How to Have Twins? How to Increase Chances of Conceiving Twins?


Under normal circumstances, the chances of a woman conceiving twins are quite low. In retrospect, conceiving twins is more of a natural occurrence that just happens when two sperms fertilize one egg or when a woman produces two eggs that get fertilized by two sperms at the same time. Having twins definitely has its merits because they are not only adorable but also come at the price of one. However, there is no denying the fact that they are also double the trouble. If you are okay with this and you just feel that having twins would be a dream come true, you will be glad to know that there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of conceiving twins. In this guide, we will address the factors that influence having twins and what can be done to increase the odds.

Are Twin Babies Common?

increasing the chance of conceiving baby

Experts believe that twin babies are more common than most people are aware of. However, it is prevalent that when more than one embryo is implanted, only one of the twin survives. Before we get the part where you learn how to have twins, here’s how twins actually happen. Now, there are two types of twins, which are identical and fraternal.

Identical twins– Also known as monozygotic, identical twins happen when one sperm fertilizes a single egg then divides into two embryos. These twins come out identical in every way, they share the same placenta and they even have similar genetic structures.

Fraternal twins– Also known as dizygotic, non-identical twins are more common than identical twins and they happen when two separate eggs are each fertilized by a different sperm. The set has separate placentas, and different genetic compositions like siblings do.

Factors that Influence the Chances of Having Twins

When it comes to identical twins, there are no known factors that can actually influence their chances, but fraternal twins are a whole different case. From what you eat, to your age and how long you try for a baby after quitting birth control, several factors could influence the odds of you having fraternal twins. Let’s discuss that more widely.

The family history- This has everything to do with the woman’s family and nothing to do with the man. If there is a line of twins in your husbands’ family, it will makes no difference. However, if there is even one set of twins in your family, you have a chance of conceiving twins as well. You see, the woman produces the eggs and it’s all about having two eggs. The sperms are always more than enough.

Your lifestyle- If you are a vegetarian or simply go for low-fat diets, you have meager chances of having twins. However, if you are incorporating a full diet and have a higher BMI, then you are more likely to have twins. That said, there are still fertility super foods you can add to your diet while trying to conceive and this counts for one or two babies.

How many children you have already- According to research, women who have more children have a higher chance of conceiving multiple babies. If you already have twins, you have an even higher chance of conceiving twins for the second time. It’s also possible that if you have always had it easy when conceiving before, you are a good ovulator and hence have a better chance than women who struggle to get pregnant.

Maternal age– A woman between 30 and 40 years has a higher chance of having twins or multiples. This has everything to do with how ovaries work and the chances of releasing more than one egg during ovulation. Actually, women who are closer to the end of their fertile life usually release more eggs per month, so the older you are, the higher the chances of having twins.

How to Get Pregnant with Twins Medicallyincreasing the chance of conceiving baby

Fertility treatment– Fertility treatments are one of the most common ways, especially IVF. Fertility treatments tend to stimulate the ovaries and hence the increased chance of producing more than one egg. With an IVF, there is a 20 to 40% chance of conceiving more than one, but this depends on how many embryos have been placed. Women who undergo IVF also have a chance of having identical twins, albeit small. IUI or Intrauterine insemination is another method that involved the insemination of sperms in the uterus. Women who undergo this and take fertility drugs have a chance of conceiving twins.

How to Get Pregnant with Twins Naturally

Eat more Nigerian white yam-Nigerian white yam is known to cause hyper-ovulation and this increase the chance of producing two or more eggs. This might be the reason why Nigeria has more twin births than anywhere else in the world. You can eat this sweet potato variant or choose to get a supplement made from the plant.

Consume more Dairy-According to study, women who consume more dairy have higher chances of conceiving twins. This is due to the IGF or Insulin Growth Factor in cows.

Breastfeeding-According to study, women who conceive while still breastfeeding, have a chance of conceiving twins.

Taking magnesium and calcium-There is some evidence that women who take these two combined have a higher chance of having twins or conceiving girls. However, the dosage should be confirmed by your doctor.

Conceiving right after quitting birth control-If you take hormonal birth control, it will take a few cycles before your hormones stabilize, and during this time, the chance of having more than one egg during ovulation will be higher.

Take maca root-This is a Peruvian fertility treatment with the ability to increase your chances of conceiving twins. Of course, you must consult your doctor on the correct dosage and expect side effects like mood swings.

Eat pineapple core– Most people discard the pineapple core, but it contains the highest level of bromelain, which increases chances of implantation during ovulation. However, you should take it moderately because it is also associated with contractions and even miscarriages of overused.

The Facts and the Fiction of Having Twins

increasing the chances of conceiving baby

It is believed that twins skip a generation, but this is not necessarily true. Yes, there usually are patterns in different families, but the odds of having twins are normally the same for all women. Eating foods high in dairy like meat and milk does help, but there is no evidence that alternative therapies like aromatherapy or acupuncture does.


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