The Truth about Parenting: Blogs That Parents Should Read


Parenting is hard. There’s a wealth of information on the internet to cover any topic imaginable, though many of them conflict.

The benefit of parenting blogs is that there are other parents out there, just like you, who share their tales of imperfection, obstacles, and lessons learned, without judgment or ridicule.

For new, old, or overwhelmed parents, these blogs are the place to turn for great advice, a few laughs, or just to feel like you’re not alone.

Best Parenting Blogs for Parents

Kelly MomBlogs That Parents Should Read

This is a blog that focuses on parenting and breastfeeding. Kelly is a proud mom of three, and she provides educational information on her blog for other mothers. While it’s not a substitute for a medical professional, many mothers can find advice and help on her blog for breastfeeding concerns and questions.

Mommy A to Z

This blog covers all the information about parenting, from crafts to communication to imaginary friends. Not only is it great for new mothers looking for a little guidance, but it also covers a wide range of topics that are suitable for long-time parents. Overall, the focus is on the mother-child connection and bonding.

Scary Mommy

For Jill Smokler, what began as a small baby book became a full blog to cover all the obstacles and challenges to being a stay-at-home mom. She’s built quite a network of mothers, and all her editorials are focused on making life easier for the stay-at-home mother.

Mommy’s New GrooveBlogs That Parents Should Read

This blog was written by a woman whose life was completely changed by having a daughter in 2012. She went from traveling the world to full-blown motherhood, so she made this blog to show other mothers how to handle the transition from jetsetter or career woman to full-time mom.

Mommy Katie

Katie Sexton created a line of Hope Dolls, which send positive messages about sensitive subjects, and focuses on the healing process through spirituality and meditation. Hope Dolls can be ordered through her page, but the messages are there for inspiration, education, and comfort.

Cheaper than Therapy

Ali Martell runs this blog and is also a mother, wife, writer, and juggler. She is eclectic and interesting, so she focuses her blog on a wide range of different interests and topics to show women that they can do it all.

Embrace the ChaosBlogs That Parents Should Read

Emma Waverman is the mother behind this blog, and she is also a writer and author. She lives in Toronto with her husband, three children, and one dog. Her background with interviewing and reporting gives her an opinionated and humorous take on parenting topics, and she often covers topics like travel, lifestyle, and food.

Mommy Miracles

Laura is a mother of three, wife, and photographer. She has been blogging since her teens. Her blog often covers the hard work of motherhood, good and bad experiences, and humorous anecdotes, all of which she wants to leave as a legacy for her children.

Her Bad Mother

Cathrine Connors is a mother, activist, and entrepreneur who started this blog to make the world a better place for women, girls, and children. As the former editor-in-chief of Disney Interactive Family, she is well-versed in writing topical articles about motherhood and women.

Tanis Miller

Unfortunately, this mother began her blog as a way to cope with the grief of losing her youngest son ten years ago. The blog covers marriage, grieving, parenting, and is a great resource for all stages of parenting.

Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous

Tenille Lafontaine is a mother of three, who began this blog back in 2008 to share coupons with others. Eventually, her blog grew to become an all-around parenting blog, though she still focuses on being “fabulous on a budget” and stretching dollars.

MomDotBlogs That Parents Should Read

MomDot was created by Trisha, a mother of two, to find ways to juggle all the daily responsibilities of being a stay-at-home mom. Her blog focuses on imagination, creativity, and inspiration.

Mom Generations

Audrey McClelland is a fabulous mother of four boys and one girl who lives in Rhode Island with her husband. Her blog covers family advice, fashion for mothers and children, and celebrity news.

2 Wired 2 Tired

This is a mom and dad blog, run by Dave and Tesa, a Detroit couple who loves travel, technology, and family. The blog focuses on all the adventures they take with their children and dog, from walks in the park to big trips, and they also routinely cover new technology, food, places to visit, or pet topics.

Imperfect Parent

This blog began back in 2002, and it covers a range of innovative topics. It was created by a group who noticed that other parenting blogs were covering the same topics and ideas over and over, so they wanted to use it as a platform to open the minds of parents and offer fresh topics.

Radical Parenting

This is a blog for parenting advice, though it’s written entirely by kids! The creator, Vanessa, thought it would be beneficial to see the situation from the perspective of children. The blog became quite popular, and it’s run by teen interns. This idea gives children a voice and helps parents learn to communicate better with their kids.

The Shopping Mama

This blog was created for millennial moms who want the best of the best for themselves and their children. It covers gear, clothing, toys, and gadgets for both babies and adults. It also covers crafts, food, entertaining, and activities.

Courtney’s Sweets

Courtney is a proud mother and wife, a photographer, and a recipe writer. Her blog includes a lot of topics about parenting and family, but she also includes quite a few interesting recipes from her collection.

Mama NaturalBlogs That Parents Should Read

Genevieve Howland developed this blog, and her focus is on resourcefulness. It’s geared toward expectant mothers, covering topics like coping with pregnancy or preparing for a new baby, but she also offers advice for children of all ages.

Fit to Be Pregnant

Deanna, the creator of this blog, is a proud mother of several children and uses this blog for tips on nutrition, exercise, and health during pregnancy. She also covers parenting topics for after pregnancy to guide parents.

Ashley’s Green Life

Ashley is a mother of two, a preschool teacher, and a green living enthusiast. She built a green space for her children to play and entertain themselves, as well as learn about nature and the environment, so she focuses her blog on green living and healthy habits for mother and child.

Giving Birth With Confidence

The blog administrator is Cara Terreri, but this blog is a compilation of experiences from a variety of men and women. It includes personal stories, tips on pregnancy, tips on giving birth, and other topics to provide information and comfort to expectant parents.

Uplifting Families

This blog covers every single aspect of parenting—from pregnancy to postnatal care, to parenting tips, to good nutrition, and everything in between. As far as a comprehensive look at parenting, this blog is one of the best out there.

Not Your Average MomBlogs That Parents Should Read

Susie is a 44-year old mother of seven and this blog’s creator. Her approach is very real, and she often covers topics that are uncomfortable, less-popular, or unappealing, and she uses swear words and slang in her writing. Her vision is to create an unapologetic blog that is down-to-earth and investigates the struggles of what parenting is truly like.

Tech Savvy Mama

Leticia Barr is the founder of this blog, and she uses her background in teaching and technology to cover topics related to parenting in the technological age. She shares all of her resources for tackling parenting during the age of technology.

Suitcases and Sippy Cups

Jessica is the creator of this blog, a mother of four boys, and a wife. She started this blog to record their family travel adventures, in baby steps, as she says, and begin a life of experiences with a family.


Glennon created this blog to connect people all over the world and swap stories. Her focus is on sharing real, informative, and honest stories among people, without judgment.

Working Mom Magic

Lauren is the “working mom” behind this blog, with two children and her husband. She is also a television producer. Her blog is a diary of sorts, including many personal stories, but she also shares informational and advice pieces.

Parenting ChaosBlogs That Parents Should Read

Parenting will have its ups and downs, and this blog is to help you stay afloat, according to its author. It’s about embracing the challenges and struggles and cherishing every parenting moment. It includes stories about all the good and bad things you encounter while bringing up a child.

Bellyitch-The Blog

This blog covers advice for pregnant women to new parents to raising children. In addition, it offers style advice, red carpet news, and simple topics, such as coming up with a name for your baby.


Leah is the creator of this blog after she had a rollercoaster of a year. She was pregnant, had a family member fighting cancer, experienced depression after a loss, and got some good news. For the sake of her baby, she lost weight, began exercising, started eating healthy, and she uses her blog to share her advice with other mothers. She also covers household and beauty advice.

Plus Size Birth

Jen McLellan is the founder of this blog and began it to educate women on how to be pregnant and plus-sized. She supports plus-size women before, during, and after pregnancy by sharing her personal experiences, strategies, and advice.

100 Days of Real FoodBlogs That Parents Should Read

This blog follows the Leake family, who changed their life around completely after watching a show on healthy food. They began reading labels and quickly changed their entire meal plan to healthy, natural food options. This mother, father, and two children are as healthy as can be, and they share their recipes, tips, and meal plans on their blog for other families to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Rants From Mommyland

Lydia is a mother of three and wife, who created this blog to share her experiences juggling motherhood. She shares her tribulations, breaking points, and advice for other mothers since she quickly learned that having a support system is the way to make it through the tough times.

Fit Bottomed MamasBlogs That Parents Should Read

It can be difficult for mothers to stay fit, along with all their other responsibilities, but it can be done. This blog was created to help women find the balance in their lives to include fitness during pregnancy, post-delivery, and while raising children. It takes a humorous but informative approach to fitness for mothers.

The Positive Mom

Elayna Fernandez created this blog to maintain positivity throughout all the rough days of parenting. She offers advice on how to bring life balance and joy into motherhood and your career through strategy and the power of positive thinking.

Hurrah for Gin

Katie created this blog after a bad day filled with gin, when she realized there are always challenges to modern parenting. She uses her blog to offer advice and stories with a little humor, so it’s a fun, fresh, and interesting blog for parents.

A Mummy Too

This blog was created by Emily Leary, who is an award-winning food, parenting, and lifestyle writer. She is also a photographer and mother. Going from working to being a full-time mom, she had to change her focus, so she started this blog to share recipes with other parents.

Mummy Daddy and Me Makes us Three

Katie began this blog when she was pregnant with her first baby. Since then, she had two more children, and blogging allows her the freedom to be with her kids and offer valuable advice to other mothers. Much of the blog is personal stories, but her topics are broad and interesting.

Life With My Littles

Chelsea is the creator of this blog, a mother, wife, and self-described lover of delicious food. She offers plenty of topics, from personal stories to pregnancy advice to food topics. Her blog is a great resource for all-around parenting.

Mama Say What

This platform began as a group of women swapping wedding ideas but quickly grew with them to a parenting blog for mothers to share stories and advice. This blog is a great compilation of milestones and stories from women all over the world.

The Budget MamaBlogs That Parents Should Read

For people just started a family, or those with large families, budgeting can be difficult and overwhelming. This blog offers solid advice and tips for managing a budget and living debt-free. The creator of this blog manages to support her family and three children on one paycheck, so she definitely has useful advice.


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