4 Excellent Reasons About Why My Baby Need A Night Light?


There are many arguments both for a baby having a night light in his or her room and also against such a light. But whatever your beliefs, if you are going to buy a nightlight for your little bundle of joy, when you shop for one, you are going to have a whole lot of fun. There are those that say you shouldn’t get your baby a nightlight because a baby’s natural rhythms or his body clock will automatically set properly when he comes home; he will gradually start sleeping less in the day and more when its night time. Family sleep therapist on child sleeping patterns, Diana Julie, says that it’s “critical to help a baby distinguish night from day and sleep from wake, and the best way to do this is by controlling light and darkness.”

But there are other arguments in favor of a baby having a light in his room, and Krista Guenther, baby and child sleep consultant says that “when an environment is lighted, melatonin production is inhibited. Melatonin helps us go to sleep, stay asleep and wake up well rested“.  The National Sleep Foundation says that the ideal place for a baby to sleep should be a cool, quiet and dark place. Looking at all the above arguments, it would be safe to say that you, the parents, are the ones who will make up your own minds about whether or not your baby will benefit from having a night light – after all, babies are different and so are their parents and that means different needs, not so?

A Soft Gently Night Light Guides You to Baby in the Night

Baby Need A Night Light

When all is said and done, mom and dad are still going to find checking up on their newborn in the night much easier if there is a baby night light in baby’s room offering soft and gentle illumination. When you have finished changing nappies and feeding baby, it will be easier for the baby to go off to sleep again, but also for mom and dad to return to bed again. No one would have been jarred awake by the harsh lights that the main light in the room offers. Who could return back to sleep after that? Some babies have even been reported as being calmer with a night light on, offering the baby visual stimulation as well during the day, when he is awake and lying in his cot or crib.

When you think about a baby’s sleep, you have to realize that sleep is just as important as a baby’s food.  A newborn is not afraid of the dark and will sleep in a pitch dark room, but as a baby grows into a toddler, sometimes they become scared of the dark, and then a night light will be just the thing to take away that fear. Here are four excellent reasons why it is a good idea to get a baby light in baby’s room:

  1. Doctors say your baby’s brain development can be boosted by a night light. And it has also been suggested to parents that it is a good idea to leave a night light on in their baby’s room in order to boost his visual development, particularly those babies aged from birth-4 months.
  2. Ideal for toddlers who start having nightmares, because often when aged between 2-4 years, children start developing fears of the dark. Having a night light on makes them feel safe and secure; it makes it much easier for them to go back to sleep and to stay asleep rather than lying anxiously in their beds, worrying about what is in the dark.
  3. Mom and dad can do nappy changing and feeding the baby much more easily when a soft glow from a night light helps them as they attend to the baby. I am sure it is true to say that mom and dad find it just as comforting to have the soft glow of a night light on to attend to their baby as well! And once your little child has become potty-trained, that little night light will help him or her to find the toilet easily when they need to get up in the night.
  4. Another benefit of having a soft baby light is so that a toddler is able to locate his comfort toy in the night, instead of becoming more fearful because he cannot feel it or look out for it.

Choose the Best Night Light for Your Baby to have a Sweet Night

baby night light

It is not a bad idea, either, for parents to spend a little bit more when deciding to invest in a baby night light. Try and find a light that is strong and sturdy, made from materials of quality. These lamps can be operated by electricity or by batteries. Spending a bit of extra money on a good light that will serve its purpose, and it is likely to last probably right through to a child’s teens. For new parents, purchasing a night light for their baby is an accessory that they will wonder how they ever did without. While having a night light in the nursery is not an absolute necessity for a baby or toddler, it can certainly be beneficial. Your decision to have a light will be based on you and your family’s situation, and also the sleep patterns of the baby, as well as his needs. When used properly, it will have countless benefits and positive results.


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