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Introduction about Destroy Depression System

Are you looking to take full control of self over thoughts, emotions, and feelings? Are you looking to free yourself from numerous negative, self-blame and suicidal thoughts? Do you want to reclaim your power over your mind, thoughts, and life? Is your post-partum period terrible?

If you agree with this, and looking for ways to end suffering from depression, the Destroy Depression System should be your book of choice. The book prescribes all the necessary steps of handling all types of depression, including postpartum depression.

This is a book with first-hand narration of the author, James Gordon’s battle with depression. James narrates his journey through the tough times, where medications and everything he tried to resolve his mental issue couldn’t work.

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When he finally recovered, James, through this book, seeks to help others find their path back to normal life from depression with no drugs, no expense, and endless therapy sessions.

However, before getting down to the e-book, it is of immense importance that we highlight some of the causes and ultimate symptoms of depression. Note that general depression is caused by myriad of factors. However, postpartum depression occurs after delivery – during the postpartum period.

There is no specific cause known for postpartum depression. It is believed that hormonal imbalance is the main reason behind this depressive period. However, other factors including change in lifestyle after delivery can contribute to this.

How to Deal with Postpartum Depression – The Destroy Depression System

Destroy Depression is the most suitable way of handling depression, especially post-partum depression. It is a simple and easy to follow the guide, consisting of seven steps that are designed to help people overcome depression, take charge of their life and live a happy, productive and above all, healthy life.

The author, James Gordon, narrates his ordeal as he underwent through not onlyThe Destroy Depression System depression but also Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for more than 20 years. According to James, this treatment plan came about after all the medical prescriptions, and regular visits to his psychiatrist bore no fruits in bettering his condition.

This led him to search for real solutions for his condition, which after conducting deep research, was able to design a specific treatment plan that helped him eliminate all the symptoms of depression. The Destroy Depression System e-book is the exact treatment plan used by James Gordon.

Here are some of the main subjects you can expect to learn from this book.

  • The reason why various anti-depressant medications are failing and ineffective
  • How to build yourself in life by setting goals that can inspire and motivate you
  • Why staying in a dark room worsens symptoms of depression as sunlight improves your mood and positivity
  • Useful methods of making friends and building long-term and joyous relationships
  • The relationship between insomnia and depression and how to enjoy a good night rest
  • How to major in cognitive behavioral therapy to control thoughts and feelings
  • Nutrients that maintain a healthy mind
  • How regular exercises helps in fighting depression

The Destroy Depression System Reviews

The actual Destroy Depression System consists of four E-book guides and 2-video courses that can be used to eliminate signs and symptoms of depression and associated suffering. These E-books include;

  • Destroy Depression E-book
  • CBT Workbook and Tools
  • Depression Free Mediterranean Diet
  • Goal-Setting Workshop

These books have great value if read and applied simultaneously. They can also work if read in buts but won’t draw much value. When using this system, it is worth noting that it isn’t a magical solution, thus requires hard work to see improvements.

The “Destroy Depression” E-book

This is the main book of all other books within this system. The book starts by describing Gordon’s personal experience and his battle with depression. It covers the amount of anti-depressants and pills he consumed and the regular psychiatric visits that did him no good.

This section breaks into seven chapters, which discusses what can be done to cure depression. The sections include;

  • Cognitive behavioral therapyThe “Destroy Depression” E-book
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • People
  • Sunlight
  • Helping yourself by helping others

The writing of the “Destroy Depression” e-book is solid and easy to understand. It discusses some of the underrated issues including sleeping disorders and SAD that result from depression. Advice gained from this book can be used immediately by anyone. It is a “call-to-action” type of book.

This makes it a perfect guide for those nursing their babies. With minimal time to read, sketching through this book highlights some of the basic steps of eliminating postpartum depression.

CBT Workbook and Tools

The idea behind CBT is that thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are not only closely related but also affect each other. Due to this, cognitive behavior therapy discusses the notions of taking actions and changing a person’s perspective in any given event that can affect emotions.

CBT workbook comes in handy when dealing with emotions and behaviors during the postpartum period. For many, the sensation of being a parent can be overwhelming. Apart from the hormonal aspect, the need to provide constant care can solely result in depression. Some doubt their effectiveness in nursing the baby.

From these statements, the premise of the CBT workbook is quite simple. However, its strength lies in the execution. There are numerous diagrams and explanation including call to actions and affirmations in the book, ascertaining its working ability. The actual process described in the book is easy to follow.

The Depression Free Mediterranean Diet

Diet during the postpartum period is critical for effective recovery. This E-book introduces a completely new concept when it comes to dieting. James Gordon’s idea is very simple. According to him, every diet is based on various limitations. Dieting has one main goal, which is to make you mentally healthy as possible.

To accomplish this, James searched through countries with historically low depression rates. He then focused on their cuisine, and the result was a list of foods, he thought promoted mental health. This doesn’t make this E-book a dietary cheat sheet but rather features comprehensive chapters that have enough information and explanation to make his point of the relations between mental health and dieting.

Goal Setting Workshop

The CBT phase might be one of the best, but the goal-setting workshop turns out to be the most valuable and thought-provoking session. The author, James, presents the concept of procrastination as an enemy of progress and pursuing any specific goal as a solution.

For any depressed person, the goal if attaining happiness. To do this, there are five main pillars. They include;

  • Health and energy
  • Meaning
  • Relationships
  • Financial freedom
  • Inner peace and spirituality

According to Gordon, putting into practice these five pillars gets the person closer to happiness. Actually, the process of even trying to reach them is strong enough to push depression further. Gordon proceeds to describe how doing things the right way and having the right mindset will ease achievement of these goals.


Some of the benefits of this program include;

a. There are no prescription medicines

Unlike other methods of treating depression, the “Destroy Depression System” doesn’t make use of prescription antidepressants. This comes as an advantage, especially in this current era where there are significant reports concerning not only the ineffectiveness of antidepressant drugs but also the associated side effects.

b. No harmful side effects

Antidepressant medications are not only ineffective but also come with numerous side effects. Just to mention, some of the side effects that users of antidepressant drugs face include increased appetite and weight gain, fatigue, and drowsiness, insomnia, dizziness, irritability, blurred vision, anxiety and loss of sexual desires among other problems. This can’t be witnessed by users of Destroy Depression System.

c. Very easy to follow

Destroy Depression Program is a simple written E-book in everyday language without complicated terms or medical jargon. This makes it easy for average individual looking to overcome depression to follow the instructions without many problems.

d. Designed from experience

Psychiatrists and doctors, who have not experienced the mental condition themselves, author most books and guides explaining how to overcome depression. However, a survivor of this condition wrote this guide.

As mentioned, James Gordon suffered from depression and associated PTSD for more than two decades. This makes him familiar with the feelings, emotions, and thoughts accompanying this condition. Therefore, the book is based on the experience shared.

d. Affordable

With approximately 20USD, you can get this overly essential book from various retailers. Besides the book, you get to benefit from bonus items provided alongside the book, making it a great value for your money. All the bonus added are valuable and useful in overcoming depression.

e. 60 days money back guarantee

If you need some security for your funds, the 60-day money back guarantees steps in for you. James ascertains that any person who feels the book won’t help can claim a refund within 60 days. This certainly gives you some piece of mind as you try this seven-step plan.


Some of the drawbacks of this treatment plan include:

a. Requires much effort

Reading and making use of the Destroy Depression Program requires that you read the main guide and additional bonus reports such as diet recommendations and CBT workbook and toolkit. To some people, this can be quite more involving.

b. Only available in PDF format

The depression guide is only available in electronic format which can be downloaded as PDF.

3 Causes of Postpartum Depression

There are numerous causes of depression. Some of the common include;

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Genetic factors

Presence of history of depression in immediate family members, including parents and siblings has been demonstrated in 25 – 30% of patients. In other studies, it has been determined that monozygotic twins have 50% probability that one of the siblings may suffer from depression.

Physiologic factors

Onset and chronic developments of depression are commonly related to a significant decrease in serotonin levels at the brains’ neural junctions. This perhaps explains why groups of serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors drugs are used as part of the medical care for depressed patients. Other diseases that may contribute to the onset of depression that causes endocrine disorders include;

  • Migraine headaches
  • Diabetes
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • Addison’s disease
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Hyperprolactinemic amenorrhea

Personal Causes

Studies have shown that women suffering from depression are significantly higher compared to men. Age is the other contributing factor, with persons between 35 and 45 years having the high incidence rates of depression. Other personal factors include pregnancy and postpartum stages, which are vital stages for all women. Hormonal changes experienced during this period increases the risk of developing depression.

Personality is the other personal cause of depression. Some people could be at risks of developing depression due to their personality, especially if they tend to worry a lot. People with low self-esteem, perfectionist, self-critical, sensitive to personal criticism and negative to self may also develop depression.

Additionally, serious medical illness and drug and alcohol use can also cause depression. The stress of coping with serious medical illnesses may lead to depression, especially if it requires long-term management. Similarly, many people suffering from depression have drug and alcohol problems.

Symptoms and Signs of Postpartum Depression 

Some of the common symptoms of depression include;

  • Always feeling tired with low energy and struggling to accomplish daily tasks
  • Lack of motivation to do anything, including completing tasks and going out with friends.
  • Feeling anxious and worried about minor things in life
  • Constant negative thoughts and feelings of anger
  • Restless and irritable, often lashing out at others, especially those close.
  • Insomnia/difficulty in falling asleep, regardless of how tired one may be
  • Lack of concentration and more cases of being forgetful
  • Headaches, backaches, joint pains and other physical ailments with no probable cause.
  • Feeling sad or guilty and regrets about things one hasn’t done
  • Feeling lonely and worries that nobody likes you even in a room full of people
  • Being overwhelmed with life such as having problems with weight.

Postpartum Depression Treatment -Destroy Depression Program 

Dealing with postpartum depression can be quite daunting for sure. This calls for finding the best treatment method. However, like other depression treatment modalities, the Destroy Depression System e-book Destroy Depression Program has its positives and negatives. This doesn’t guarantee that the solution is overly or magically effective.

However, based on the narrator, who was able to overcome his depression using this modality, this book is an effective plan. Besides, the many positive feedback gathered by James Gordon about his book could be a clear indicator of its working ability.

Whereas it requires work and patience, the program is worth the right efforts, dedication, and commitment for impressive results. It is based on natural methods that have no side effects compared to antidepressant medications.


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