Period After a Miscarriage – 5 Things You Should Know About


Miscarriages are devastating. Whether you were trying to get pregnant or it happened by accident, losing a pregnancy can be an emotionally trying time. On top of the pain and anguish, your body will also go through some changes and will be working hard to heal.

If you’re anxious to try and get pregnant again, you may be wondering when your next period will come, and what to expect. Here are five things you should know:

5 Facts about Period after Miscarriage 

1. Your Miscarriage May Not Have Been a Miscarriage

Caucasian pregnant woman in white lingerie with back and abdominal pain on gray studio background.Was it a miscarriage or period? Many women who are trying to get pregnant have a hard time telling the difference between the two.

If you’ve confirmed your pregnancy though an at-home test and with a physician, then you can be certain that what you experienced was a miscarriage. However, if your pregnancy was not confirmed, you may have simply experienced a regular period.

Common symptoms of a miscarriage include:

  • Intense cramping: Some women experience both of these symptoms during their period, but a miscarriage will intensify them even further. The pain may be so severe that it becomes debilitating.
  • Heavy bleeding: Bleeding may be exceptionally heavy, depending on how far along you were. You may also notice blood clots in your vaginal discharge.

If you believe that you have miscarried and did not confirm your pregnancy with your doctor, make an appointment as soon as possible for a checkup. Some natural miscarriages fail to remove all of the fetal tissue, which can lead to issues and prevent your body from healing.

2. No Period after a Miscarriage is Normal

Bloodstains on a white sheet.It’s been about a month since your miscarriage, but you have yet to get your period. In most cases, this is no cause for alarm.

After a miscarriage, the body needs time to heal. It may take some time for hCG to clear out of your system and for your body to return to normal. After your hCG levels return to zero, your first period should begin approximately four weeks later.

After the miscarriage occurs, you should continue bleeding for about a week. At this point, the bleeding may stop completely, or you may experience spotting for another week. Once the spotting and bleeding has stopped, your hCG levels should return to zero.

Remember, your body is working hard to return back to its normal hormone levels. Some women may not get their first period after miscarriage until seven weeks later.

3. A Second Round of Bleeding is Also Normal

Although not as common, some women may stop bleeding quickly after a miscarriage, and then experience heavy bleeding one to two weeks later. This can easily be mistaken for a second period after miscarriage, but this is likely not the case unless at least 20 days have passed. A second round of bleeding is typically normal even though it’s not common.

This second round of bleeding is usually the result of the body trying to expel a portion of the placenta that remained in the uterus during the initial miscarriage.

Bleeding should last no more than a few days, and you should resume normal spotting afterwards.

4. Irregular Periods after a Miscarriage May Be a Sign of Hormone Issues

It may take some time for your period to return to normal, but if you’re experiencing irregular periods after a miscarriage, it may be time to see

the doctor.

An irregular cycle is typically an indication that your hormones are out of balance. It may be taking your body longer to heal after the miscarriage, or there may be an underlying medical issue.

Some women may experiencing spotting on and off during the first month after a miscarriage. If this is occurring and your hCG levels are still high, there may be remaining tissue in the uterus that still needs to pass. If your body is unable to expel the tissue on its own, your doctor can give you medication to complete this process and help your cycle return to normal.

5. A Heavy Period after Miscarriage May be Cause for Concern

If 20 days have passed since your miscarriage, a heavy period may be completely normal (if you were a heavy bleeder before the pregnancy).

However, if you are experiencing heavy bleeding for two weeks or more after a miscarriage, you need to see your doctor right away. There are two major causes for concern here: 1. The loss of blood can cause you to become ill, and 2. Your hCG levels may reach 500 or higher.

It may be that you are experiencing a molar pregnancy, which is a condition that causes your body to produce higher-than-normal hCG levels and bleeding for several months. Or, it may be that a piece of the tissue is lodged in your reproductive system.

In either case, it’s important to seek medical attention right away.


  1. hi my name is thandi i had a miscarriage on 15 July my bleeding was heavy then it stopped and started again on the 13 august worried if everything is OK or normal and still in pain have some clots coming out

  2. I had miscarrage 17 August the someday I had d an c stopped bleeding 2days after the procedure was done,a month later 16 September had pink spotting discharge.

    • That is most likely still the miscarriage and not your period. Sometimes not all of it comes out the first round. If the bleeding did does not stop or picks up in quantity I would definitely call a doctor

  3. A week gone after a misscarrage,now a feeling pain on my lower abdominal combine with the waist, l had a heavey period for a day then next day light period is it normal?

  4. I had a miscarriage on the 5th of November unti 17th December i have not seen my period or not even asign to show please what might be the cause.

    • how u know its a miscarriage as i didnot confirm pregnancy by doing the home test and period came after 26 days which almost the right time but it came heavy with blood clots big clots and lasts like this for only less than 2 days

  5. I had a miscarriage and bled for slightly more than a week.two weeks later my period is back and it’s heavy. is there any medication I can take apart as an alternative to having that surgical scraping

    • You may not need any intervention if it happened naturally. There are risks but there is a medication called Cytotec that can be used to expel the rest of the miscarriage.

  6. Hi I had a my 1st mc in August 2016 3 months along, I bleed August to October 2016. Know I haven’t had my period. And also I feel a pulse by my belly button. I guess I’m just worried if I go to the doctors and than they tell me its jus poop… thats jus a waste of my money i think but what do you all think or any ideas.. why I haven’t got my period 4 months now..

    • I would go to the doctor. I had an issue with that after my mc but they told me if my period hasn’t come in 6 months they would put me on birth control to regulate my periods. It’s always good to be safe.

  7. I had a miscarriage on 3rd Jan to 13th of Jan and then my period started on 28th Jan . The first 2 days were normal , and then It was so heavy and went to see the doctor . She gave me a tablets for 10 days.

  8. I miscarried on the 3rd of March 13 weeks into my pregnancy.I have been bleeding since then with clots etc.Had hospital visit the other day where they told me it was now complete and I shouldnt bleed much longer.Since then the bleeding is heavier,and cramping like a period only my hcg levels are still at 23..Could this be a period? Really feels like it.

  9. I had prolonged period after miscarried last Aug 2016. Normally i had my period for 3-5 days however after my miscarried, my period became 1-2 weeks. What am I supposed to do with it? Is it because of hormone issue, and any medicine can help me to control it. Please revert. Thanks.

  10. I had second trimester abortion because of some fetal abnormalities on 14th October. My periods started regularly from 30th November after 20 days miscarriage bleeding. After that I had second periods on 2nd Jan and third on 6th Feb. After that I missed my periods from past 7 weeks and have not done unprotected sex even. I am waiting for reply !! Answers are most welcome.

  11. Hi,

    I had miscarriage on 5th March 2017. After miscarriage within 1.2 months i had periods 3 times. i am waiting for your reply

  12. Hi i had miscarriage by natural method using Honey and sesame seeds before 5 months, and now for the past 4 months i didnt get normal period and it always a dark brown blood is coming what am i supposed to do now please help me..?

  13. Hi. I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks on the 03rd April 2017. I had an evac on the 06th April 2017. On the 11th May 2017 had my first period and as I was calculating for my ovulation, it was supposed to happen between the 25th and 30th May. But now today is the 01st June 2017 and I have been spotting since the 30th May 2017. What could be the problem?

  14. So the first thing you tell people is that it might have not been a miscarriage they might have not been pregnant?? Do you realize how traumatizing that can be? What are the odds, its not like there’s a million women walking around mistaking periods for miscarriages. I don’t know where you would even get this idea. This article should be taken down, it is full of misinformation elsewhere as well. Its not nice to make miscarriage a clickbait topic.

  15. I had a miscarriage in March 2017, I had a dnc and I was told everything is okay and just give myself time to heal. I had bleeding for a whole month and stopped and 2 weeks later had my period and again 2 weeks later. I felt very upset as my body is so irregular now. So now my 3rd period started but on a 33 day cycle, I was 5 days late but started. I’m concerned, and wondering if this is okay, should I let my hormones stabilize or should I go see a doctor?

  16. Hlw my name is pabina. I had miscarriage on January 21 and got my first period on march 4 and till today i.e June 15 I hadnot got my period and my pregnancy test is also negative,., what can I do ??

  17. i had a miscarriage at the end of may i was 5wks and i have not had a period since but i have lower abdominal pain is this normal i done a pregnancy test today and its positive im so confused

    • You could be pregnant again. After a miscarriage you are extremely fertile allowing you to actually get pregnant right after. Some get pregnant just 2 weeks after.

    • You are likely pregnant again or you could have tissue from the miscarriage left. It’s very unlikely that your pregnancy test is wrong.

    • Same thing happened to me . I thought I was pregnant again a few weeks after I miscarried . I bought two home tests and I tested positive . I also went to the doctor and did the hcg test and it was positive and was advised to do the hcg test again after a few days . Apparently your hcg is meant to double every 48hrs but the second hcg test showed a decline . Turns out I was still testing positive from the last pregnancy. Depending on how far gone you are before you MC it can take several weeks before to get your hcg down to 0. As long as it is still above 25 your pregnancy test would be positive.

  18. I had a miscarriage on april 21 and until now i dont have a period i take a pregnancy test last month and its positive now im confuse if im pregnant or not

  19. I had a miscarriage on april 21 and until now i dont have a period i take a pregnancy test last month and its positive i dont know if its natural or if im pregnant

  20. hae am essy i miscarried when i was 12 weeks since then i spotted for two days it stopped then it started again up to date . That is since june 18th upto today am worried what shoukd i do

  21. I had a m/c on the 20 sep pass the sac on the 28 of sep, got my period on the 28 oct but it was light for the 1st 2 days then heavy lasting for 6 days so far its light today day 6 is this normal for it to be longer than nomal witch would be 5 days

  22. I had a m/c on the 20 sep pass the sac on the 28 of sep, got my period on the 18 oct but it was light for the 1st 2 days then heavy lasting for 6 days so far its light today day 6 is this normal for it to be longer than nomal witch would be 5 days

    was the 18 oct not the 28

  23. I had molar pregnancy in june and 14 september i went to surgery for molar now is november my period is not yet back ‘ i am wondering if this is normal or what

  24. Had on abortion the 17th of September but I used the pills,it has been 23 days now and I haven’t got back my period am so worried that something went wrong.

  25. I have had two periods after my miscarriage but My concern is that,the number of days I used to menstruate have increased. normally I do menstruate for six days but now it increased to about 8 to 10 days,please can someone help.

  26. Had miscarriage on the 21 September 2017 bleeded for a week started my periods on the 21st October it was normal….just started my periods again on the 21st November is this normal…..

  27. I had a miscarriage on the 14th of August, three months later still no period, felling pains on my lower abdomen,went to see my OBGYN and explained that I still feel like I have a UTI which was the course of my miscarriage according to him, he prescribed me some antibiotics and some hormone pills to induce my period, we’ll see what happens

  28. Hi,
    So I had a miscarriage Jan 12, 2017 I went through all the pain and still dealing with the heartache ?. This has been hurtful year for me. Anyway my question is. I’m used to get my period on the same day every month, but now it’s coming like 1 , 2 or 3 days earlier every month from the pervious month. Should this be alarming or is this a normal process? Im now ready to try again and also wondering if this is effecting my ovulation every month. Please help

  29. I was 5 months pregnant i give birth to a bby boy but he passed coz he was too was 21 january 2018 til now im still bleeding .wat must i do

  30. Hi,
    I got miscarriage last february 15, estimated i did not got my period for almost 2months,last march 28 i did pregnancy test and it comes out positive,so too much excitement happen to me.but as of today i got blood spotting and a little pain below in my abdominal part.a little confused in my mind about what happen.a little advice pls help me.

  31. Hi am kimi, I had a miscarriage in Jan 2018, and the doctor evacuated the remains, since then till now April 2018 I have not seen my period.

  32. I started taking fertilemd supplement on April 10′ and found out I was pregnant may 1′! I, unfortunately, miscarried at 8 weeks. Me started supplement again a month and a half ago so we started taking supplements again and bam! One month and pregnant again. fertilemd supplement do wonder. I recommend anyone TTC. 🙂

  33. Hello, I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks on June 8th. It is now June 27 and I have not stopped bleeding. Some days are like a light period while others are heavy. Should I be worried? Is 20 days (3 weeks) of bleeding normal?

  34. I had my miscarriage 16 Oct and it is nomal 5 days living.then my 2nd period start 8 November and light bleeding start it living 17 days what can I do


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