It’s a Girl! The Perfectly Feminine Baby Shower


Baby showers are special events in which families come together in order to celebrate a new baby and help supply the new mom-to-be and dad-to-be with all the things they need in order to welcome their upcoming bundle of joy. There are roughly a million different ways to throw a baby shower, from the super traditional to co-ed modern parties. A tried and true style, however, is to coordinate the entire shower around the gender of the baby that has been revealed by the guests of honor. Sometimes seen as boring or overdone, gender based baby showers can be fun, exciting, and still feel modern and contemporary. Designing your baby shower around the little lady who will soon be joining your life and the lives of your families is sure to be a hit if you follow these ideas but be sure to carry the theme throughout the invitations, food, decorations, games, prizes, and favors.

Baby Girl Shower Invitations

It's a girl baby shower concept with pink ribbon bow and cracked egg

Girl baby shower invitations are usually easy to spot from just a cursory glance. They are typically confined to two to three colors maximum and are normally a mixture of shades of pink and turquoise, grey, purple, and some shades of yellow. These colors are normally paired with a variety of textures, polka dots, chevron patterns, or florals. Some invitations are also in the shape of onesies with attached tutus, or feature things such as lace, bows, or hearts. As for the style of fonts to be used, a mixture of handwritten cursive combined with simple and minimalist text creates an interesting layout that conveys the gentleness of the baby shower, but the feminine touch associated with girl baby showers. Having an invitation with soft geometric designs, flowers, or animals in bows can also easily convey the idea that it is a shower for a baby girl. With these elements, adding a cute phrase will surely round out the design. You could include something as simple as “It’s a Girl!”, “A little ballerina will soon be making her debut!” (accompanied normally with a tutu or ballet slippers on the invitation), or a cute “We are tickled pink!” For those who are using arrows or a floral design, a cute “Deer oh Deer! A sweet baby girl is almost here!” could be apropos. You might also choose a sweet “Twinkle twinkle little star, a cute baby girl is what you are!” or “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice…that’s what baby showers are made for!” In addition to the invitations, should you desire you could also send a request for either a book instead of a card, or an invitation to participate in a diaper raffle. Both of these should carry the same design style as the main invitation. With matching theming, you should not need to worry about playing with the wording, but of course if you want to, go right ahead!

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5 Baby Shower Food Ideas for Girl

So now that you have the invitations all set to send out to your guests, what about the food? Yes, even food can be made to fit into the Everything Girly you have chosen for your theme. Most things fit into this theme simply by making them pink!

1. DrinksCold fresh lemonade drink

  • Punch is probably the easiest beverage you can serve at a shower. To make “Sweet and Pink Punch” there are several recipes such as Sprite and Fruit Punch or Lemonade and Pink Kool-Aid. You could also include jello and crushed ice into the punch in order to create a “Sweet Pink Slush.” If you want to make a rubber ducky drink, use one of the recipes provided and simply add scoops of vanilla ice cream and float some ducks on top!

2. Snacks

  • If snacks are your aim for food, there is a plethora of ideas! You could decide to serve Chex mix muddy buddy mix with pink m&m’s or make an animal cracker popcorn crunch. Simply mix together animal crackers, pink m&m’s, pretzels, and popcorn. You can also serve a cute container of pink and yellow starburst, or even the pink and white frosted animal crackers.

3. Fruits and VeggiesBerries fruits at female hands

  • Fruits and veggies are always a popular choice at showers. For a girl themed shower, you could arrange the different veggies into bow shapes, or use a cookie cutter to shape pieces of watermelon or cantaloupe into bows, stars, hearts, or animals. Additionally you could also include fruit skewers with pinkish fruits such as watermelon and strawberries with some pineapple and grapes as well. You could also use shortbread cookies with yogurt and pieces of fresh fruit on top. Strawberries dipped in white, milk, dark, and pink chocolate are also popular.

4. Prepared Food

  • These can be easily done for a cute reward. Wrapping mini hotdogs in puff pastry died pink can help you create little mini baby girl bundles, and if you are going for more of a “little lady” theme, you might want to prepare a “Bow Pasta Salad”. This salad involves multiple kinds and colors of bowtie pasta tossed in your preferred dressing with slices of veggies and cold cut meats. If feeling adventurous you could also make deviled eggs and add pink food coloring to the egg whites.

5. DessertsPink chocolate cupcakes

  • Desserts are where a theme can truly shine. You could make chocolate covered pretzel sticks and drizzle light pink chocolate on top in addition to pink sprinkles. Making cake or cupcakes out of red velvet cake is also becoming very popular for girl themed showers. The rich red or pink cake easily conveys the theme. If using the lady theme, you could also order a multi-tier cake which carries the bow and tutu motif. Pink jello cups with white whipped cream on top, or brownies shaped into hearts can also be cute tie-ins to the feminine theme. Another popular idea is to place cupcake liners upside down on skewers followed by a marshmallow dipped in chocolate and sugar to create little ballet dresses.

Girl Baby Shower Decorations

Of course, the biggest area to allow your theme to shine is the decorations!

1. BannersSweets and decoration for baby shower

  • Banners are an easy way to decorate the baby shower. You can print out a message on burlap pieces, such as “Welcome Little Miss” or “It’s a Girl!”. A variety of textures such as burlap or chalkboard are recommended as they add interest to the party space. You could also simply use a variety of pink fabrics in different shades to create an ombre effect as a banner or mix it with delicate floral patterns. Adding a banner of bows can help create a tongue in cheek atmosphere.

2. Table Decorations

  • This can be as simple as decorating a table with different shades of pink for the tablecloths, plates, silverware etc. However, you could also use stereotypically feminine toys, such as dolls, stuffed animals, or others to function as decoration. If you want to incorporate it further, consider using dollhouses or cars to carry or display the snacks, such as using the middle of a clean Barbie convertible to carry chips and salsa. For silverware, you could wrap the napkin around the silverware and create bows! As for centerpieces, simple pink mason jars filled with hydrangeas create a simple but beautiful and classic decoration. You could also choose to spray paint the jars pink as well. For centerpieces you could easily wrap balloons in pink or other color tulle and attach them to a flower pot. You can also choose simple flower arrangements with pink roses, gerbera daisies, or others.

3. Guest Book Decorations

Baby shower pink guest book

  • If you are planning to use a guest book for your shower,
  • why not have it fit into the decorations? You could use a wood letter painted pink and displayed for your guests to sign, or have them sign their names on pieces of paper to create a bundle of paper balloons on a poster. You could also create a tree printable and have your guests paint their pink fingerprints into the leaves.

Other Decorations: If you have a lot of time on your hands, you could hang multiple shades of pink and other color paper lanterns from the ceiling, which creates an air of whimsy. You could also use balloons and streamers to create a backdrop to the food tables also.

Girl Baby Shower Games, Prizes and Favors

Pink soap and candle with bottles and flowers

Other major areas to carry the theme throughout are the games, prizes, and favors at your shower.

Games: These can be as simple as guessing how large belly of the mom-to-be is, but cutting different lengths of pink yarn. In addition, most traditional baby shower games such as word matching, word scrambles, or bib and onesie decorating contests can fit into a girl baby shower simply by choosing “feminine” colors. If you would like to include a guessing game, asking your guests to guess how many bows or other toys can fit into a jar is always a fun idea. Pin The tutu on the Little Lady, in which you pin felt tutus onto a cartoony image of a baby is a great twist on the traditional game.


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Prizes: You could include candles with pink and other color ribbons, manicure kits all in shades of pink, or martini glass awards filled with pink soaps, loofahs, and eye masks. Another potential prize could be to fill a pink plastic tumbler cup with pink candies and wrapped in a pink ribbon.

Favors: Girl favors can be super easy! Simply fill a small jar with pink Hershey’s kisses, or hand out ribbon wrapped Hershey’s chocolate bars with the letters “S”, “H”and “E” colored in pink. Rice Krispy treats in the shape of bows are also a cute idea.

Themed baby showers can be a great way to help celebrate an impending new baby. They allow for cute and relatively easy ways to create a cohesive feeling for the shower, and lead your guests to being impressed by how well put together your shower is! The Girl Baby Shower is a clean and modern theme that is sure to wow your guests and bring joy to the parents or mom-to-be!


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