Too Old to Be a Mom? How Old is Too Old to Have a Baby?


Motherhood is a great responsibility every woman should think about. It is not something that you would enter just because you like to, or your friends were a Mom also. It should purely be coming from the heart. Your readiness, capability and desire to bear a child should be well considered. Motherhood requires strength, courage, dedication, sacrifice, motivation, unlimited patience, and love.  Because being a mother is not a profession, but a dedication for a lifetime.

I believe motherhood is a calling because every mother are women, but not all women are called to be mothers. Some happened to have their child at younger age, while some others had taken their time long enough to decide if they are already prepared to become one. I believe motherhood do not need to be define as how young or how old. It’s more than the age.

However older mother has been the trend nowadays. And different scientific procedures are making it possible when it comes to helping women give birth at an old age.

In this article let’s try to find out how is it become possible to give birth at an older age. So that every older woman right now should have at least hope that giving birth at old age is not too late.  And being an older mother can still be the best and most fulfilling decision every woman can do.

Why Do Some Women Choose to Give Birth at Older Age?

old age woman to have a baby

Women have different perspectives regarding the ideal age to bear a child, but is there really an ideal age for a woman to enter motherhood? How old is too old to give birth? Questions like these really has no definite answer – to begin with. All women can make their own decisions in coincide with their own beliefs and priorities in life. Some chooses to have a child at the most prepared times in their lives.

Here are some advantages of being a mother at an older age:

Older Moms Live Longer

old age woman to have a baby

Contradiction to the ideas that older mothers will spend less with their child because of their huge age gap. According to some articles, women who gave birth in their thirties probably have a longer life span than those who gave birth at their twenties.

It might be true that older moms can live longer than younger moms because of the preparation and the foundation they got throughout their career. Older moms can prevent too much pressure and stress in being a mother because they are financially, emotionally and physically prepared.

They can send off their children to school to a good university; they can buy good food for them; they can bring them on an amazing trip – without burden on their expenses. According to some studies, stress is the primary causes of all diseases.

When you are under stress, cells of the immune system are unresponsive to hormonal control, and produce levels of inflammation that promote disease. It is because inflammation causes many diseases such as cardiovascular, high blood pressure and even cancer-type diseases.

It is very important to maintain a good and healthy habit especially when you become a mother. Because a great becomes comes from a great responsibility to one’s health.

Greater Financial Security

It is a very wise decision to have a great foundation first before entering motherhood. Along the way financial problems are inevitable. Family emergencies, health status of the baby, the day to day needs of the child, the preparation for their education, and the good future that awaits them. That are just few things every mother-want to-be should think first. Mothers who already had their financial stability and bank savings are less likely to suffer emotional and psychological breakdown. In preparation before having a child, you may consider having a good career in your own field. Then do the savings in your trusted bank as the saying goes save money and money will save you. It is because you will never know the exact time when emergencies hit you. Might at least get your finances prepared.

Being at your most prepared and stable career is the best time to have a child. You can spend quality time with them without having to worry for groceries and the day to day needs for the child. And at some point, being financially stable is not only good for your child but also to your whole household. It can help you have a smooth relationship with your partner because both of you are less likely to quarrel for money and financial needs. It is very important for a child to grow in a peaceful and loving family.

Emotional and Psychological Stability

old age woman to have a baby

As an older woman who is already well exposed to the reality of life, they are tending to have emotionally prepared within themselves. They already have those learning coming from their past experiences. Their mind is more flexible that whatever motherhood struggles they may face in the future they can handle it well enough. Emotion plays a vital role in parenting because each and everyday motherhood is such a roller coaster ride and you get to feel all those different emotions. And if you are not the type of person who is emotionally ready, you will end up being depressed and burdened.

Our emotion is directly connected to our physical, if our mind is struggling for something our body is directly affected. Our emotion can drive us to the choices of staying healthy and stay positive or drown ourselves to life discouragement.

Every woman who is planning to have a baby should keep their emotions in healthy state and do some physical activities to help their bodies prepared. When you are physically and emotionally healthy you can do wise decisions for your family especially to your child. A healthy body is a product of a healthy mind.

Benefits to Children

The benefits the children can get in having an older mom are quite more advantage that children with younger moms. They are less prone to sickness and malnutrition since their mother has the capability of providing them the adequate nutrients that they need. A child with ages below 15 years old is in the development stage. The development stage of a child is very crucial part of their growth. Parents especially mother plays a vital role in in a child’s life, socialization, and development. Older parents are more likely prepared to support the overall needs of their child’s development.

At some point, kids who have older mom are well taken care of by their parents because their mothers have more time looking for them compared to those kids who have younger mother whose mothers have no choice but to have a baby-sitter because they have a work to attend to.

Older parents are mostly higher when it comes to standard of living. They can provide the best education for their kids, the best clothes, the best house, the best summer vacation, and the best mother that they deserve.

Seeing your child growing in a healthy and comfortable ways of living is such an amazing feeling a mother could ever have. Mother knows best is indeed true.

What Age Is too Old to be a Mother?

Oldest Mother: Anatolia Vertadella Broke Guinness World Records

old age woman to have a baby

NAPOLI, Italy — Anatolia Vertadella, a 101-year-old Italian woman, has given birth to a 9-pound baby after a controversial ovary transplant widely criticized by medical professionals because of her advanced age, thus setting the new world record for being the Oldest mother, according to the World Record Academy.

Photo: Anatolia Vertadella, a 101-year-old Italian woman, has given birth to a 9-pound baby after a controversial ovary transplant widely criticized by medical professionals because of her advanced age.

After Suffering a Devastating 18 Miscarriages Over 16 Years Having Spent £80,000 on IVF, Louise Warneford Says ‘All Her Dreams Have Come True’ After Becoming a Parent at 48.

Louise Warneford, pictured with her son William, tried to get pregnant for two decades and suffered heartbreaking 18 miscarriages. But now the 48-year-old is finally a first-time mum

“He means the world to us,” she says. “I’d reached the point where I thought I’d never become a mother, but finally, all my hopes and dreams have come true and I couldn’t be happier.”

“A family doesn’t have to look the way it used to – it’s the love that counts. There are so many options available now to people who are having problems conceiving, and that’s amazing.”

“As we show, even when it feels impossible, it can happen. Like every other family, we have our moments where everything’s far from perfect, but everyone remarks on how outgoing and smiley William is,’ says Louise. He brings us so much joy. I think he knows how wanted he was, and how much we adore him.”

“No matter what I went through, that yearning to be a mother, to nurture a child of my own, never went away,’ she says. ‘I couldn’t accept that I would never experience it.”

A baby called Hope: After suffering a devastating 18 miscarriages over 16 years having spent £80,000 on IVF, Louise Warneford says all her dreams have come true after becoming a parent at 48.

As for Louise Warnedford’s testimony, it can be felt how passionate she still be despite of her old age. This is a living proof that eagerness to become a mother must really be coming naturally from the heart. That comes the passion to raise a child of your own.

Spanish Woman Gives Birth to ‘Miracle’ Baby at Age of 62

old woman have a baby

The baby girl was born on Monday

“I’m the happiest woman in the world,” said the 62-year-old Spanish doctor Lina Alvarez, from Lugo in Spain’s northwestern region of Galicia who gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Monday becoming one of the oldest mother’s in the world.

On Monday her baby girl, who she also named Lina, was born by Caesarean section weighing it at a healthy 2.38 kilos.

She already had two children, Exiquio and Samuel but she is still determined to have a third child regardless of being turned away by numerous fertility clinic because of her age.

“There was only a six per cent chance, but I got pregnant, with a girl. And I feel fine and lead a normal life,” said Álvarez calling it her miracle.

Responding to widespread criticism of her decision to become a mother again so late in life, she argued: “When she is 30, I’ll be 90. She’ll have been raised and life expectancy for women is growing all the time.”

“I’m the happiest woman in the world!” she told local media on Monday after news of the birth emerged.

Govan, Fiona. (2016, October 13). Spanish Woman who gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby at age 62. When you follow your heart, you can never go wrong. You must keep the faith burning. Criticisms are always there. People will always have them says but at the end of the day, it’s your own joy that counts. The genuine happiness you can get from having your own baby is priceless.

Can You be too Old to be a Mother?

old age woman

Through the advancement of Science and Technology, a woman’s age is just a number. Giving birth at older age has become possible nowadays if you are financially prepared and if you still have that energy and passion within your heart to bear a child. It must be true that money can’t buy us happiness, but it can help us in any way possible for us to feel that older women can still do it. Motherhood isn’t all about age, most of the times it takes some guts to live on your dream. And if that dream is to have a child of your own, then live with it.

After all, it’s not the years that counts. It’s about how passionate you are and how much love you are willing to give to your child. Being a mother does not have to be old or young. You become a mother when you are courage able enough to bear a child, responsible enough to raise a kid, and passionate enough to nurture them.



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