Positive and False Negative Pregnant Test: Things You Should Know


You missed your periods, and you did a test for pregnancy which came out positive. You are now about to visit your doctor for prenatal care.  While,sometimes Wrong pregnancy test outcomes do happen, and actually false negatives are more basic than false positives. Be that as it may, it’s likewise critical to say that this shouldn’t provide you false hope. A negative pregnancy test is still destined to mean you’re not pregnant. So you need some preparations.

Thus Early pregnancy is absolutely a matter for concern and you need to make sure that you are taking great care of yourself and your baby who’s just gotten inside you.

Prenatal Care

Even before you meet your doctor, it is not a big deal to call upon the doctor and the hospital staffs in case you have any sorts of doubts related with the early pregnancy or even pregnancy as it is. They are all used with such questions and you don’t have to worry about them hearing your question for the first time in their life. Hence whatever doubt or confusions that might come along while you are on your pregnancy needs to be cleared and should be left without any dark corners.


It’s pretty hard in choosing what foods you like and dislike while you are on your pregnancy. But however it is good to keep a note of which all foods you need to avoid without any consideration of having them during the pregnancy.

Sea food that contains high levels of mercury:

Sea foods contain high levels of mercury, and hence avoiding them is the only option you have in order for the safety of you as well as your baby. It can cause nervous damage to you as well as deformations to the baby.


You should never even touch alcohol while you are at your pregnancy period. It’s important for the better health of the mother as well as the baby inside. It is not something that can be taken as casual because Alcohol just like it affects us can affect the baby’ s brains and other organs which are only on its way to generation.

Sea food that is half boiled or undercooked:

Sea food that is undercooked creates digestive problems and infections inside the stomach which might create a real situation inside your stomach while you are pregnant. Hence it is always suggestible to avoid such sea foods.

Meat, Eggs and Poultry that are undercooked:

Meat, Eggs and Poultries can contain harmful amounts of bacteria and viruses that might or might not be a problem for the mother but could be a 100% problem for the child inside. Hence this needs to be avoided. You can never be sure whether something is healthy or notMeat, Eggs and Poultry healthy. Hence you need to be careful about it.

Apart from these avoid foods that would reduce blood pressure, avoid too much sugar consumption and absolutely avoid spicy foods. Avoid junk foods for the fact that they may not be well treated or contains chemicals that might affect your baby in the womb.
If you take care of all these, you are pretty much closer to having a healthy baby.

Negative Pregnant Test

In the events you think you’re pregnant, however the pregnancy test is negative, there may be a few reasons behind the whole scenario:

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Explanations behind a false negative pregnancy test

Home pregnancy tests measure a particular hormone in the urine called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hcg), which is just present when a lady is pregnant, Hcg It’s created when the fertilized egg embeds in the womb.

Some pregnancy tests are more accurate than others to this hormone while detecting hcg just days after missing your monthly periods, however a few tests don’t generally discover hcg levels too early after missing the periods. Consequently, most brand kits recommend rehashing the test in a couple of days. Research shows that  many women get faulty results 9 days after their last missed period.

It’s the wrong time of day

Be mindful that the timing of the urine specimen can have an impact. It’s most exact to test first thing in the morning, so dependably attempt with your first morning urine (FMU as its called). This is the point at which the hcg hormone is thick, and can be easily detected.

The urine is too diluted

Don’t drink heaps of water or different fluids in the couple of hours before testing, as this will weaken your urine. Fluids dilute the urine, making hcg level down. Before using your test stick it advisable to hold longer before drinking water.

A cup of diluted urine sample on white background.
Source: https://www.exercise.com

Faulty technique used

It is conceivable that there was a specialized explanation behind a false negative. Numerous tests have particular guidelines on the best way to utilize the indicator. The tests additionally oblige a certain measure of urine to give the most exact result. On the off chance that there was insufficient urine present to conduct the test or you didn’t hold the test strip long enough in the narrow stream, you may get a false negative result. It’s exceptionally paramount to follow the instructions laid out in the guidelines, since the test was intended to be more dependable accurate when used properly.

Obviously, there is a minimal chance you’re not yet pregnant

The test may have demonstrated a negative result on the grounds that you’re not really pregnant. In case you’ve missed your period and encountering pregnancy side effects, yet have a negative pregnancy test outcome, approach your doctor for a blood test to check your hormone levels, which ought to help to clear up the circumstances.

Incidentally, you may get an extremely faint thin line on your pregnancy test, which might be hard to translate. A pregnancy test should be exercised  accurately with the right test kits ensuring you follow the guideline  for better results.



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