6 Weeks Pregnant and Losing Weight: Melting Away Postpartum Fat


Being a mother is an awesome thing. But after your little bouncing baby is delivered, chances are you won’t get to wear your clothes anymore. The slim, well maintained body you once had will no longer be there. Your weight surges to hundreds of pounds, just before you give birth and after your kid comes to this world. It’s normal you might feel frustrated and miserable, not to mention un-recognizable.

If you gain postpartum fat, don’t beat yourself down – it happens to almost every mum out there. But what do you do? Sit there and hope all the fat disappears? Hit the gym for hours every day, neglecting your baby? Well, there might be a solution for you. The 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss is a well-structured and enthusiastic program crafted by Sara to help you get rid of that postpartum fat.

Want to know more about the program? Well, let’s dig deeper into it and review what it’s all about and how it can help you shed those pounds within 6 weeks. Yes, in less than 2 months you might get back to those sexy clothes and feel great about yourself.

So, What Exactly is 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Program?

The 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss is a program created by a fitness professional and postpartum weight loss expert known as Sara Dean. The program isn’t just crafted for trial purposes. It has been tested and verified to work. It was an experience of a user called Maria Nguyen, who shared her success story on Vkool.com, looking to help women who are going through the same issue out there. After giving birth, Maria used the program for only 5 weeks and she managed to regain her confidence back and the well-shaped body she once had.

This program contains detailed instructions that will help you shed off up to almost 20 pounds of fat without necessarily hitting the gym several hours per day to do cardio or to starve yourself. Sara Dean has broken down the program into some easy-to-follow steps, making it simple to comprehend for any woman out there. You will get to learn various ways you can activate the process of burning calories as you do your day to day activities, discover the best ab exercises that are most effective and which you should stay away from, and of course some diet tips, especially on fats and carbs that can help you transform your body.

How Does the System Help you Melt Away Baby Weight?

Generally, this program is designed to offer you techniques that will help you shed most of that baby weight and help you achieve your desired body. The system comes with 6 videos workouts that are simple to use and doesn’t require the expensive machines or gear. You will only need a chair, which of course you have at home, water bottles, some soup cans, and a towel. The idea is to help you use that body weight to convert the fat into lean muscle, enhancing your metabolism to burn down calories fast. When you get started, you will notice gradual results, which will be clearly visible in the first few weeks. The videos cover:

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  • Secrets of fit and fab moms
  • Grocery store tour
  • Pelvic floor 101
  • Burns workout
  • Ball workouts

The program also features two full-length videos on core workouts. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to wait for days to weeks after giving birth to start doing the exercises. You can start the next day after having your baby, before you can finally start sweating it out on the more engaging and challenging full-body exercises. After the firs System Help you Melt Away Baby Weightexcise, you will now start the second, which is meant to turn your body into a fat melting machine. Along with the right nutritional plan, there’s a good chance your belly will be flat in a few weeks and your lower back will be stronger. Amazing, right?

If you have engaged in any weight loss exercise, you clearly know that much of it is dependent on nutrition and diet, right? Well, that’s right. Sara Dean understands this very well, so she went ahead to include an effective diet plan, alongside the workouts. The guide includes a comprehensive diet plan, helping you learn about the foods to eat, when the right time to eat is, and how much should be on your plate. The program contains a number of steps as well as lots of recipes to help you create the best diet plan that will not compromise your health (or the baby’s milk), but help you realize your weight goals quickly. Some of the dinner recipes included are:

  • Asparagus and grilles salmon
  • Mango, Avocado and chicken salad
  • Flank steak wraps
  • Turkey meatballs made with Cumin and coriander s

And to help you track your progress, the program also contains a daily journal. You can use it to enter details of the time you took to do the exercise, your diet for the day, and how much calorie you are losing. After downloading the program, you can print this journal and document your progress.

In a nutshell, let’s see some of the things that you will earn within the next 42 days:

  • How to burn calories and shed more fat even when you are not exercising
  • Easy ways you can stimulate your metabolism
  • Different Kinds of ab exercises that are safe for you as a mum, but very effective
  • Secrets of losing your weight in a short time
  • Why fat and carbs are important during the program


There are many weight loss programs out there that are geared to helping mums lose weight after giving birth, but the truth is that not all deliver what they promise. There are some reasons why the 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss program stands out among the rest. These are:

  • Contains clear guidelines that are easy to follow
  • No prior experience is needed. Any mom can easily comprehend the contents
  • Comes with 6 follow-along and 2 full-length videos for better illustrations
  • Contains a number of free resources to help you maximize on your weight loss goals
  • Comprises of a comprehensive diet/nutritional program
  • Free access to the author everyday through email
  • 8-week money-back guarantee should you feel the program isn’t helpful


Every program out there has its downsides, and so does this one. Here are some of them

  • This program is only available online, meaning that you can’t walk in to your local store and get it
  • Not best options for moms with complication or have undergone surgeries during the gestational period. You need to get your doctor’s advice in such a case

When Should You Start the Program?

You just gave birth, right? Now why should someone tell you to start engaging in exercises even before your baby grows? Well, frankly this is one of the main questions that mums ask themselves, even when they have the desire and will to lose the postpartum fat. There are 2 answers to this question:

One, you don’t have to start the exercises right away after giving birth, but you could beginwhen to start the program working on the diet as advised by Sara. Although it’s recommended that you start both for the best results, it’s possible you consider one that you are comfortable with at the beginning. And yes, you can continue with the system as you breastfeed. All you need to do is adjust your nutritional components in order to ensure that you are taking in enough minerals and nutrients for your baby and for yourself. If you are a vegetarian, the program also covers you, giving you a ton of vegetarian options so that it works for you as well.

Two, remember that Sara is a woman herself, not to mention an expert in the industry, so she knows very well the dangers that could come with intense exercises. The first few are easy and could be done by anyone, but as time goes by they begin to become intense with the whole idea being to help you melt down that postpartum fat. Throughout the workout, you can modify the exercises, preparing to push your body even further for the best results.

What Is the Cost of the Program?

If you are looking to shed postpartum fat without necessarily spending a fortune, this program could be ideal for you. You can acquire the entire system for around $67, and if you are lucky enough get a discount. When you make the payments, you won’t wait for days to be delivered; everything happens online, which means you get it almost instantly. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, or busy with some tasks here and there, you can obtain this program and dedicate an hour or so every day to make your weight loss goals a reality.

Is It a Guarantee That the Program Will Work?

You purchase the product and don’t abide to the guidelines that Sara dictates, you will not achieve much. But if you consider following everything in the system, including Melting Away Postpartum Fatworkouts and diet plan you will surely see some changes. And while you can lose almost 20 pounds, the results could be different from one person to another. You could achieve 15 pounds loss within the 6 week period, your neighbor could only manage 10 pounds, and your friend could hit the magic 20 pounds. It all depends on your dedication and how much effort you put into it.

Let’s assume you purchase the product but aren’t satisfied with what it offers or promises. Well, Sara know this is a possibility, and so she has gone ahead to offer a 60-day money guarantee. So, within 2 months of use and there’s nothing changing, you can comfortably ask for your money back. No questions and no hassled!

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Does the System Offer Support?

Suppose you are stuck somewhere within the 6 weeks and need more clarification, who should you contact and how? Well, luckily Sara Dean offers 24/7 support through the contact page on the official site. You can also access her email through the website and contact her directly. People who have had the privilege to use the program claim that she responds promptly and helps address any issues quickly.

 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss Program

If you stand in front of a mirror and wish you could have the once beautiful, well-shaped body you had before giving birth, the 6 Week Pregnancy Weight Loss ProgramMelting Away Postpartum Fat after pregnancy could be for you. Most mums struggle to get rid of the extra fat that builds up during pregnancy, with some even going to extreme measure to starve themselves or hit the gym for long hours. You don’t have to do all this. This program takes you though some strategies you can employ and melt down all that postpartum fat. You will learn some simple workouts that don’t need you to purchase expensive equipment and some of the foods to keep you healthy and supply your newborn with the necessary nutrients. Within 6 weeks, you will see remarkable results!



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