9 Pregnancy Symptoms Before a Missed Period


You’ve been trying to get pregnant or you expect that you might be pregnant, but you’re not 100% positive. And it’s far too early for you to miss your period (the first, concrete sign you may be pregnant).

There are symptoms before a missed period that are often ignored.

Remember, symptoms of pregnancy can be the result of another medical issues, so the symptoms we’re about to discuss don’t always mean that you’re pregnant. We don’t want you to get your hopes up to only be let down in the process. Instead, these symptoms can be used as an indicator for pregnancy only. The truth of your pregnancy will come when you miss your period and you test positive when taking a pregnancy test.

9 Pregnancy Symptoms Before A Missed Period

Pregnant women common discomfort

You’ve been trying to get pregnant or you may have gotten pregnant by accident – it happens – and you’re feverishly trying to tell if you’ve got a bun in the oven. Your mind is likely playing tricks on you, too. You feel sick, nauseous and your stomach doesn’t feel right.

The good, or bad news, is that these symptoms aren’t experienced until later in pregnancy – after a missed period.

But the following symptoms may be experienced prior to a missed period:

1. Sudden Fatigue

Your body is undergoing massive changes, progesterone starts to be produced and your body is adapting to the future growth of your baby. All of these bodily changes may go unnoticed at first, but your body will continue to work tirelessly, leaving you feeling tired and drained.

Shortness of breath and slight cramping can occur.

Now, it’s important to note that morning sickness normally doesn’t occur until 6 weeks of pregnancy. This is after the time when you should have already missed your period.

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2. You Like New Foods and Hate Others

Hormones inside of your body are going crazy. You’re changing whether you like it or not, and all of a sudden, you start liking foods you used to hate. Pickles and ice cream become your favorite snack and your love for pizza is a thing of the past.

One of the first symptoms comes from your taste buds. If you’re noticing massive changes in your food preferences, it can be a result of being pregnant. Don’t worry, most of these newly loved foods that were once on your blacklist won’t be so tempting after you give birth and hormone levels subside.

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3. You’re MoodyAngry woman screaming at man

You know that you become moody before your period, but it’s far too early to be moody. Little things are becoming very irritating and your partner is afraid to be near you because you’re in a horrible mood.

Mood swings are caused by hormonal changes in the body. And you guessed it: pregnancy can cause mood swings. It’s like a science experiment in your body at this time, so you’ll be happy one minute, mad two minutes later and crying yourself to sleep at night.

4. Spotting or Slight Bleeding

A less common pregnancy symptom before a missed period is spotting or bleeding when it’s far too early to be your time of the month. This is likely caused by implantation and is known as implantation bleeding. When implantation bleeding occurs, it’s often brief (less than a day).

And the cause of this is the fertilized egg attaching to the uterine wall. When this natural process occurs, slight blood may pass through and end up being visible by you. This doesn’t happen with every pregnancy, so you may or may not notice implantation bleeding. In fact, most women will never experience this bleeding, but women that do experience this will have a fairly accurate indicator of pregnancy.

5. Swollen or Tender Breasts

Your body starts adapting the moment that implantation occurs. And when your baby is born, you’ll need a way to feed your little one naturally – without formulas. Even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding, your body is preparing for it.

The result of this process are swollen or tender breasts.Young woman suffering swollen breasts

Hormones work along with your mammary glands to leave your breasts:

  • Sore
  • Swollen
  • Sensitive

A slight touch of your breast may result in laughing because the increased sensitivity has left you ticklish to the touch.

6. Constipation

Your bowel movements are getting harder and harder. Increased levels of progesterone cause the food to move slowly through the body. Slower movement results in hours spent on the toilet without any success. Constipation can be a symptom of pregnancy.

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7. You’re Urinating Often

Even before your baby bump begins to show, you’ll start urinating often. Of course, if you started to increase your water intake dramatically, this is likely the cause. But if you’ve been drinking the same amount and notice that you’re urinating a lot, it’s likely the result of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone, referred to as “hCG.”

HCG hormones are produced after implantation, and it can lead to increased urination.

The uterus also begins to harden and grow at this time. As the uterus grows, it limits the amount of room available for your bladder. Less room for your bladder to expand means that you’ll urinate frequently and often have to go badly.

8. Backaches and Headaches

Woman suffering head ache lying on the bed at home

Women often associate backaches and headaches with a later pregnancy, but they occur before a missed period as well. Signs of conception, these symptoms are caused by different internal changes. Headaches are often the cause of reduced blood sugar. A lack of sugar leaves the brain aching as it tries to adjust to the lower sugar levels.

Progesterone and estrogen will also play a role in the development of headaches, and they’ll be secreted to help the uterus prepare for the baby.

Lower back pain is also experienced at this time as your ligaments loosen in an effort to prepare for the added baby weight. Doctors can prescribe you medicine to help alleviate sore backs and headaches. It’s not recommended that you self-medicate without the advice of your doctor. Even an aspirin isn’t advised without first consulting with a doctor.

9. Dizziness

Are you feel dizzy or even feint? This could be caused by pregnancy. The body will start to increase blood production, resulting in the arties and veins dilating to adapt to a higher level of blood circulation. Your body will be pumping blood to your little one, so it’s something that you can’t avoid.

While most women will suffer from dizziness only in the first trimester, you may start experiencing the symptoms quickly into the pregnancy. You’ll feel light-headed, dizzy and often feint at this time – not fun.

All of these symptoms are also associated with other medical-related issues. You’ll want to consult with a physician if you’re experiencing these symptoms. Depending on how early into the pregnancy you are, it may not be possible for a doctor to conduct an accurate pregnancy test. The hCG hormone discussed earlier is normally at a low level before your missed period, and this is the hormone most commonly used to determine pregnancy.

If you’ve missed your period, you can take an at-home pregnancy test to further determine if you’re pregnant.

Pregnancy symptoms before a missed period may be a sign that you have a little one on the way. Pay close attention to your body, and rest until you know for certain that you’re pregnant. There is the video expresses what is the pregnancy signs before missed period.


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