Pregnancy is Hard, Danger to Lady, So it Shouldn’t Be Coerced


The recent case of a 10-year-old Paraguay girl being forced to carry her rapist’s child to term has sparked all kinds of controversy in what should and shouldn’t be allowed in abortion exception cases. For instance, in Paraguay all abortions are prohibited except if the mother’s life is at stake; however, in this instance, it was not determined to be the case in the 10-year-old.

In the U.S., abortions are allowed for just about any reason, including cases of rape and incest. Nevertheless, some politicians, such as Mike Huckabee, want to change that law and make it only allowed in the case of the danger to the mother. His reasoning is that while rape is bad, abortion is killing an innocent baby. However, when a pro-life activist focuses on the life of a fetus, it totally appears to neglect the life of the woman, and the fact that pregnancy can be a dangerous venture and uses the mother’s body to shield and grow and save someone’s life that is not theirs.Pregnancy is Hard, Danger to Lady

Some pro-abortion fans say this is like forcing someone to donate their organs and agree that no girl or woman should be forced to use their body’s organs to save someone else if they don’t want to do so. They say that pregnancy isn’t just like organ donation, rather it is a form of organ donation even though the mother and baby are sharing these organs.

Others would say, “well that’s not true because the woman gets her body back after the baby is born,” but pregnancy can still put quite a strain on the mother’s body and in some cases debilitate her to the point of injury or death. While a miracle to some, to others it is losing control of their bodies and means the woman gets the short end of the stick because the child gets what it needs first.

Most mothers believe this is worth it and are willing to carry the child to term, but not all women want to get pregnant, and it is seemingly not right to force them to do so if the pregnancy wasn’t their own idea. It lets the lawmakers put the child’s life ahead of the mother’s life.

Next comes the birth of the child. While a vaginal birth is the best choice in most cases, it can be dangerous and cause the woman to tear or need to be cut, which both can cause permanent complications. Or, there is a Cesarean section where the baby is cut out of the mother and this too can cause potential side effects like a blood clot, infections, scars, or make future births more dangerous.OTTAWA, CANADA - MAY 12, 2011: Thousands of people opposed to abortion take part in the annual March for Life from Parliament Hill.

There are also horrible cases where women develop complications, such as preeclampsia, which can cause organ failure and death. While these things are rare, they do happen and why should a woman risk them if she never wanted to have the child in the first place? So say the anti-pro-life activists.

There has always been a debate on abortion and whether or not it should be allowed, how many weeks along the pregnancy can be, etc. Pregnancy can be beautiful in the right circumstances where the woman wants to be pregnant and wants the child and everything goes well.

But in the cases where rape, incest, or other issues have occurred, then the mother is likely scared, in shock, or if the woman is a child herself like the 10-year-old, then her body isn’t ready to carry an infant nine months to term. These are things that are being debated all around the world and the fight is between one side saying it is preventing killing babies and the other side saying it is forcing a woman to donate her body to a parasite, i.e. the fetus.

Should a woman be forced to have her body elevated to a standard where nothing matters but the health of the fetus? Some government officials seem to think so, and the debate to decide is very real and frightening to some women who fear it and can’t prevent themselves from a pregnancy, such as the 10-year-old rape victim.

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  1. We are not “anti-pro-life” or “pro-abortion”, and we do not view an unwanted fetus as a “parasite.” It’s an insult to pro-choice individuals to use this kind of language, and it’s an insult to abortion itself. The fact of the matter is that abortion occurs regardless of whether or not it’s safe, legal, and accessible. Restricting access to safe abortion only serves to increase the incidence of unsafe abortions and the complications that result from it. It’s disgusting the tactics that pro-lifers will use to bring people to their side, and it’s one of the many reasons why I’m pro-choice. Next time you’re tempted to write about such a complex issue, do five minutes of research first so that you don’t insult half of the population.


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