Here’s Why Princess Diana Was a Mum in a Million

Here’s Why Princess Diana Was a Mum in a Million

Many remember Princess Diana as a beautiful, charming woman, who lost her life in an unfortunate accident. However, her two sons, Prince William and Harry, remember her for the great mother she was.

Princess Diana


Princess Diana died in a car crash almost 21 years ago on August 31, 1997. She was one of the most popular members of the British Royal Family, and at the time of her death, the whole world fell in grief with tears and sadness, flooding the streets of London. Her funeral was watched by an estimated 2.5 billion people around the world, making it one of the most watched events in history.

Princess Diana never failed to make headlines during her life, for acting against the Royal protocol and in favor of her kids. Her love for the boys was heart-warming and set an example for many generations to come. Was she successful in teaching her boys the right way to live their lives? To be honest, both Prince William and Harry have kept many of her teachings alive till this day. Take a look at a few things Princess Diana did during her life which proved to the world that she was a mum in a million.

★ She was The First Royal to Give Birth Outside the Palace

For us, giving birth to a child in the hospital might seem a normal thing. However, if your son is the heir to the throne, and you’re living in the 80’s, you’d be called a rebel for breaking the royal traditions. Diana wanted to be normal and gave birth to not only William in 1982, but also to Harry in 1984, in the hospital.

 First Royal to Give Birth outside the Palace


At that time, Royal babies had to be born in the palace, but the people’s Princess simply didn’t like following the rules. Prince George, son of Prince William, was also born in the same hospital as his father – like mother like son!

★ She Breastfed Her Sons

Before her, no one seemed to do that. Royal mothers weren’t seen being cozy with their children ever. However, Diana loved both her boys and set the bar by showing the world that royal mothers can also breastfeed their children. In contrast, Queen Victoria, who reigned in the 1800’s was the mother of nine children, but she considered breastfeeding to be disgusting and children to be ugly.

she breastfeed her baby


Diana opposed such thoughts and did it herself to create a bond with her children. She wouldn’t even mind her children coming to her bed for a quick morning cuddle – how beautiful!

★ She Traveled With Her Sons

Breaking royal protocol seemed to be her favorite hobby! Queens and princesses never took their children along with them during international trips. They would leave a nanny behind to take care of the kids, but Diana wasn’t happy with leaving her kids behind. She was very protective of them and couldn’t leave them out of her sight.


She Traveled With Her Sons


She started off by taking 9-month-old William along with her on an official trip to Australia. Other members of the Royal Family weren’t happy to see that, but the public loved how Diana prioritized her kids over traditions.

However, she eventually had to hire a nanny, all thanks to her busy schedule. She hired Jessie Webb, to look after the boys in the 90’s. However, she was soon relieved of her duty because of Diana’s jealousy that she was stealing the love of her kids.

★ The Princess Took Them to School Herself

 The Princess Took Them to School


How many times have you seen a princess or a multi-billionaire drop their kids off to school? Diana was one woman who didn’t mind doing this, instead of laying in her cozy bed. She would walk the kids to and from school, and just like his mother, Prince William dropped his son Prince George to schools on his first day – Diana’s magic still shines!

★ She Sneaked Out with Her Boys


Security is of utmost importance to any royal family. However, Princess Diana wanted her children to enjoy normal lives. They had all the money in the world, but hanging out with friends and family members without fans and camera flashes everywhere, was a dream they could never fulfill.

Diana would sneak out of the Palace with her kids, without informing the guards, to enjoy some quality time being ordinary human beings. She would take them to movie theaters by avoiding any attention from the public. She desperately wanted them to experience the life of ordinary kids of that age.

★ She Tried to Become a Full-time Mom

Royal duties stop you from focusing on parenting your children. Princess Diana also faced such circumstances with foreign trips and meetings all around the world. Yet, she tried her best to organize her schedule as much as she could to match with her kids’.

 Become a Full-time Mom


Even though she could hire nannies, tutors, and butlers to take care of the kids, her preference was to do it herself. Whenever she was home, her first obligation was to act as a full-time mom. She helped them with their homework, took them out for dinner, and even found the time to teach them how to ride a bicycle and a horse.

Wrap Up


Both sons have learned a lot from their mother. She tried her best to show them the real side of life and how people outside the palace live. She also set the bar and changed the trend followed by the Royal Family by demonstrating the importance of being a mum and a woman.

Unfortunate for her that she couldn’t guide them for their whole lives due to her tragic death. That day, two sons lost a great mother, the Royal Family lost an iconic figure, and the world lost a tremendous woman.

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