24 Strict Rules Royal Children Have To Follow


Many people think that children who are born in the royal court are privileged. I don’t know if that’s the case but believe that the acceptability of such a way of life depends mainly on the personality of the child. Following the life of royal families, I can see that they have the same problems as everyone else. Some of those children fit nicely and easily into the environment where they were born, but others try to fight with the burden that their family brings in a rebellious and sometimes unacceptable way.

The Royal Rules We Could Also Accept

1 Children must speak properly

There is no ‘baby talk’ in the Royal family. They pride themselves on the proper way they speak, and that includes all Royal children. This attitude is unusual for some people, but I know many families who avoid goo-goo speaking. Well, kids imitate parent’s speech, and it is not strange that Royal children speak in a sophisticated way from the very beginning.

2 Being bilingual is an imperative

The Royal family travels a lot and visits numerous countries. It is the matter of etiquette to be bilingual. All Royal children begin to learn other languages at a very young age. It’s expected that they are able to speak French. Prince George and Prince Charlotte already learn Spanish. Queen Elizabeth speaks French fluently, Prince William uses Mandarin, French, and Welsh, and Prince Harry speaks Arabic. Prince Philip speaks French and German while Prince Charles can use German and Welsh as well.

3Superior education is implied

The Royal children have to finish University regardless of whether they like it or not. They usually have a private tutor at home while they are young, and go to an elite boarding school later. Also, they have to get extensive media training including using ‘Windsor wave’ and behaving in front of cameras.

4 They always send greetings cards

They send ‘thank-you’ cards to everyone who posts them a note. It’s considered mandatory etiquette no matter how many notes they receive. Of course, they have a team to do this hard work instead of them, but in some special cases or if they get a gift, the Royals will handwrite a thank-you note themselves! If you ask me, we should teach our children such a beautiful custom.

5They have to accept all presents graciously

royal kids Must Accept All Gifts Graciously

The Royals need to accept all gifts with a smile and graciously no matter how weird they are. All given presents belong to the Crown, and it’s up to Queen Elizabeth II to decide which of them can be kept. The nice thing is that no one can re-gift or sell any gifts.

6 Children are a part of every event

Every Royal child attends every wedding in the family. Girls are bridesmaids and boys are pageboys. All the Royal weddings are a national event with hundreds of guests. That means that the Royal children need to be prepared for weddings because no one wants to see protesting toddlers around.

7 They can’t sit with adults until they learn how to behave in an appropriate way

Children can’t sit with adults during dinner. They use a child’s table until they learn how to mind their manners (how to seat or use forks, knives, or napkins) and use a polite conversation (they should speak respectfully and avoid to interrupt others).

Annoying Rules

8 Kids have their own security team

The security team is the part of the standard protocol for the Royal Family. They keep Royal children safe. It’s OK, and it probably doesn’t bother them while they are toddlers, but I can’t imagine a teenager who wouldn’t consider it entirely annoying.

Also, no matter where they go, Royals travel with an elite Scotland Yard squad. Believe or not, one hundred and eighty-five highly trained men look after the Queen, her children, and grandchildren.

9 They open presents on Christmas Eve

Most children can’t wait Christmas morning to see what Santa Clause has brought them. They open up their presents as soon as they open their eyes. But, things are completely different for Royal children. They can open their presents on Christmas Eve according to an old German tradition from the 16th century which is the custom in the Royal family for years.

They open presents on Christmas Eve

The reason is that they gather together for the Mass at St. Mary Magdalene in Sandringham and there is no time for children to open their presents on Christmas morning like everybody else. It is actually great for them, right? They don’t need to wait Santa appears like other kids. In fact, I think this is a nice habit and an excellent way to keep the family together. But, it seems that Kate disagrees with that. Her kids have to wait for presents, and they get them on Christmas Day like every other child.

10Spending Christmas with each other is ‘must do’

Well, spending Christmas with your family is generally speaking a beautiful custom. But, if it is the only allowed option, it can be pretty irritating, don’t you think? There is always a possibility that someone wants to spend this important holiday with people they love more than the members of the Royal family.

While the rest of the Royal family celebrates Christmas at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, Kate Middleton prefers spending Christmas with her parents, and she takes the children with her too. I believe that the old Queen doesn’t like this much, but she has to get used to. New times bring new rules.

11They must respect royal duties

Prince William and Kate want their children live as much normal life as possible, but the Royal kids need to respect their royal duties, including a Thursday afternoon’s tea with the Queen. They also need to learn to curtsy and famous ‘Windsor waving’. Can you believe that there are strict rules for waving too? Unbelievable! Not to forget the order of seating or entering the room! Basically, when they go somewhere, they need to respect the ‘line to the throne’ order. This rule is rigorous, and it must be followed without any exception and at all costs.

12 A dress code 

A Dress Code for royal children

British Princes always wear shorts until their eighth years because wearing shorts is a sign of being in the ‘upper class’. Princesses wear a dress, cardigan, and tights. There are strict rules about accessories too. Girls always wear classic dolly shoes which color matches their outfit. And there is no possibility that the princess puts on a printed dress or avoids wearing a hair bow. Whatever I thought about it, they are dressed in the classy and traditional way, which is known as ‘upper-class look’.

13 Excellent posture is ‘must have’

Royals learn all about the posture practically from the moment they are born. Their feet need to be at shoulder width apart, their spine is straight, and chin slightly lifted. Their hands are always out of pockets, and they sit with their legs straight out with both feet on the ground.

Well, it can look charming. On the other side, these kids can’t pick up bugs and rocks or run around as children usually do. They also know from the early age what bowing and curtsying are. Girls need to curtsy and boys to bow when they greet the Queen. Maybe it’s OK, but it is a little bit too much for me.

Weird Rules

14 If the Queen is not hungry, you mustn’t be hungry too

During the dinner, when members of the royal family eat together, they need to stop to eat when the Queen is finished her meal. This rule is very ‘alive’ and in effect to this day. Well, it is a little bizarre in the ‘power’ context, but it is actually not a bad rule at all. Thanks to it, children very early learn that any picky-eating behavior won’t be tolerated.

I am pretty sure that they learn very quickly. Or, maybe members of the royal family are slim and have healthy eating habits just because of this rule. Anyway, this way of eating is well-known in every Orthodox monastery or Buddhist temple. It is about respect for eldership and discipline. When it comes to the British court, I hope the Queen is lenient to her children and grandchildren who eat something slower.

Nutrition rules

15– Shellfish are forbidden

Well, it is not a rule. It is more some kind of traditional health guideline for members of the royal family. Even though this food is not allowed both when Royals eat out or at home, we can see some of them break this rule on many occasions. Actually, it’s an old and archaic regulation from the time when there was no science to explain food poisoning and allergies. It is well-known that Queen Elizabeth avoids shellfish, but there is a real possibility that future generations won’t accept this tradition.

Shellfish are forbidden to the royal kinds

It is less known that family members have an entire list of dishes that they have to avoid while on the road. ‘Don’t eat while traveling’ list includes exotic and spicy foods, rare meat and tap water.

16Packaged food is forbidden

This rule was originally introduced by Darren McGrady, a former chef to the Royals. He used only organic vegetables and fruits when William and Harry were young. Plus, the chef made baby food for them by himself.

Some members of the family don’t appreciate this regulation. For example, the Duchess of Cambridge consider this way of feeding useless and Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, often buy baby food from a popular organic brand for little Princess Charlotte. All in all, it is not a strict rule; it is about the fact that Prince George is so keen on organic foods.

17 – Garlic is banned at home

Well, many people avoid garlic because of its smell. The Queen hates the taste of garlic, and she has banned it in the house. That means that it is not a real rule but a wish of the old Lady. Probably this rule will pass with her one day, and her family will enjoy this, maybe a little bit unpleasant, but a very healthy ingredient.

18– GMO is forbidden

Well, I completely agree with this rule. You prefer strawberries and fresh tomato during winter? Nope. Her majesty respects seasonal produce, and her children and grandchildren will always know exactly when to eat some vegetable or fruit and when not to.

19 Special Rituals for Baptisms

Royal children are always baptized from silver gilt The Lily Font that is a part of the Crown Jewels. It was used in 1841 for the first time for royal christenings. Head of the English church baptizes kids in church or Buckingham Palace, and the baby put on a dress that Queen Victoria wore in 1841 at her baptism. From 2004, they have used a replica because the original one starts to be too fragile.

The Royals can’t be Roman Catholic. It is actually a 300 years old law. From 2011 it is allowed for them to be married to a person of any faith, but they personally must still be in communion with the Church of England. Baptizing is the first official public event for every Royal newborn even though the media can’t be present in the church during the ceremony.

20 They cannot handle money

Royals don’t need to carry money. Their staff holds it instead and pays for everything Royals need. Maybe it’s an easy way of living, but I believe that children need their pocket money to learn to be responsible.

21 Six Ravens at the London Tower

The legend says that the kingdom will fall if the ravens leave the Tower. From the early childhood, little Royals need to stick to the rule – save Royal Ravens.

Bizarre Rules

22 Nicknames are not allowed

It is one of the first rules for royal children regardless of whether they are in public or in private. Well, I am not sure if they literally apply this rule in their home. The fact is that Duchess Catherine is Kate for everyone, as Prince Henry has a nickname – Harry. We also know that Princess Diana was well-known as Lady D and that even Queen Elisabeth’s father George VI had a nickname – Bertie. It seems to me that this regulation is about public presence of the royals.

It seems reasonable to me that in public they use only their full names. It is one more way to show the dignity and seriousness of the family. The reason why I have included this rule in the bizarre is that the child should still be a child. The nickname isn’t something wrong and inappropriate. On the contrary, we use them for people we love. For now, no matter how cute a little Prince or Princess is, everyone still uses only their full name on any occasion.

In any case, I can’t imagine that grandchildren call their grandma – Her Majesty Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. Well, if you ask me, it would be entirely weird if they call her even – Your Majesty instead Granny as well.

23 Family travels are forbidden

Royal children can’t travel with their parents because two heirs to the throne can’t be in the same plane. Once Prince George turns 12, it will be forbidden for him to travel with his parents anywhere in case there is an accident during travel. If something like this happens, at least one of the heirs to the British throne will survive. I have to admit that this morbid and bizarre rule, unfortunately, has a lot of sense.

Not to forget, Royals always use British Airways. The Queen used it for the first time in 1952, and it became a rule. But, 2012 Prince William cut travel budget and skipped British Airways royal jets.

One more rule – only the Queen doesn’t need a passport. Everyone else needs them. Even a little Prince George got a passport when he was nine weeks old for the trip to Australia. All customs and immigration regulations were respected.

24 Monopoly is forbidden

It’s pretty ridiculous rule. The Royals can’t enjoy Monopoly! The reason is that family members could argue during the game and they want to avoid unnecessary conflicts because considering the game ‘too vicious’.

The rules that children need to respect are essential. They help them to be good and well-educated people one day. The problem appears when someone tries to apply the same criteria to entirely different persons, especially if rules are too rigid and occasionally wholly bizarre. Well, no one can have everything in life including Royal kids.

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