2018 Postpartum Weight Loss: Exercise, Diet and Workout Plan


You undoubtedly want to be a hot mama, right? You want to slim down and get back your sexy bod. Well, here is the secret, all hot mamas sacrificed a little bit to get those “Hey, you are definitely mom-body-goals!” comments. Hold up, it doesn’t mean that you unfairly compare yourself with celebrity moms who can snap back in shape a few weeks after birth — they have nutritionists, nannies and fitness trainers at their beck and call. You can also be ‘mom goals’ if you consistently follow a proper postpartum weight loss diet and workout plan.
Therefore, rediscover our 2018’s postpartum weight loss guide with insights on the exercise plans and foods that will have your rocking your pre-pregnancy body in no time.

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Postpartum Weight Loss Guide

Top 8+ Weekly Based Exercise and Yoga Poses for Postpartum Weight Loss

Weight Loss Exercise after Delivery

Now that the baby is here, you might have the urge to go back to your workout routine. The right weight loss exercise after delivery will help keep your tummy tight and shed some weight.  Therefore, here are few exercise tips to lose baby weight fast;

Phase One: From 0-6 Weeks Post-Delivery

These exercises aim to strengthen your pelvic and abdominal muscles, it betters your mobility, and they speed up healing.

1. Brisk walks

Walking is the most comfortable exercise to do soon after delivery. You can schedule walks for 30 minutes at least two times weekly. You can start with light strolls and later step it up with faster steps. To make more impact, you can carry your baby along for the added benefits.

2. Kegels

postpartum weight loss Exercise

Kegels are the best especially for new moms who might want to strengthen their core. Justlie down on your back and put your knees up. Contract and hold your pelvic muscles for around 5 seconds then relax. Repeat in intervals of five. Also, do this anytime when you pee by controlling the flow of urine through squeezing and releasing your muscles. Kegels are practical in alleviating incontinence that can result from childbirth. Therefore, you will not experience surprise urine leaks due to sneezes because you are in control of your muscles.

3. Stretch your neck and back

Stretching is a light exercise that has no repercussions. The goal is to stand up straight and place your hands on your neck, overhead or across your chest. Start stretching from left to right several times. By doing this, you exercise your body muscles.

4. Deep breaths and abdominal contractions

Deep breathing while holding your breath is an efficient way of toning your abdominal muscles immediately after delivery. To do this, you need to sit in an upright posture, breathe in deeply while contracting your abdominal muscles and relax your abs when you exhale. Slowly increase the amount of time you hold in the air to challenge your muscles.

5. Baby and mom workouts

In consideration of the early months after childbirth when you might not find time to squeeze in a workout routine, baby and mom exercises are reliable. However, you need to have regained your balance and be careful not to drop the baby.

6. Mom twisters

Hold your baby in front of you and twist left and right. Hold the twist for about 3-5 seconds. Remember to inhale and exhale to relieve your muscles.

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Phase Two: From 6 Weeks Post Delivery

7. Planks

Planks are excellent for toning your abs and muscles while burning calories. You need to place yourself in a plank position. Do this by supporting yourself with your toes and forearms and straighten your back. When you are in this position, your abs and body muscles are engaged. Remain in the plank position for up to 1 minute. Perseverance helps you strengthen your muscles.

8. Crunches, curl-ups or sit-ups

For this workout, you need to lie on your back. Prop your knees up 90 degrees and straighten your arms behind your head. Crunch up. While at it cross your ankles and push your legs upwards diagonally. Do this in sets of three. Crunches can significantly trim down your belly and tighten your abs, and they strengthen your back.

9. Squat while rocking your baby

For this move, stand with your legs apart and hold your baby firmly close to your chest. Start squatting down until your baby’s feet touch the floor. Do this more than ten times. This exercise is best when your baby is 10-12 weeks old.

Yoga for Weight Loss after Delivery

Yoga has been a century old technique for relieving stress with a focus on breathing. You can lose baby weight fast when you practice some yoga poses that target your abdominal muscles, hips, back and butt. Mothers can also do yoga after C section delivery after 6-8 weeks. However, consultation with your doctor is vital. Your doctor will gauge whether your body can endure any physical stress or muscle stretches.

Yoga improves endurance and posture, and it enhances healing. So, here are yoga moves you should try.

1. Cobra / Snake Pose

Also known as Bhujangasan, this pose is very useful in alleviating lower back pain which can be a problem after childbirth. Lie flat on your tummy on a yoga mat. Use your hands to support your body by placing them on the mat. While your feet are joined, stretch your back gently by forming an arc. Remain in that pose for 10 seconds while breathing in and out when you lower your body. Do this eight more times.

2. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose or tadasana is perfect for your entire body. Try this by standing upright and raising your arms overhead while your feet are together. This pose helps in body control, toning of muscles and it enhances blood circulation.

3. The dog poseYoga for Weight Loss after Delivery

Adho Mukha Svanasana or the dog pose is the best when you want to put in exercise on your back, spine, calves, and thighs. Stretching yourself while in the dog pose position enhances your body’s strength. Do this by supporting yourself with all your fours and lifting up your butt so that you assume a V-shape curvature. Hold that position for 10 seconds and d0 5 more reps.

4. Halfway spinal twist

The halfway spinal twist is beneficial in making your spine more flexible and relieving back pain. Do this by sitting on a yoga mat. Place your left foot on your right one and let it be on your right side. From your waist, twist your body to the left and using your hand hold your left ankle while looking over your left shoulder.

While at it, make sure your spine is straightened and remain that way for 30 seconds. Keep breathing as normal. Do this again but on the other side. Do five more reps for more impact. You will feel relaxed mentally when you are done

Therefore, to lose baby weight fast, incorporate these workouts and yoga poses that will get your body back.

8 Smart Postpartum Weight Loss Food You Should Never Miss

Your eagerness to get back in shape might prompt you to consider your dietary demands for the sake of losing the ‘baby fat.’ Although it is a good idea, you should wait until your baby is eight weeks old before you start a weight loss diet. When you start a weight loss diet after delivery, you should eat all nutritional food types and not immensely reduce calorie intake.

As a nursing mom, your baby receives all the nutrients from your milk supply regardless of whether your diet is wanting. However, when you have a deficiency of specific nutrients, your body gets them from your reserves. It, in turn, weakens your system, you lose stamina, and your recovery can slow down.

For a healthy weight loss diet after delivery, try these foods.

1. Nutritional Carbs

As a lactating mother, you will find yourself hunger-stricken most of the times. Breastfeeding consumes up to 500 calories which means that you need to eat frequently.

Although you may want to lose those pregnancy pounds quickly, too much reduction of carbohydrates in your diet can be detrimental to your health. A diet that consists of whole grains such as brown rice is a perfect way to fuel up and remain energetic through the day. Such carbs also increase the quality of your milk while preventing snacking on junk food.

2. Low-fat Dairy Products

Postpartum Weight Loss Food

They include milk, cheese, and yogurt. All these provide calcium that your bones need toremain strong. Considering your new roles, you need the strength to be available for your baby. Also, a sturdy physique is a fundamental requirement when exercising to lose weight. You do not want to be sluggish and keep adding pounds.

Calcium is also needed for milk production to nourish your baby and enhance his bone development.

3. Lean Meat

Lean proteins are packed with iron which is vital for sustaining your energy levels and keeping you fit. If you want to tone your body, lean meat should be a part of your weight loss diet after delivery. Feeding on this keeps your body full for long hours hence preventing you from eating foods that you shouldn’t.

Lean beef is also a significant source of proteins and vitamin B-12 which are also essential if you are breastfeeding.

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables for postpartum weight loss

Fruits and veggies should form the bulk of your diet. Fruits such as apples, oranges, andblueberries can be a savvy snack substitute instead of sweets and high-calorie meals. These fruits are delicious yet filled with nutrients. Blueberries are also a healthier option for carbohydrates.

Eat leafy vegetables such as kales, broccoli, and spinach which are low-calorie foods that are also heart friendly. Their low-calorie count makes it a must-have in your diet. Therefore, they help in weight loss post-pregnancy.

5. Take a Lot of Water

Water is beneficial in weight loss after delivery as it reduces appetite. Weight loss is possible as it restricts food intake. Water is also essential for body hydration more so for a nursing mom. Drinking sufficient water is necessary for milk production. It is the best fluid when it comes to milk supply rather than caffeinated beverages that can cause discomfort to your baby.

6. Whole Grains Such as Nuts

These are high fiber and low-calorie foods that can help you lose the baby fat speedily. They include cashew nuts, pistachios, and almonds. For best results eat them raw or roast them dry. Steer clear off nuts that are baked in oil. By doing these, you will lose some kilos and get the added benefits of its heart-friendly compounds. Nuts are also a good source of protein.

Add oatmeal to your diet. It is a whole grain cereal that keeps you full for longer. Instead of adding sugary toppings when eating oatmeal choose healthy options that can help you lose baby weight fast. Oatmeal’s high fiber content keeps you satisfied hence preventing you from overfeeding. They are effective in shedding off excessive weight.

7. Eat Whole Wheat BreadWhole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread is a smart choice as a constituent of your weight loss diet after delivery. It keeps you satisfied which in turn prevents you from indulging in high-calorie meals. It is packed with more nutritional benefits when compared to white bread.

However, eat small portions of whole wheat bread because too much of it will keep your weight scale going up.

Research has also shown that whole wheat bread as belly reducing benefits. Other benefits of whole wheat bread include its richness in vitamins and its ability to support your body’s caloric needs.

8. Legumes

Legumes including beans, chickpeas, and lentils not only have heart-related benefits, but they also keep your stomach fuller for a more extended time. This way you do not consume too many calories as is the case with some meats and carbohydrates.

Chickpeas are an excellent energy booster while lentils are enhanced your body’s metabolism hence making you burn calories more efficiently. Eventually losing some pounds will be inevitable.

Successful dieting requires you to consider all food groups. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself for failure as your body will get other nutrients from your stores which can lower your energy levels. Additionally, there are issues you should keep in mind while dieting for the sake of losing weight. Firstly, seeking your doctor’s recommendation before starting a diet program is mandatory. Secondly, you need to start a workout routine that goes hand in hand with your diet plan. Exercising helps you tone your muscles hence strengthening your body and eventually losing weight.

Also, remember that in most cases you may not get back your pre-pregnancy body. When your body was accommodating your baby, things had to stretch like your waist and hip size which may remain that way. Therefore, make peace with this fact and try to set achievable weight loss goals.

For breastfeeding mums, more consideration should be placed on what you eat. You don’t want to have problems with milk production due to severe dieting. Remember your baby’s immunity and development is dependent on your milk.

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12 Valuable Monthly-based Postpartum Weight Loss Plans You Should Know

You might be counting up the days to when your body snaps back to its pre-pregnancy size. Well, this is possible with a consistent postpartum weight loss program. The same healthy eating habits when you were pregnant should seamlessly be incorporated into your post-pregnancy diet for weight loss purposes. This is because you are still ‘eating for two’ but now at regulated portions to keep you energized and to nourish your baby.

Postpartum Weight Loss Plan or Timeline

It can take you up to a year to regain your former body. Therefore, when you spread out your postpartum weight loss plan on a monthly basis leading up to the 12 months, your goals are more achievable.

  • Three months postpartum weight loss

The first month postpartum is when your body is still in the early stages of recovery. Your doctor will need to clear you off before you start any postpartum weight loss plan. You can start with gentle walks around your yard or outside your home area. Walking betters blood circulation and it prevents blood clotting especially if you had a C-Section. A 10-15 minute walk with or without your baby is an excellent way to slip back into your previous workout routine. Although it is a light exercise if you experience some discomforts like increased bleeding you should stop and check with your doctor.

From the 2nd month onwards, you will start gaining endurance. Therefore, power-up the walks gradually with faster paces and do it for longer than before.  Now go for walking five times weekly. By the third month, you should have added short sprints that increase your heart rate which in turn burns extra calories. For the 3rd month postpartum, put in 150 minutes of walking weekly.

  • Four months postpartum weight loss

Now you should step up the time of each sprint/jog then go back to your usual walking pace. If you sprinted for two minutes now sprint for 3-4 minutes, then walk normally for a minute. Eventually, your stamina is improving so do the walk-jog routine for 180-200 minutes weekly. This way you burn calories faster.

  • Five months postpartum weight loss

Gradually increase your walking duration and the sprinting. Since you are getting stronger, you should now be doing 200 minutes on a weekly basis.

  • Six months postpartum weight loss

Postpartum Weight Loss PlanAt the sixth month mark, your body is most likely ready to exercise more. Therefore, add challenges to your walking routine. You can choose to carry your baby along with a front pack. By doing this, you have to build enough stamina to support you and your baby while at it. This time walk up a hilly area and watch yourself pant and sweat. It is a sign that you are shedding some pounds.

You can also do some deep abdominal contractions while breathing. It is an excellent way of strengthening your abdominal muscles and tightening your abs hence reducing your belly fat. While at it, draw in large breathes and hold for a while then exhale deeply.

  • Seven months postpartum weight loss

Continue with hill climbing and do this for 200- 210 minutes weekly. Since hill climbing needs extra effort, you can still put in 200 minutes weekly because you burn the same or slightly more calories.

  • Eight months postpartum weight loss

By now your body has toughened, and you are on your way to full recovery. Return to sprinting and jogging six days a week for around 200 minutes. Make sure you make 6 5 minute sprints for the first five days and go back to hill climbing for the remaining time. The

  • Nine months postpartum weight loss

Jogging should form a significant part of your exercise routine. Consider jogging for the most part of your daily exercise routine then ease up to your normal walking pace. Increasing jogging pumps up your heart rate which in turn improves blood circulation which is healthy for you.

  • Ten months postpartum weight loss

Keep on exercising for six weeks. Now consider going for an hour-long walk for one of the six days then go back to jogging. Jog for 10 minutes in each interval then walks for 5 minutes. Keep at it. If you jog with your baby, it is safer to get a jogging stroller.

  • 11-12 months postpartum weight loss

Rev up your jogging routine by increasing it to 20-25 minutes for every week. Continue jogging and walking and keep exercising twice weekly.

Postpartum Weight Loss Chart

For better workouts, a postpartum weight loss chart comes in handy. It is a summary of all the daily exercises you need to do with a consideration of time interval for you to maximize the benefits. The chart can involve a set of different workouts according to your needs.

The illustration chart here shows a simplified version of the postpartum weight loss plan. It also considers that you walk and jog at different intervals that add up to the overall time taken weekly.

Months Walk for (min) Jog for (min) Rep times Total duration weekly(min)
3 3 12 10* 150
4 3 10 13* 180
5 5 20 8* 200
6 5 20 8* 200
7 5 20 8* 200
8 5 20 8* 200
9 5 20 8* 200
10 5 20 8* 200
11 5 25 7* 220
12 5 25 7* 220


Final Thoughts about Postpartum Weight Loss

To keep up with these postnatal weight loss plan, you need to find motivation within it. Whenever you work out, imagine the result of your body after doing it consistently. If need be, get other new moms who are also in the same stage. This is an excellent way to uplift your spirit.

Also, do not forget to eat the right foods. Lean meat, legumes, whole grains and leafy vegetables are the best for sufficient energy spikes that you will need for working out. They will also keep you fuller for longer. Therefore, the cravings for junk foods are kept at bay.

Try these postpartum weight loss plan and reap all the benefits that are bestowed for you.


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