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10 Craziest Baby Names in Hollywood


Most celebrities love watching fans showing interest in their daily lives. Maybe, that’s why they come up with wacky and strange names for their children. I guess they aren’t aware of the fact that these names may provoke other kids to make fun of them.

Well, this is something these parents should have thought about before finalizing their children’s names. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or seen a few of them in magazines or TV already, but we have handpicked the craziest names of all time. Let’s see how many of these you were aware of.

5 Preschool Lunch and Afternoon Snack Ideas


Nutrition for children and especially preschoolers poses a challenge to many parents. At the preschool age, the child may still be choosy with foods, and yet, you may not have introduced all the foods. You will also be challenged by the choice of foods that you make as thy need to be yummy and nutritious at the same time. Healthy meals will give your child the energy to concentrate, play and learn.

Here are some ideas to get you started. They are easy to prepare, delicious and most importantly, convenient for packing.

Increase the Chances of Getting Pregnant at Every Age


No matter who you are talking to, including experts and doctors, everyone will tell you that there is no ‘the right time’ in your life to get pregnant. However, the fact is that, although modern medicine offers more options than it used to provide earlier, biology still has some restrictions when we talk about women’s body. That means that we, unfortunately, have the age limits when it comes to starting a family.

All things considered, there are both disadvantages and advantages to having a baby at different ages. In the 20s, we have a lot of energy to take care of a baby, but younger couples usually have a lot of financial problems. Not to mention lack of personal life experience! In the late 30s and even 40s, we have a stable career and enough money, but staying pregnant is harder.

I believe that every woman should make her own ‘Pros and Cons list’ about her pregnancy and make a decision which will depend on her affinities and life plans. We only should keep in mind that raising a child is a great obligation as much as joy. No one should take this decision without thinking and deprive the child the opportunity to grow up in a stable family and with a mom who is ready to dedicate her. No child should start her life as a ‘mistake’. Children deserve to be loved and desired!

Top 6 Ways to Deal with A Picky Eater


Everybody says that a child needs to eat for proper growth and development, and yes, it is entirely correct. However, as a parent, you may have a child who has finicky food preferences. Anytime that you prepare a meal that you think that the child will like, you are slapped with flimsy excuses like the food is too plain or it has funny, dark spots. Many times, the plate is left untouched, and the child will not eat without you being stern and firm.

If this is your constant struggle, you are not alone. So many parents have to worry about their picky eaters. Before discussing some of the strategies to tackle these mealtime battles, let us see why children develop picky eating habits.

What You Need to Know About Postpartum Hair Loss


After giving birth and celebrating the life of our newborns, we start to cope with raising the new family member. It is not an easy task until we notice something is beyond our control – loss of hair on the head which turns to be out of control. Some mothers will see the acceleration after the third month while others suffer after a year or so.

If the doctor told you that it was pregnancy related, well, he or she is right. It does not have to be horrifying but seeing some bald spots on your head is not something any woman can wish for. That is why we have prepared this guide to reflect on what causes loss of hair after baby delivery.

The information that you are going to encounter below will shed light on:

★ Postpartum hair loss: A brief description

★ How long does postpartum hair loss last?

★ Is your postpartum hair loss normal?

★ How a change in hormones affect your hair loss

★ Other causes of postpartum hair loss

★ Emotional stages associated with severe postpartum hair loss

★ Postpartum hair loss remedies

★ Some postpartum hair loss shampoos to try out

Seven Celebrity Moms That We All Adore


When it comes to celebrities, we love them, look up to them, seek inspiration from them, and adore them. But through all the glitz and glamour, amid certain special moments, when we see their kindness and maternal affection, we love them even more. They are good in their line of business, and yet they manage to be perfect daughters, loving wives, and adorable moms.

These particular celebrity moms teach us how to maintain a balance between our professional and personal lives. You can find many of them posting snaps with their kids to show the world how special being a mom is. These happy celebrity mothers are a true inspiration for all the teens and young adults planning their lives. Here is our list of the top seven celebrity moms:

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