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Turkey Baster (Pregnancy) Review – Does It Actually Work?

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Artificial Insemination at Home

In today’s modern world, more women are taking pregnancy into their own hands – literally. With the advancement of artificial insemination, single women are starting their own families without ever even having sexual intercourse with a man.

Now, women are taking things one step further by performing artificial insemination at home, a.k.a. the turkey baster method. Does it really work? Is it safe? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about turkey baster insemination.

Vitex for Fertility Review – Does it work?

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Effective or Just an Old Wives Tale?

Vitex. The name sounds more like a drug than a plant, but this herb has a long history of being used as a fertility enhancer. Native to Italy and Greece, Vitex is also known as Chasteberry or Chaste Tree, and it can work wonders when it comes to balancing hormones.

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In modern clinical studies, the herb has been shown to balance fertility hormones, but because it does not actually contain hormones, vitex is a gentle way to correct hormonal imbalances. In theory, vitex is an excellent solution to help couples overcome fertility issues. But in practice, can this herb actually help improve your chances of getting pregnant?

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Maca Root for Fertility, Does it Work?

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5 Reasons to Add Maca to Your Diet

Fertility issues in both men and women are often caused by hormonal imbalances. While there may also be other factors at play, restoring hormonal balance can be an effective way to overcome infertility. One effective way to do this is through the use of maca root.

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  • What is Maca?

Pregnancy is Hard, Danger to Lady, So it Shouldn’t Be Coerced

Young pregnant woman unhappy with the test that she wants to have an abortion.

The recent case of a 10-year-old Paraguay girl being forced to carry her rapist’s child to term has sparked all kinds of controversy in what should and shouldn’t be allowed in abortion exception cases. For instance, in Paraguay all abortions are prohibited except if the mother’s life is at stake; however, in this instance, it was not determined to be the case in the 10-year-old.

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Sad teenager in advanced pregnancy touching with one hand her belly, sitting on chair.In the U.S., abortions are allowed for just about any reason, including cases of rape and incest. Nevertheless, some politicians, such as Mike Huckabee, want to change that law and make it only allowed in the case of the danger to the mother. His reasoning is that while rape is bad, abortion is killing an innocent baby.

Evening Primrose Oil Pregnancy: Does it Work? Is it safe?

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A Caution for All Women

Evening primrose oil can be used for everything from getting pregnant to giving birth. There are times when evening primrose oil during pregnancy is safe and recommended, but you don’t want to use this oil all throughout your pregnancy.

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Bright Red Period Blood, Implantation or Normal? (5 FAQs Revealed)

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During menstruation, women may experience blood of different colors. Sometimes, the blood may be bright red, while other times it may be a deep red or brownish color. While all three colors are perfectly normal, some women may be alarmed when they see bright red period blood. Some women may also be curious if bright red blood is a sign of implantation.

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What Does Bright Red Spotting Mean?

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