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Top Yoga Poses for Beginners, Kids and Partners


When joining a yoga class for the first time, it is okay for you to feel the lesser when compared to the yogis who warm up with handstands before the main session. Before everything you saw kills the momentum, you need to know that everyone needs to start from somewhere. You don’t need to master anything before joining the gurus since you are there to learn.

So, day 1 of your exercise requires nothing much from you except some form-fitting clothing to make sure that you have a better view of your body. After that, you will get familiar with the following:

  • Beginner yoga poses
  • Yoga poses for kids
  • Partner Yoga Poses

You might not see all or get to know more than what we are going to discuss, but this guide will help you get started and progress to more intense poses that you never thought to try.

It is time to grab a mat and follow up what you are going to read below.

10 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards for Any Relationship Situation


When Saint Valentine was incarcerated for secretly marrying young couples, it is said that he wrote his jailor’s daughter a love note. This is a girl that he had in secret, fallen in love with. He signed off the letter with the words, “From Your Valentine.” These became the very first Valentine’s greetings. In the 15th century, the Duke of Orleans when imprisoned, wrote to his wife, “I am already sick of love, my very gentle Valentine.” These writings are the earliest surviving documented Valentine’s greetings.

Well, these writings were just on paper. The 18th century saw the first handmade Valentine’s cards. Lovers carefully decorated hard paper with symbols of love including Cupid, love knots, heart shapes, love puzzles and well-crafted lines of poetry to woo their lover. They would then secretly slip the card under the lover’s door.

The 19th century made things a lot easier with the industrialization milestones. It became effortless to design and print cards in large quantities. Presently, you have the option of crafting own-designed cards or simply buying premade cards already with a very romantic message.

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However, you do not have to always go with the obvious traditions. This Valentine’s why don’t you convey your love through a handmade card with a twisted sense of humor?

Here are some examples to get you started. Each of the cards is witty, lighthearted and thoughtful. The cards will show your cheesy side and also, how much you care.

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5 Romantic Ideas on Finger-Licking Valentine’s Day Dinner


Nothing says ‘I Love You’ as explicitly as a delicious home-made meal that keeps romance in mind on Valentine’s night. These recipes will make your dinner more sensual and way less expensive. Furthermore, what beats the comfort of your home or a cooking adventure out in the woods?

For these meals, more than two is a crowd, but if you would like to include family and friends, adjust the ingredients accordingly.

8 Lovely Makeup Sets to Give your Lady This Valentine’s Day Rewviews


Every woman is naturally beautiful, and that gorgeousness deserves to be appreciated, noticed and admired. When a woman enhances her beauty, she exudes more confidence and her life changes. Surgery and pills may be an expensive way of enhancing natural beauty, but a little makeup is affordable, safe and makes dramatic changes. Therefore, a gift box with a makeup set this Valentine’s, is a true way to your lady’s heart.

Here is precisely what to wrap this February 14.

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12 of The Most Impressive Selections for 2018 Valentine’s Day Flowers


By sending flowers, you will be honoring the tried and tested tradition and symbol of Valentine’s Day. Flowers are the classical way of saying ‘I Love You’ and they will always win you points. Red roses are the most commonly used, though you can also choose something else that indeed matches your feelings. Our hand-picked selection list has a stunning collection that can be handcrafted to make a bold statement- from the hot red roses to the subtle tulips.

10 Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Loved One


Chocolates, flowers, and cards are great for Valentine’s, but you will want to be more enchanting by adding something else more unique, exciting and unexpected. Getting that ‘wow’ gift does not have to be so hard.

Before we give you some ideas, here are some key rules to follow.

  • It does not always have to be material things; sometimes, go for experiences
  • Add some hands-on touch by handmaking the gift or ordering customized ones
  • Give gifts to the person that your loved one is, not for the person that you wish them to be
  • You must have heard this a million times, but allow us to repeat it- do not spend on what you cannot afford. It’s all about the thought and not the amount.
  • Be sure to wrap the gift properly; looks always matter.

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10 Funny Valentine’s Day Cards for Any Relationship Situation

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