Rainbow Baby: What is a Rainbow Baby?


Bringing a new baby into the world is an exciting and emotional time. However, everyone’s journey is different. Sometimes, complications occur and the baby doesn’t make it. This is often a very sorrowful and devastating time for parents.

It can be hard to see the light at a time like this, so when time passes and another baby comes along, there’s a new sense of great joy that comes.

This is your Rainbow Baby – they give you a newfound hope for the future and that things will get better.

6 Best Rainbow Baby Gifts in 2018

Rainbow Babies bring enormous joy to the family and are definitely worth the wait. To participate in this special celebration, we bring you a selection of products you can use as a unique, meaningful Rainbow Baby gift.

1.Baby Rainbow Dash

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This is a stuffed little pony toy that talks, sings and makes all kinds of baby sounds. It comes in a box with its own pacifier and a diaper that is permanently sewn to the back, which the child may pretend to change.

If you press its tiny foot, the pony will start talking and singing in its own sweet voice. It will ask you to rock it to sleep, which makes it a good bedtime toy as well. Its body is made out of soft plush material that is tightly stitched together to prevent the stuffing from coming out.

The face is made from plastic, which is durable and allows for rough play. However, it is soft enough for the child to squeeze and cuddle with the toy. It uses 3 AAA batteries and works in two modes – “demo” and “play.”


  • A sturdy toy that is soft and cuddly at the same time
  • Excellent bedtime toy that will motivate your child to fall asleep faster


  • May not be suitable for children under three years

2.Rainbow Baby Onesie

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This is a gorgeous little onesie that praises the miracle of Rainbow Babies and the efforts their parents have made to bring them into this world. It is made out of cotton blend material that is soft against the baby’s skin and comfortable to wear at all occasions.

It comes in the color white, with a stylish, colorful message that says “I’m the rainbow after the storm.” It is a long-sleeve, round collar romper with snap closures for an easy diaper change.

In addition to that, it can easily be matched with many other outfits, so it is suitable for photo sessions, birthday celebrations, holiday seasons and others.


  • Stylish addition to a baby’s wardrobe
  • Suitable for all kinds of occasions
  • Made out of soft, natural materials that are comfortable to wear


  • Only hand washing is recommended

3.Rainbow Receiving Blanket

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This receiving blanket is made out of pure, natural cotton material, which makes it a perfect gift for a newborn Rainbow Baby. Newborn babies need to be warm and comfortable to feel protected.

This receiving blanket is the perfect solution, as it will keep them safe during their first, most delicate months. The materials that it is made out of are light and breathable, which minimizes the risk of overheating.

In addition to that, this blanket has many other purposes, including burping and wiping your baby’s face, changing mat, stroller cover as well as protection from the wind and sun.


  • Natural, breathable materials that feel comfortable against a baby’s skin
  • A versatile product that is ideal as a gift


  • Available only in the smallest size

4.Rainbow Bib 

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This is an official “Cute Rascals” merchandise that has guaranteed quality. The company uses super-soft materials to produce their clothes and offers clever designs to add a twist to your cute rascal’s daily wardrobe.

This is a white bib with a central picture of a rainbow and it comes in several different border colors. The fabric is soft, so it won’t cause any skin irritations while it protects your baby’s clothes from stains.

It is suitable for both boys and girls and completely washer-safe, so you don’t have to worry about stubborn stains on it either.


  • Beautiful design
  • Excellent quality of materials used
  • Ideal gift for girls and boys alike


  • The “rainbow” applique may get damaged after washing

5.Rainbow Baby Footwear

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Made out of soft cotton material that will keep their feet warm and comfortable, this baby footwear with a rainbow design is perfect for a Rainbow Baby.

These rainbow-styled booties are suitable for both boys and girls and can be worn in spring and autumn. They will keep your child’s feet warm and comfortable and the anti-slip design will keep them safe as well.


  • Excellent gift for a Rainbow Baby
  • Soft protection for tiny feet


  • The shoes are manufactured according to Asian baby shoes’ size charts and their size is very small, so you should pay attention to that when placing an orde

6.Rainbow LED Night Light 

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This rainbow LED night light runs on AA batteries and can be placed on the wall, floor, or cabinet. This is a nice decorative night light and a perfect addition to a Rainbow Baby’s nursery.

You can leave it on – in dim or bright mode – or set it on for 10, 20, or 30 minutes until it automatically shuts off.


  • A nice, decorative night light for a Rainbow Baby’s room
  • Excellent gift for any occasion


  • The on and off switch is not accessible from the front

What is a Rainbow Baby?

A Rainbow Baby is one that is born following the loss of another baby. This loss could be from miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or neonatal death. The loss of a child or pregnancy is tragic for the family, which can be thought of as a storm.

This storm or cloud of darkness may linger overhead for a long time. When you’ve been in the darkness for so long, things begin to seem hopeless. A Rainbow Baby is a beacon of color and light in your dark, stormy sky.

They give you a new appreciation for life and give you something to work for. Compared to the devastation and grief of losing a baby, the arrival of a Rainbow Baby can bring you overwhelming joy and hope.

Why Rainbow Baby So Special?

The arrival of a Rainbow Baby brings a variety of new emotions and challenges. However, they also offer so much opportunity for growth and happiness. Bringing home and raising such a special child is an experience like no other.

rainbow baby

Honoring a Passed Angel Baby

You can never forget the loss of a child and having another baby can bring on a lot of confused feelings and emotions. In fact, some mothers feel like their new baby is an attempt to replace the baby that passed.

However, your new Rainbow Baby will help you remember the love that you will forever have inside of you for the baby you lost. They can help you heal and learn to enjoy life again. It’s important to celebrate the joy that your baby brings you.

You can truly honor your Angel Baby by appreciating and loving your Rainbow Baby the best way you can.

A New Perspective on Parenting

When things get tough with your baby, like difficulty feeding, sleeping, or illness, you’ll approach it with a new perspective and calmness. You’ll be grateful to deal with these common problems because you know things could be much worse.

Even the discomfort and side effects that come along with pregnancy are something to be grateful for. You may feel a great sense of gratitude to be able to carry a baby; every little kick or movement will be something you’re grateful for.

That miserable morning sickness might even feel like a blessing.

A New Chance and Reason to Heal

A Rainbow Baby can show you your body and spirit’s ability to heal. They give you a chance to prove to yourself that you can face your fears and find happiness again. After all, you’ve got someone besides yourself to be strong for.

Rainbow Baby vs Sunshine Baby

Along with Rainbow Baby, you might also come across the term Sunshine Baby. A Sunshine Baby is a baby that was born prior the loss of a baby or pregnancy. Expecting and raising these two types of babies can be very different experiences.

With a Rainbow Baby, you will still be facing the challenges and emotions of losing a baby. There may also be an overwhelming fear that something will go wrong. That’s a common worry when raising any child, but it’s a different experience when raising a Rainbow Baby.

Only after the loss of a baby or pregnancy does a Sunshine Baby become one. Raising one is different than raising a Rainbow Baby because you have not yet experienced the loss and grief.

It can also be difficult to get over the feeling that your new baby is overshadowing the one that passed away.

Rainbow Baby Names

Naming your baby is one of the most special things you’ll ever do. It’s important to choose a name that has real meaning to you and suits him or her. A Rainbow Baby is a source of hope and happiness, so they really deserve to be named something special.

There are plenty of names out there to choose from that would be a perfect fit for your new rainbow. Different names come with different meanings and origins. Maybe you want something classic and timeless, or perhaps something more exotic and unique.

Here are a few names to consider for rainbow girls or boys:

For the Rainbow Girls


Already a popular name, Angela is pretty self-explanatory. It means “an angel.”


Helena means “bright light” – what a perfect name for the baby that brought so much light back into your life.


Obviously with this one, you imagine a beautiful iris flower. But in Greek, Iris actually means “rainbow.”


This Indian name is beautiful and exotic and it means “God’s blessing.” After experiencing such a loss, your Rainbow Baby will feel like a miraculous blessing from God.


Another lovely Indian name, Karishma means “miracle.” It’s a very fitting name for your little miracle.


This powerful Scottish name means “friend” or “beloved.”


Sachi is based off of a Japanese name meaning “child of bliss.”

For Rainbow Boys


Anthony is already a common favorite, but it’s still very meaningful. The name Anthony means “priceless.”


In Hebrew, this name means “longed for.” Your Rainbow Baby will no doubt bring you the joy and hope that you longed for after your loss.


Much like a rainbow, the name Lucas means “one that gives light.”


This strong Indian name carries many meanings, such as “hope,” “wish,” “desire” and “aspire.”


Bence is a unique name with a Latin origin meaning “blessed.” A great reminder of how blessed you are to have this child in your life.


Similar to the popular name “Adam,” but this version has an African origin and it means “God’s blessing.”

Rainbow Baby Shower

A Rainbow Baby shower involves creativity and the making of beautiful, rainbow-colored combinations. Create an air of beauty, joy and fun during that moment when you embrace this new motherhood experience.

Here are some ideas on how you can create a fantastic and colorful Rainbow Baby shower:

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Use Bright and Colorful Decorations

With the best combination of colors, your baby shower will both be fun and alluring. Use bright colors to make your decorations and set up the tables’ centerpieces so as to entice your guests. Colors such as purple and orange are great choices for centerpiece arrangements.

Decorations like a rainbow tissue ball are a good choice for hanging around the room or area where you will be holding your baby shower. The tables can be decorated with white platters and surrounded by other rainbow-colored pieces and glitters.

Depending on your taste and preferences, select the best rainbow color combinations to match the event and emotional needs of the mother. Don’t overdo the decorations though, just make it simple, clean and colorful.

Have a Gift for the Mother-to-Be

Rainbow Baby Shower gifts ideas

Pregnancy comes with mixed emotions and mothers need ample support from their friends and family. Come up with gift ideas to make the day more memorable. For a display of love and affection, find something special for the mother-to-be.

This can be a group or individual gifts such as a necklace or cushion, imprinted with the birthdate.

Rainbow-Colored Gifts

The gifts that you choose for the mother-to-be can be uniquely crafted with rainbow colors to make them more beautiful and blend with the event. For instance, you can select gifts like bags and shawls that have rainbow-colored patterns.

Design or Buy Cards for the Baby

It’s not just about the mother, but the baby as well, so also consider them when planning for a baby shower event. Numerous cards are available online that you can design on your own or purchase that has rainbow color combinations.

You can get in touch with the invited guests prior to the day of the baby shower so that they can make a note or two to the baby and craft colorful, rainbow-colored baby prints and patterns. The guests can also bring their own ideas to make the party even better than intended.

These memorable notes can be a pleasant memory in the future when the child grows up, which is something both the child and the parents can look back into. It’s sentimental and a great sign of love to the family.

Design a Colorful Menu

While the table centerpiece can be designed with rainbow colors, you can also line the table with white linen and plates and then arrange the food in a colorful way. Pick foods that have different hues and find some rainbow party food ideas for a beautiful blend of colors.

You can also decorate the cake with rainbow colors and add different colored fruits such as melons, strawberries and blueberries as well sweets to the menu being served.

Rainbow Baby Announcement

A beautiful, joyful and memorable Rainbow Baby announcement needs to make the mother feel special and loved. Inspirational ways to make an alluring Rainbow Baby announcement include:

Rainbow-Colored Photoshoot

newborn photography

A photoshoot is a great way of expressing joy and welcoming a newborn into the family. Capturing and embracing a baby bump is a beautiful sight, especially for women who have had a difficult time with their pregnancies.

It’s also a good way for those who have undergone a smooth pregnancy to show appreciation. The photoshoot can be in an open area with a beautiful nature background, or on the beach with a blue ocean background, capturing the joy of the mother-to-be or couple.

You can also add some colored items in the picture such as having the mother hold rainbow-colored balloons or kites to make it more inspiring.

Rainbow-Colored Announcement Card

Create a simple rainbow-colored card announcing the baby with some sentimental words. Many designs are available, ranging from baby clip arts to digital papers, which can be used to create baby announcement cards and baby shower invitations.

Use Chalk in the Rainbow Announcement

Make a rainbow announcement by writing a lovely welcoming message using chalk. Included with the chalk can be a drawing of a rainbow with raindrops and clouds, personalized with the baby’s birth date.

Hand-Printed Baby Bump Rainbow Announcement

Another unique way of making a Rainbow Baby announcement is by painting a rainbow handprint on the mother’s belly.

Make Baby Announcement Shirts

The couple can both print out messages on the front and back of shirts with rainbow colors. Maternity shirts can also be printed for the mother to wear.

Use Rainbow Balloons

Balloons are a good way to keep the older kids engaged and at the same time, make the announcement a colorful event. Tie several rainbow-colored balloons and hang them in one point of the room or house.

What to Expect with a Rainbow Baby?

Being pregnant with a Rainbow Baby can bring a lot of mixed emotions and anxiety. Some of the things to expect include:

Triggered Emotions

Having another baby after a loss will trigger a lot of emotions, especially when your child sleeps. Even when sleeping soundly, it might look as if he or she might never wake up again, making you burst into tears.

The thought of using clothes and other baby items that were intended for the lost child is never an easy one and it triggers a lot of memories from the past.

Fear of Loss

It’s scary to lose a baby and after that painful experience, most mothers are scared of losing the next baby that they’ll have.

Find ways of dealing with stressful moments by using tools like baby monitors or going for a checkup and getting therapy. Get in touch with your doctor to get a detailed list of your medical history background.

There are doctors available who will help with medication recommendations as well as give you any recommendations to help you with your journey.

How to Give Support to Your Partner or Friend?

Talk About It

As you know by now, there is a lot of mixed feelings involved if your friend or partner is expecting a Rainbow Baby. They might be anxious about the outcome of this pregnancy and worried about the little things they have not paid attention to earlier.

The best way you can help is to listen and talk when asked for guidance, opinion and support. During this time, simply be gentle, kind and understanding.

Express Your Own Emotions

Your feelings may be mixed up as well, especially if you have experienced a loss. Stick together with your partner and share your emotions, fears and thoughts with him or her.

If you’re the husband, try some relaxing activities, throw her cute little surprises and be there for her. Do the things you both love, nurture your relationship and try to transform some of the anxiety and worries into the sweet expectation of a growing new life.

Rainbow Babies are glorious newcomers to this world. Not only do they brighten up the lives of those who have eagerly waited for them, but they also testify the efforts and struggles their parents have bravely gone through.

If your friend or partner is expecting a Rainbow Baby, listen to them, talk and just be there. To celebrate the moment when the Rainbow Baby finally comes to this world, throw a party and round it up with unique and creative gifts


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