10 Tips to Take Better Photos of Babies and Toddlers


After a newborn finally joins the world, we want to capture every moment, and that will involve the camera. However, baby photography is a rough road to walk on, and you cannot compare it to shooting landscapes or an adults’ pose since they can take instructions. Babies are fragile and unpredictable which means even the most experienced photographer will be anxious when he or she is put to the test. With some baby photography tips and tricks, you will be able to start capturing everything that you want to share with family, friends and the baby when it finally grows up.

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Take Better Photos of Babies Steps

1. Get The Baby Safe

take better photo of baby

Have you ever seen those photos of a baby sitting on the rooftop or sleeping on a soccer ball? They look adorable and daring at the same time. Do you want to try? Don’t think of placing the baby there and start searching for an angle to get the best shot. Babies are fragile and so, getting such a pose comes with some ingenuity, and of course, we would risk the baby’s life in the name of getting amazing pictures. It can be somehow expensive to create such a fantastic scenario, and it can overpass newborn safety when photographing.

Above all, think before you act. A good idea would be to check where the baby will be resting and get out any sharp objects or anything that can endanger the little one. If you have to take the pictures on the stairs, for example, make sure the baby is well supported before finding a suitable position. Also, you need to be aware of composite pictures. You can take a picture of the ball first then make another with the baby on the ball but with the required support. Don’t worry if your hands or part of you will appear in the pic as you support the baby. Using Photoshop skills will enable you to join the two pictures and make the baby look like it was sitting ball or something similar.

2. How to Find The Right Angle

Take Better Photos of Babies and Toddlers

As you take pictures of your newborn, it is always challenging to find a good angle for the best shot. It gets trickier during the first days after birth. The baby is still swaddled, so the only thing you see is a tiny head. They also tend to arrive with bumps, scratches and misshaped heads which makes it difficult to find an angle that will produce something fantastic. To counter the little nightmare, here are the some of the ways to help you solve:

a) Get to baby’s level: It is one of the leading ways to obtain a natural look at the photo. Getting down low is an excellent position for you and the baby to enjoy that you will find a better view to use your camera. You might get some challenges concerning the focal length which may prompt you to use the fullest value possible. On the brighter side, you will get photos that seem as if you are in the toddler’s world as opposed to looking down on it if you searched for an angle above the baby.

b) Getting close: It is another way to get a better angle through getting as close as possible by either moving your body towards the baby or using a longer focal length. I would buy the idea of utilizing the focal length since a close lens on the baby’s face might somehow scare them.

c) Shots while nursing: When people are around and holding the baby, it provides the best chance to take some shots. When friends or close family members are having their time with the new member, the baby tends to appear in upright positions which opens up some angles to make use of while capturing the memories. You could try some locations such as sitting up, laying back in arms, over the shoulder among others. Each of the explored spots will give you different possibilities. Since there are other people as well, they will also be part of the shots taken, and there will be more joy when seeing later who else was involved rather than just having the baby all alone in the photo.

3. Avoid Focusing on The Gear

If you know how to take pictures, then any camera that you possess should be able to get you quality ones if you know how to make use of the light, angles and deploy some creativity. If you compare what you get from professional cameras such as a Canon 5K Mark III with Sony NEX, the prior has overall image quality than the later, but that does not mean it will not be sufficient to capture outstanding images of your baby.

4. Going Macro

take better photo of baby

We love to watch babies with their cute and small bodies lying there. The adorable bundle of joy is also composed of pretty body parts that present you with an array of beautiful aspects to consider. It gets better when you zoom in on the specifics.

If you have a camera that features a macro mode or a purpose built macro lens, you can use it to single out the single body part. Could be the foot, hand mouth, etc. which you can use as the sole focus of what you want to shoot. This technique emphasizes on the details that you will not see in the rest of the photos taken and it will decorate the collection that you already have.

5. The Newborn’s Comfort

When getting the baby ready for a photo shoot, you will be checking for two looks – a sleeping baby in resting mode or awake and jovial. An uncomfortable baby might feel fussy and cry once in a while which causes a frenzy for everyone in the room. Don’t touch the kid with cold hands unless you have gloves on them. Also, a cold room is not a conducive environment for the baby which necessitates the need to have space heaters to keep the place warm and comfortable.

6. Knowing The Right Photography Time

The best chance you have of taking baby photos is during the first fourteen days after birth. The little ones are easy to work with and adjust during this period since they will be sleeping most of the time. You can also consider the option of taking the baby photos after the falling off of the umbilical cord – 5-6 days.

7. The Camera Should Be Your Companion

As you stay with the baby, you will learn and predict what their daily life would be during the first days. On the other hand, there are times when it does something funny or disgusting but worth lifting the camera. Now, if you don’t have the camera around, you will miss a lot of what seems to be darting. So, keep it close, or have multiple devices in different places if you are lucky enough to own a camera collection.

8. What About The Airbrush?

take better photo of baby

Those photos on baby focused sites are always amazing with perfect and smooth babies capturing your eye. The sad thing is that babies are not entirely as accurate as what you see. Little ones come with sleepy eyes, some scratches, food marks around the mouth and birthmarks just to name a few. It would be a good idea to keep a wet face washer from warm water, but that will not hold all the blemishes away from the photo once you are done.

Don’t worry if they appear. It shows how the baby was at the time and that is very much okay. However, if you are looking for unique shots to that have little or no distraction, consider a Photoshop retouch. That is where we get the airbrush tool among other accessories which you can learn to use or look for help even if it is just smoothening over the visible marks. The results are surprising after you are through with the computer.

9. Lighting

There is no much to say on this matter, but one thing to warn you is not to get too fancy. All you need is a large window for the room to give you the natural light. You can also use a reflector which helps in scaring away the shadows on the baby as to shoot.

10. Get the Right Moment

take better photo of baby

Timing your shots is the essence of having baby photos. They will not be moving most of the time as we would expect but they will always provide gestures and change in positions which can be worth capturing or not. Sometimes, you are forced to make continuous shots since a single frame might miss the moment.

However, as baby photography gets enticing, it is important to remember that you also need to enjoy the moments with your kid and not being on the camera all the time. So, it is not always about getting great photos; it also involves creating memorable moments with your baby which brings in the balance.

Preparing for Best Baby Photos

Taking baby pictures can prove to be daunting, but that does not mean that you won’t get it perfect. With a little practice from what we have just discussed above, take your time and focus and don’t doubt anything in the course. Always do your research when necessary when you want to step out and get a little creative. Remember, safety will still come first, and the rest follows.


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