Safari Baby Shower Ideas: The Lazy Parent’s Guide


Baby showers are special events in which families come together in order to celebrate a new baby and help supply the new mom-to-be and dad-to-be with all the things they need in order to welcome their upcoming bundle of joy. There are roughly a million different ways to throw a baby shower, from the super traditional to co-ed modern parties. A tried and true style, however, is to coordinate the entire shower around a specific theme that is enjoyed by the guests of honor. Some themes, such as baby animals, are considered classic, while others have a more exciting flair. One of the trendiest and “wild” themes is the subject of this article: The Safari Baby Shower. To throw the perfect safari shower, be sure to carry the theme throughout the invitations, food, decorations, games, prizes, and favors.

Invitations about Safari Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

Safari baby shower theme

Safari baby shower invitations are usually easy to spot from just a cursory glance. They are typically full of bright colors such as blue, orange, green, and yellow and are normally paired with shades of brown. It is a trend in safari invitations to include a printed texture on the backgrounds of the cards such as burlap or the look of wood pallet slats. You could also include cute cartoony or baby animals, such as lions, monkeys, elephants, giraffes or hippos. If you are not quite into more campy designs, a nice minimalist design of graphic silhouettes of animals is a nice option. As for the style of fonts included, a mixture of several different fonts creates an interesting layout that appears to be full of energy and fits with the “wild” aspect most people want for their safari theme. With these elements, adding a cute phrase will surely round out the design. You could include something as simple as “Wild about Baby!” “We’re WILD with excitement to say a baby is on its way!”, “Join us for a wild time!” or “Swing on by!” accompanied by a cute illustration of a monkey. In addition to the invitations, should you desire you could also send a request for either a book instead of a card, or an invitation to participate in a diaper raffle. Both of these should carry the same design style as the main invitation. With matching theming, you should not need to worry about playing with the wording, but of course if you want to, go right ahead!

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5 Safari Theme Baby Shower Food Ideas

So now that you have the invitations all set to send out to your guests, what about the food? Food is an element that really helps tie the different parts of your theme together. In addition, themed food can be super cute!

1. Drinks

Safari baby shower drinks
  • Punch is probably the easiest beverage you can serve at a shower. To make some there are several recipes such as Sprite and Green Hawaiian Punch or lemonade and green Kool-Aid. You could also make a variety of different flavored fruit juices or brightly colored smoothies and label them with names such as “Jungle Juice”, “Swamp Juice”, or “Monkey Juice”. For more simple beverages, you can also simply wrap water bottles in a strip of animal print duct tape!

2. Snacks

  • If snacks are your aim for food, there is a plethora of ideas! You could use a bowl of peanuts for “Elephant Snacks”, cheese and crackers with a cute image of a cheetah, or you could make popcorn crunch with m&m’s, pretzels, popcorn, and animal crackers.

3. Fruits and Veggies

  • This can be as simple as using animal themed cookie cutters to cut out shapes into slices of watermelon, or drawing tiger faces onto clementines with a marker. You could also make simple fruit skewers – “Gorilla Grapes” – or a small fruit salad arranged to look like palm trees. For the most adventurous out there, you could also stack pineapples and add leaves on top to create a fruit palm tree. You could also assemble individual cups of carrot and celery sticks with dip on the bottom to make “Gorilla Grub”.

    Safari baby shower prepared food

4. Prepared Food

  • These can be easily done for a cute treat. Much like the fruit mentioned above, you could use animal cookie cutters to make shaped sandwiches. You could also add “Hungry Hippo Dip” with artichoke dip and crackers. Chicken and pineapple grilled skewers will add some safari flair to your food table as well. Additionally, you could make sub sandwiches into the shape of a snake in which your guests can eat the different segments.

5. Desserts

  • Desserts are where a theme can truly shine. You could make chocolate covered pretzel sticks and decorate them with different animal prints such as cheetah spots or zebra stripes, or set out green Twizzler “Jungle Vines”, or leave a bowl of gummi worms as a “snake pit”. For those who are not inclined to cook, you could also buy Zebra Cakes by Little Debbie, and stick them onto skewers. Another easy dessert idea would be to create a “mud bath” and set up a dipping station for a chocolate fountain.

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4 Safari Baby Shower Decorations Ideas

Of course, the biggest area to allow your theme to shine is the decorations!

1. Banners

  • Banners are an easy way to decorate the baby shower. You can print out a message onto leaves that say, “It’s a boy/girl!” or simply alternate pieces of fabric in animal print and burlap.

2. Table Decorations

Safari baby shower table decoration
  • Table decorations can be super simple to help achieve your theme. You could fill mason jars with brightly colored flower arrangements, and wrap the jar in burlap with animal print fabric. You could also group small candles together with leaves wrapped around the base, secured with a piece of rough twine. If inclined, you could also create small diaper cakes and slide fake foliage into them. Another idea would be to use tall glass vases and fill them with a layer of dark sand, safari animal toys, and then stick fake palm fronds and other jungle or safari themed foliage into them as well.

3. Guest Book Decorations

  • If you are planning to use a guest book for your shower, why not have it fit into the decorations? You could use a poster of a tree with guests leaving their fingerprints as the leaves, or create a paper-craft image of safari animals and have your guests write on leaves and glue them onto the tree.

4. Other Decorations

  • If you have a lot of time on your hands, an elaborate idea could be to create a jungle in the space by attaching brown balloons and leaves to the ceiling and trailing brown streamers to the floor in order to create trees. You could also hang stuffed monkey toys from some green balloons as well. Funny signs posted around the area that read “BEWARE OF ANIMALS” or “DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS” can add some humor to the theme. In addition, you could create a Safari Tour set of signs such as Elephant Crossing, Giraffe Spot, etc., pointing to different safari themed areas.

Safari Baby Shower Game,Prizes, and Favors Ideas

Other major areas to carry the theme throughout are the games, prizes, and favors at your shower.

Baby shower jungle cake


  • These can be as simple as a safari themed game of bingo with pictures of safari animals as the spaces, or hosting a quiz game in which your guests need to identify different countries and animals of Africa. A safari themed baby animal matching game is also fun, in addition to guessing how many toy safari animals can fit into a jar.


  • A simple but adorable prize for guests could be to glue toy animals to the lid of a jar and painting them one color before filling the jar with candy. However, you might also want to consider prizes of tropical plants or little bags of banana and lime Runts candy.


  • Safari favors can be super easy! Simply attach a “thank you!” to a small bag of animal crackers or nicely wrapped decorative cookies. You could also include personalized frosted plastic cups with a lion and the date of your shower.

Themed baby showers can be a great way to help celebrate an upcoming new baby. Themes allow for cute and relatively easy ways to create a cohesive feeling for the shower, and can impress your guests with how well put together your shower is! The Safari Shower is a fun and classic theme that is sure to wow your guests and bring joy to the parents-to-be or the mom-to-be!

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