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Homemade Pregnancy Test with Vinegar

Someone is doing prgnancy test by using binegar and urine.
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The ancient way of checking pregnancy

Feet of a couple and a pair of baby socks in the middle.
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During the ancient times, there were methods used to check if a woman is pregnant or not. During those times, the number of doctors available then to treat certain kinds of ailments or to check if a woman is pregnant or not is not that huge. As time went by, the doctors were the ones helping women to know if they are pregnant or not. Though most of them are faced with curiosity if they will go and visit a doctor or not. There are lots of women then who are not calm every time they come to see a doctor, especially if they will be checked if they are pregnant or not.  So, women just came up with the conventional way of testing methods, while others are using home substances to check if they are pregnant or not.

3 Best Homemade DIY Prgnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves, Toothpaste and Bleach



There are various ways to tell if a woman is pregnant or not. you can get quick answers by kits. While for several years in the past, women have had their way of knowing if they are pregnant or not. During those times, dandelion has been famous when it comes to checking if a woman is pregnant or not. Besides, toothpaste and bleach also can be used as pregnancy test. These DIY pregnancy test are still practical and popular today. If it is not convenient for you to go to the medical center to buy the test kit or perhaps you don’t have the extra money to buy the kit, you can try the three ways. 

PMS VS. Pregnancy Symptoms: How Do I Tell The Difference?

Sad woman with negative pregnancy test and calendar.
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Pregnancy is another pressing issue for PMS patients, especially if you expect a baby in the next nine months. Because the hormonal changes that occur in our body have the same result, it is not always clear in distinguishing between pregnancy and PMS symptoms.

If you have experienced periods of irregularity, it becomes more difficult than those regular periods. The common symptom between these two conditions is the root cause of the confusion in the hearts of most women. Nausea or premenstrual spasms can cause similar complications of abdominal pain and morning sickness. At this point, you are not sure if the sensation is just passing PMS symptoms or signs of early pregnancy.

Drano Gender Prediction Test: Definition, Tests and Other Options

IntelliGender to indicate the gender of baby.
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After a woman has accurately tested positive for being pregnant, the next big question is “what’s the gender?” There is a lot of work to do from buying clothes and decorating the baby’s room to telling everyone whether it is a boy or girl.

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The Drano Gender Test is a test that many women state is highly accurate, but is this the truth?

We’re going to take a good look at the Drano test and see if it really works, or if it’s simply a myth.

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Homemade Pregnancy Test with Bleach

The results of bleach as a pregnancy test.
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It is not a secret that bleach is used at home for whitening stained clothes. Who would think that bleach can also be used as a pregnancy test? Most of you are using bleach to whiten your clothes, so some are thinking how it can be used to check if a woman is pregnant or not. The use of bleach as a home pregnancy test is so simple, all you need to do is to place it in a container and then pour the urine in the same container.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste

The white toothpaste on the white.
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The hCG is a substance that reacts to different substances and then it changes the color of the mixture. If a woman is pregnant, she has a high level of hCG in her urine and that may be determined through a urine test using a pregnancy test kit. A homemade pregnancy test using toothpaste is one of the methods that have been used by a lot of people during the ancient times. It just belongs to the old wives tale that became as a dependable testing tool for women then.  Those who are curious if this really works, they try it out of curiosity, especially because it is typically used at home to brush the teeth.

A woman during early pregnancy.
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