How to Pick a Best Mattress for Your Toddler


When your child moves from crib to toddler bed, it is a moment that is both exciting as well as scary for them. Nevertheless, toddler beds generally use the same size of mattress as in cribs, making it not an extreme move.

If you are purchasing a new item for your young one, then you need to follow these steps so you can set up a bed for your kid that feels nice and cozy. A toddler bed is mostly used during the transitions from a crib to a regular sized bed.

A child shifts from the crib to a toddler bed when they are about 18 months old and generally stay in it until age 5. On average, children tend to sleep 10 to 14 hours, so you should choose a bed that is safe and comfortable.

Selecting Mattress Tips

Materials Used in the Mattress

There is a range of materials that are used in the construction of these toddler mattresses. These can be coils, springs, cotton, wool, or memory foam. Each of these has their

materials Used in the Mattress

benefits. For instance, coils and springs provide better support just like a traditional mattress even in a smaller size such as a mattress for your child.

Memory foam provides a lot more comfort and support, and they are also very durable. Cotton has a high level of breathability while wool is better at retaining heat. If your kid has sensitive skin and tends to develop allergies, then go for organic cotton and avoid wool at all costs.

Quality Comes First

Just like adult beds, a toddler’s beds also need to have quality integrated into them. A cheap innerspring or foam beds can tear off or crack with the passage of time. As prices increase; covering tends to become thick and resistant to punctures. You can also find some organic cotton options here for protecting sensitive skin.

Size of the Bed

You have already bought a toddler bed frame, and now you want to buy a mattress to fit in. Therefore, you have to carefully look at the size options that you are considering to buy. You must take measurements of your child’s bed before you start shopping for your mattress. Check to see if you need to place any guardrails or other parts and take their measurements too.

Look for a Mattress Cover

Covers are great for toddler beds because you can take them off for washing.  These covers also prolong the lifespan of your bed, and it is beneficial for you as you cater to the needs of your child through their toddler years. You can also opt for padded bed covers for some extra comfort to keep your little ones rested throughout the night.

Keep a Bed Frame in Mind

As you are buying a mattress for your infant or toddler, you will be looking for a smaller sized set. From a cost perspective, bed frames do matter a lot since kids grow very fast. Consequently, you can also skip the varieties altogether and opt for a single sized bed.

Most mattresses have a lifespan of approximately ten years. You can also flip the sides of the bed and get more years out of it, and then you can consider the change when your kid hits double-digits.

Choose the Right Firmness Level

Whichever of the materials mentioned above you choose, it is crucial to ensure that yourChoose the Right Firmness Level child’s bed is firm. A high firmness level is recommended for infants as well as toddlers because these mattresses help to avoid the risk of smothering. High firmness will provide better support when your kid moves or fidgets at night.

You can also find convertible beds that are dual sided where one side is substantial and is made for infants, and the other one is soft and is suitable for toddlers. Most parents prefer to buy convertibles but putting your toddler on firm side is excellent as well.

Don’t Judge a Mattress by Its Cover

Make sure not to develop an opinion on your buying option by just having a look at its cover. Some of the crib and toddler mattresses look stunning in the stores, and they start faltering once your infant begins using it. What is on the inside is far more critical as compared to what is on the outside. Some manufacturers also make their beds look great to attract more sales.

Don’t Opt for Used Options

As tempting as it may sound, used options will save you some money, but ultimately you will have to buy a new mattress for your child. Used mattresses are also not healthy and safe because they may have been washed with harmful chemicals and substances, and sometimes that is not even washed.

Don’t Forget to Buy a Quality Cover

If you have purchased the right option for your child, then buy a high-quality cover that tightly fits and is washable. Water-resistant features will also contribute to providing a peaceful environment for your child. A baby needs to spend most of the time in a clean and dry environment.

Don’t Bother about the Warranties

Warranties are not more than marketing tools used by the manufacturers to sell their products. A high-quality product will last for many years no matter how you use it. High-quality toddler mattresses can last as long as you use it and as long as the cover doesn’t tear up.

Choosing the Best Mattress 

Buying the right type of mattress for your child is essential because they will spend most ofchoose Mattress for a Toddler the day sleeping. It needs to be firm and not too soft to prevent suffocation. The foam will be a better option because it tends to last longer and it will not be used as a trampoline when your child gets older. Many other options are also available that you can choose from, for instance cushioning layers or mattress pads. Don’t compromise on quality you won’t regret these products once you use them.


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