditional, funny, unusual, ridiculous, and sexy, stroll the Manhattan streets. With obvious pleasure, the crowd spreads Christmas joy while going from bar to bar sharing drinks and festive mood among themselves.

Whether you belong to those who love this festival or despise it, you can’t escape from NYC SantaCon. On that day, the whole city becomes a great podium for thousands of Santa who only want to spend a good time with both friends and strangers and have fun.

NYC SantaCon 2018 starts on Saturday 8th December, at 10 am. Whichever bar you choose during this night, you will be in the right place. Before becoming one of the Santa, you should sign up for SantaCon. After online donation, you will receive an email with information about where to pick up your ‘Santa Badge’ and about all the events you can attend.

Don’t expect to find the SantaCon 2018 route in advance, but check for updates regularly and you will get the tip on time! To become a part of the SantaCon crowd, you need to dress up appropriately and respect a few simple rules. Choose the interesting, unique, and unusual Santa or Elf costume, don’t mess with cops, the charity mission, kids, and bar staff, and you can expect that NYC will be a good host. Come to the Big Apple and participate in the best SantaCon ever.

SantaCon Hoboken

Thousands of people in festive Christmas holiday costumes gather for SantaCon in Union Square in San Francisco for the annual Santarchy event

Everyone knows that New York City is the main ‘stage’ for SantaCon party, but you shouldn’t underestimate the bar scene in Hoboken over the river. It is probably the best bar scene at the North East. Every year, thousands of Santa hurry through the Hoboken streets to enjoy the most popular bars you want to get in.

I am sure that you don’t want to miss this event given that a bunch of Santa from New Jersey is taking over Hoboken this December. Buy your ticket on time to make sure to get a wristband, which will give you the right to get your drink throughout the entirety of this event. The only thing that is needed is to look for a map of places to eat and drink specials you will be able to access.

Come on Saturday, December 15, 2018, at 10:00 and enjoy this unique opportunity to meet people and feel that special festive atmosphere. Also, think about children in need and bring donations or new toys to make this holiday season happy for them. And don’t forget one more thing! Ticket prices always increase as the event comes closer.

SantaCon Boston

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa! Boston is one of the numerous cities around the world where this Santa festival is organized. Come to attend SantaCon 2018 and tour the Faneuil Hall and Financial District areas on Saturday 1st December, from 12:00 to 9:00 pm for free. Be one of approximately 3,000 Santa who usually participate in the event.

Pick out your Santa or Elf suit, and gather your Reindeer to drink together. You need just $15.00 to book tickets to the twelve bars of X-Mas and to get your gifts including warm winter hat, light up bulb necklace, adorable jingle bell bracelet, koozie, candy cane, convenient drawstring bag, temporary tattoos, and a photo booth. If the bar you want to enter refuses to accept Santa or is at capacity, just go to the next one. Eat something along the way and keep drinking your favorite beverage. Just keep in mind that this event is only for 21+!!! Cheers!

SantaCon Costume Ideas

Santa costumes are a crucial part of every SantaCon. Please, don’t treat this incredible street party without any effort. It is entirely unacceptable to show up with only a cheap Santa hat on your head and to think it is OK. This event is worth considering and planning.

Well, when you decide to dress up as Santa for SantaCon, you have an option to rent a Santa Claus costume, to make your own or to buy one. It depends only on you. If you don’t prefer wearing rented outfit many people used before and you are not skillful with scissors and needles, the best option is to buy one. I will list some traditional as well as unique Santa suits here. You just need to pick out one which fits you the best.


1 – Red flannel Santa suit with white gloves – Traditional Santa suit

[amazon box=”B00603WQ9O” template=”vertical”]

With traditional red and white Santa costume you simply can’t make a mistake. Put on red flannel Santa jacket and pants trimmed with white fur, white gloves, matching hat, as well as black vinyl boot-tops and a belt. When you add Santa beard and wig, glasses, a bell, and belly, you will be prepared for SantaCon right away.

2 – Funny men’s Santa suit costume – Forum Novelties Santa costume

[amazon box=”B00PWE5OPK” template=”vertical”]

Be brave and unique in the funny red suit with a bunch of little Santa. This Christmas costume includes jacket and pants as well as an appropriate tie. With a simple white shirt, you will be classy on your own way, utterly recognizable, and prepared for partying!

3 – Baby blue Christmas suit – Ugly Christmas suit

[amazon box=”B076DRCXQY” template=”vertical”]

Hardly anyone would ever connect baby blue suit with Christmas, but guess what! It is possible! Buy this bizarre blazer and pants. After adding a tie made of the same fabric and a white shirt, you definitely won’t show up at the SantaCon party wearing the same Santa suit as everyone else.

4 – Red puppy Christmas suit – The top Christmas suit

[amazon box=”B07GRML3MF” template=”vertical”]

This men’s red puppy Christmas suit, made of silky smooth material, is the unique outfit you can find for SantaCon 2018. The whole ensemble consists of pants and a jacket with a matching tie. Let people notice you and enjoy.

5 – Unique Christmas suit – Suitmeister Costume

[amazon box=”B07JCVHFHS” template=”vertical”]

After choosing between Christmas trees, blue Snowmen, and green balls and bells prepare yourself for upcoming SantaCon. Be unique, be fun, be noticed! Plus, these days these suits come with an adorable Santa hat. Take your chance this year!

6 – Men’s Elf costume – Elf suit for him

[amazon box=”B07J2SM4D1″ template=”vertical”]

This fantastic green velvet Elf costume includes a funny green coat, red pants, green Santa hat, black belt buckle, and special shoe covers. If you choose a deluxe model, you can count on lined pants with pockets and a lined jacket with faux fur on the collar. Dress up and hurry! SantaCon is about to begin.


1 – Be Mrs. Santa in red costume – Sweet Dreamgirl red costume

[amazon box=”B000G66TWQ” template=”vertical”]

It is pretty hard to be unique among a crowd of Santa, but not impossible. Become a queen of upcoming SantaCon as a real Mrs. Santa, dressed in a fantastic red dress with faux fur and matching velvet. You will be prepared for the event as soon as you put on Santa hat, black belt, and bell necklace.

2 – Mrs. Santa ‘secret wishes’ costume – Sexy costume

[amazon box=”B002WGJHTU” template=”vertical”]

Choose this exciting combination of a red dress with faux fur, matching cuffs, capelet, Santa hat, and boot tops. It will be enough for you to prepare yourself for the Christmas holidays properly. The only thing left is to put a smile as wide as possible on your face and to go into a crazy, happy night.

3 – Green Mrs. Claus costume – Leg Avenue green costume

[amazon box=”B00N40SW3K” template=”vertical”]

If you don’t like red, become a naughty girl wearing the green variation of Mrs. Santa costume. Enjoy a soft velvet dress with dense faux fur and a mysterious hood. When you add a wide black belt, which will point out your waist, you will be doubtlessly irresistible. SantaCon is waiting for you!

4 – Christmas choker dress – Roshop Christmas dress for her

[amazon box=”B075GVDFNP” template=”vertical”]

There are a few patterns of this choker V-neck Christmas dress including black with little Santa or Snowmen all around, green with Christmas trees, and red ones with Santa Reindeer. Enjoy your new fashion look and join the party.

5 – Outlandish dress – Just Love Christmas dress

[amazon box=”B07D2M346D” template=”vertical”]

This year, become a girl with Elves, Christmas candies, snowflakes, Reindeer, Santa or penguins on the dress and gleefully join the SantaCon. The weird style is your goal because you deserve everyone to find out how unique you are.

6 – Cheerful Christmas dress – LaSuiveur Mrs. Santa dress

[amazon box=”B017KBVK0K” template=”vertical”]

If you prefer casual style, choose one of these cheerful tunic dresses. They are made of soft fabric which is a comfortable combination of polyester and spandex. Pick out a color, design, and one of the available patterns connected with Christmas. Then pair this cute budget-friendly dress with boots. After you are entirely prepared, you can begin to enjoy upcoming holiday parties. Go and catch the night!

7 – Festive velvet dress – Annigo dress in the Christmas spirit

[amazon box=”B075R3NS3S” template=”vertical”]

If you are not a pattern type, it is enough to choose a festive dress in the Christmas spirit. Pick out burgundy, dark blue or a dark green version with or without a collar and go partying. Be sure that such a dress will make you stand out in the crowd.

8 – Women’s Santa costume – Fun World Mrs. Santa costume

[amazon box=”B00N4NRQ02″ template=”vertical”]

This female version of traditional red and white Santa’s costume will attract everyone’s attention. Put on a jacket with faux fur, matching leggings, and Santa hat. Add a black belt, and your outfit will be perfect.

9 – Women’s Santa baby costume – Mrs. Santa baby costume

[amazon box=”B00N40SW9E” template=”vertical”]

Only the bravest girls will decide to choose this fantastic red Santa costume made of polyester with beautiful white faux fur. Adding classic Santa hat, belt buckle, and high black boots will make you attractive and recognizable. Enjoy SantaCon 2018 as never before.

10 – Christmas Elf costume for adults – California Christmas Elf costume

[amazon box=”B00OZH1PI0″ template=”vertical”]

Have you ever dreamed about being an Elf? If so, here is an incredible opportunity to make your dream come true. Pick out either green or red Elf tunic with crown hat, striped tights, black belt buckle, and special shoe covers. Enjoy soft, comfy, and warm costume for this lovely occasion.

Some people are against SantaCon primarily because they are concerned about public safety. Plus, this event is not family friendly. Only adults can attend because of many drunk and aggressive people walking on the streets. However, this festival has become an ultimate event in many American cities. More and more people have been joining during years because they can help children in need while spending the memorable night full of top-notch entertainment.

Even though people sometimes forget about it, the primary goal of this annual event is collecting donations for local as well as worldwide charities. For example, if you are one of the people walking throughout the streets of NYC that night, don’t forget to donate $12 and to contribute to a good cause. As a prize, you will get a ‘Santa Badge’ which will provide you a priority entrance to some special Christmas events and venues.

Be a part of a happy crowd while partying and a decent human being while donating. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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