Oral Sex During Pregnancy: 10 Facts You Should Know About


Doctors reassure us that sex is perfectly safe during pregnancy, but what about oral sex? Is oral sex okay – giving or receiving? Can it be dangerous for you or your baby? The answer isn’t quite as clear-cut as you would hope, and there are some things you should know before you engage in oral sex during your pregnancy.

10 Things You Should Know About Oral Sex during Pregnancy

1. Oral Sex Can Be Safe

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Giving and receiving oral sex can be perfectly safe provided there is no risk of you getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). If you contract an STD, your baby may become infected as well, which can lead to complications.

If you plan on engaging in oral sex with a new partner, make sure that he or she gets tested first. If you know that your partner is free and clear of STDs, there’s no reason not to have oral sex.

2. Be Mindful of Your Partner’s Technique

While oral sex can be perfectly safe and doesn’t pose a risk to your baby (aside from potential STDs), your partner should be careful not to blow air into your vagina when performing oral sex.

Doctors say that blowing air into the vagina can, theoretically, block a blood vessel (a.k.a. an air embolism), which can be very dangerous for both you and the baby.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to ask your partner not to place his tongue inside your vagina, and focus on stimulating the labia or clitoris.

3. Oral Sex May Better than Intercourse during Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes all sorts of changes in the body, particularly swelling and pain. When this happens, sexual intercourse can be uncomfortable or even a little painful. Oral sex may be more comfortable and enjoyable in this case.

4. Orgasms from Oral Sex May be More Intense

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Many women find that orgasms during pregnancy are more intense, whether it be from sexual intercourse or oral sex.

Why does this happen? During pregnancy, there’s increased blood flow to the genital area, which can make oral sex more pleasurable and intense. You also produce more of certain hormones, including oxytocin, which can make your orgasms even more satisfying.

As an added bonus, there’s evidence that oxytocin can actually cross the placental barrier to your baby, which is great news for your little one.

5. It’s Okay to Swallow Semen When You’re Pregnant

Great news for the man in your life – it’s perfectly safe to swallow semen during pregnancy, provided your partner is free of any sexually transmitted diseases. Most of the semen will be broken down by your digestive system, but if your partner has an STD, there’s a high probability that it will infect both you and your baby.

6. You May Taste Different

If you’re on the receiving end of oral sex, your partner may notice that you taste a little different than usual. It’s perfectly normal for this to happen.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause your vaginal secretions to have a stronger taste or odor. This may or may not turn your partner off. Some partners like the changes, but others are put off by them. If your partner isn’t as enthusiastic about giving oral sex, this may be why.

Some women also find themselves secreting more fluid than normal, which may turn some people off.

There is little you can do about the change in taste or odor. It’s perfectly natural and normal. But you can speak to your doctor about the issue, and try any recommendations he or she may have.

7. It May Be Harder to Get in the Mood

Hormone fluctuations can make it harder for some pregnant women to get in the mood. If you’re having trouble getting sexually aroused, you’re not alone – it’s perfectly normal. On top of your hormonal changes, you’re experiencing nausea, fatigue, aches and swelling. Oral sex may be the farthest thing from your mind.

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8. Or You May Have a Hard Time Not Being in the Mood

Some women lose their libido at some point during pregnancy, but others experience the exact opposite. As usual, hormones are to blame here.

On top of being more sexually aroused than usual, you may find that you’re more “lubricated” than usual. This is perfectly normal, too.

9. Try Not to Lay On Your Back

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If you’re on the receiving end of oral sex, try to avoid laying on your back – especially after the 20th week.

At this point in your pregnancy, your uterus is heavier. Laying on your back will cause your heavy uterus to press down on your vena cava (one of your body’s major veins). This pressure can lead to abnormally low blood pressure because it restricts the amount of oxygen your baby receives. It can make you feel lightheaded as well.

The heaviness of your uterus is uncomfortable, too, which can make it difficult to stay in the mood.

If you typically lay on your back during oral sex, try propping yourself up with pillows, or try mixing things up by sitting on the sofa or arm chair.

10. You May Not be Comfortable Giving or Receiving Oral Sex after Giving Birth

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It’s not uncommon for new moms to be reluctant to give or receive oral sex after giving birth. A study from 2012 showed that 40% of new moms masturbated during the first few weeks after having their babies. After three months, 85% were having intercourse again.

Some women have no issues giving or receiving oral sex right after giving birth, but it’s perfectly normal not to be in the mood right after having your baby. That general “6 weeks” rule of thumb isn’t realistic for all women, so you can start engaging in oral sex when you’re ready.

Oral sex can be fun and exciting during pregnancy – especially if you’re one of the lucky gals who experiences more intense orgasms during this time. Just make sure that your partner doesn’t blow air into your vagina, and is free and clear of STDs.


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